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Why your Inner Child in Charge of your Internal Visionary Team.

May 25th, 2010

Remember that phrase. “Mind your Parents”?

I am daring you to rephrase it. “Mind YOU”,  Not your parents. With all due respect to parents.

Les Brown says “Don’t let someone’s opinion of you become your reality”.  Many times other people including parents have an opinion of  you that simply doesn’t reflect the real you.

Well,  part of what we are doing here, is exchanging that old obsolete thought that took you away from your source,  for the new thought that actually connects you with your source.

Mind you, I am also a parent!  This is about taking responsibility at a collective level. This is about acknowledging the collective Inner Child.  The Golden Inner Child of the 21st C. Bare with me. I’ll elaborate on  that later.

So, you are  an Entrepreneur, right? Or you are thinking seriously in becoming one.

Berny Dohrmann, Chairman of the Board of CEO Space, a visionary coach teacher and business person and one of my most admired  mentors, understands  we are entering  the Entrepreneurial age of passion and contribution.  Cooperation and Community. We are  re-framing other obsolete set of thoughts, that acted as a virus of the mind for centuries.  Separation,  Exclusion Competition,  Secrecy, Scarcity and Fear, ( the insane Corporation Capitalism model),  and  manifesting  for the 21st Century the Mindset of  Cooperation, Community,  Inclusion, Transparency, Abundance and Passion to Contribute model. I  couldn’t agree more.

Of course,  it is easier said than done. We carry the baggage of  many thousands of years  thinking backwards.

The thing is, we all need to start thinking  our thoughts in a different way.  That is why Becoming  the Hawk Mindset is Imperative with a capital I. It is a muscle that needs to be worked out, steadily, with attention. From working with your thoughts you have the power to create the optimal reality for you.

Are you an Entrepreneur at heart, starting  your journey or are you in the middle of your project and need more clarity?  Are you excited  to work on your unique  passionate contribution? I am sure you are. Is a great feeling bigger than you, isn’t it?

Now if you answered yes to the above questions…

  1. Chances are,  you are aiming at becoming an Entrepreneur in the ( whole sense of the word).
  2. Chances are you are in the process of  becoming your Life Purpose.
  3. Chances are you are to confront the satus quo beyond what  you  have ever imagined
  4. Chances are your Life Mission is so important that you need to watch interferences  (like a hawk.)
  5. Chances are you are counting on your  passion and  burning desire to get you through.
  6. Chances are you need more feedback than ever. Team players who are in  the same situation as you, to brainstorm,  compare notes and mainly cooperate.

Now I have one question…how do you handle  struggle  fear and criticism?  Because in the answer to that  question is one of the keys to grow your tribe.

Did you know that 80% of businesses don’t make it through the first 5  years ?  That is another obscene  statistic  in our society that we have learned to live with. Like it doesn’t matter. People keep going into the business world totally blindfolded. Assuming they will somehow land  on the pink cloud of the 20% that succeed…  Without a second thought to digging  into the possible root cause!

Would you like to seriously contribute to break that statistic and help others do the same?

Isn’t it time for going to the root cause of our self destructive behaviors, and  enhance emotional honesty instead of emotional dishonesty?

Isn’t it time to eliminate emotional attachments from our thinking and decision making capability?

The 21st C  requires Visionary Entrepreneurs.

If you want to be a successful Entrepreneur, first of all, it is standard procedure and common knowledge  for you to create a Visionary Team.

But  and this is a big  BUT.  Before that you need to create your own Internal Visionary Team, the one that is really going to help you hold your vision.

Makes sense? You bet it does!

It will be the team of 3, the internal trinity  in charge to  keep  igniting consistently  ideas into your marketing  funnel and creation of different streams of revenue. This is imperative.  Your left hand and your right hand to united guide your Internal Visionary Team. Then you can invite anybody you want to…

This practice will help you create your propelling  successful External Visionary Team.

So we have An Internal Visionary Team actually conformed with two crucial partners. The hawk model to act as your left hand to guard your thoughts and your  Inner Child to act as your right hand and manage your Visionary Team, training you to become  a Black Belt Thought Master who harness your thoughts to work for you instead of against you.

Islands in business don’t work any more.  One head is not enough. Starting inside out. There is what we call information overload, remember?  Now is about co-creating  coherently  in  cooperation from the start. From the Inside Out.

This is why I created CCC  (Co-Creative Circles of Coherence Masterminds but that is the next step. It will come later.  Ill keep you posted. For now,

This is why I invite you,  provided  the above resonates with you,  to work one-on-one with me. I  have a bucket of golden nuggets  for you as  in from the rainbow of my personal experience, the conclusion of my research. Great value in my life. Great value in my clients and friends lives. It works wonders…it invests  you  wit the Art of  Mastery in the Thinking and Entrepreneurial Mindset arena.

What if you could access a sort of  unlimited powerful source  from inside you to secure success?  From the get go…

With one move.

After a lifetime of research, study and work with my own Inner Child, I have come to the conclusion that what is missing the most   in the Entrepreneur’s  mindset  is right brain thinking. No kidding.

Think about it. Let’s take only 3 attributes of the right brain for now:

Creativity, Critical Thinking, and  Big  Picture Thinking.

Can you imagine an Entrepreneur lacking only one of those three skills?  Just one!

Do you see him/her owning  the potential to succeed?  It would be difficult, right? And we haven’t even started yet.

So,how do you come to think like an Entrepreneur using your own right brain attributes ?

That right brain that has been suppressed and mutilated by the virus of the mind.  The Mindset of Separation, Competition and Fear, induced by Judgment, for generations.

That right brain that only your Inner Child remembers…


I am convinced that in business and in life, things work if you find your  fit. If they still don’t work  is because somewhere around the scene is one or more unhappy and unsatisfied Inner Child sabotaging  success, because his/her belief system is rooted in competition, scarcity and fear.

Here is the thing. A happy and satisfied Inner Child inside will not sabotage anything at all, because will be very busy generating thoughts from the core belief of cooperation abundance and joy, not  competition scarcity or fear…

The truth is also that one of the most important elements you need to succeed is that you  have to become Completely Fearless. The Fear is the first thing we are going to realign.

I have been in business and sales all my life.  I have had a perennial passion to understand the human thinking process. I am an authority in Thoughts, a “Thought Master”. . Through the trials,  tribulations and  different experiences  I had over the years,  I always felt that no matter how fascinating the business project, or the job felt in the beginning, at some point, the  fire of passion subsided. It was difficult to keep it alive. Something was missing. Procrastination would take place…

It wasn’t until I started acknowledging my own Inner Child, that I found the missing piece of the puzzle. It wasn’t until I got in real touch with my purpose.

The question is how you keep your fire alive.

This is how you do it. You change the conversation in your head. You change the way you are thinking.  You  first become a Thought Master.

There! That is my passion,  assisting you in that transition.  That is what I do best and that is how I am able  to help you,  if you have that problem.  To Propel your own passion generator, and give you the resources on how to implement it with your vision.

In a sense, you could say that I am  a midwife.

In a sense, I help Entrepreneurs form their Internal Visionary Team by giving birth to their happy & satisfied Inner Child to lead their Visionary Team, securing Creativity, The Will  to question, Big picture Thinking & Success. But that is only one part of the program. In the same process I inspire Entrepreneurs to train themselves to become Black Belt Thought Masters who harness  their thoughts to work for them instead of against them.

Yes,  you read correctly. A midwife, who helps you acknowledge your Inner Child and ,  helps you remember what you already know.

Once your Inner Child is acknowledged , he/she will be

in Charge of your Visionary Team. Guiding you to Experience your life purpose.

How does it make sense? It is with him or her where all the codes you need are. The codes of trust, innocence, fearlessness, play, focus, community creativity and passion. You need those back.

Actually after you acknowledge and give birth to him/ her, you found yourself  the best partner you could possibly imagine. I promise…you and your Inner Child in partnership are unstoppable.

I know. I did it. I have seen thousands of people do it. I could have never achieved what I have achieved so far as an expert start up I.M. Entrepreneur  without Grace. That is my Inner Child’s name.Grace. She has been all along the steady  motor behind my ever lasting passion. She volunteered  to invite my left brain to unite with my right brain. She stood courageously in front of anybody who challenged her sacred journey. I gave her the authority. She was relentless in taking it back. Until it made sense.

She reinforced my  Out of the Box thinking.  Her relentless will to question, and her creativity are at the maximum of her potential. It is a fantastic feeling!

My coaching Method suggests a walk between the  “50/50 The Magic of the Middle Line”. Only an inner child with emotional integrity can do 50/50.

Part of the problem is, that we are led to believe  the all or nothing thinking that you somehow have to be either one or the other brain, when in reality you need both brains. The left brain and the right brain.  In perfect resonance.

Now,  imagine your Inner Child,  who in reality is your  “Muse”, standing in the Magic Line between the 50’s helping you align the thoughts of your left brain and right brain,  in unison. Imagine your Inner Child in the magic line between the 50’s. Uniting your subconscious and your conscious self, stringing the pearls of wisdom of the scenes of your life in the necklace of your destiny. Adding coherence to your internal dialogue. Turning it  into a partnership  inside,   that disperses clarity of thought outside at all times.

Imagine your Entrepreneurial Experience with no more division inside. Instead,  crystal clear vision and sense of  unity. Your Internal Visionary Team in action.

Your other partner, your left hand the hawk is the one that will give you a mechanism to apply aligning  your thoughts to work for you instead of against you. The Hawk is the guardian of your thoughts the one that will help you train yourself to become a Black Belt Thought master.

You assign Both of them the hawk and the inner child on a mission to unite your left brain and your right brain in order to  attain complete emotional integrity.

Can you see the impact you now are creating in the outside? Stay there for a moment… How does it feel?

Look at the financial debacle based on mostly not aligned left brain linear thinking, and little boxes that do not see beyond their noses.  Left brain in complete dissonance with the right brain. It is “contra natura”.  We can do better than that. It is our choice after all!

Albert Einstein says : The left brain is the faithful servant and the right brain is the intuitive creativity…we have created a culture that focuses only in the left brain,  suppressing the the creative.

Is  all  starting to make sense? Remember? Seriously, Mind yourself. (smile)

Perhaps now you are getting curious? Do you want to explore further these ideas in relation to your specific situation?

I’ll be happy to step in and  shed some light and address any questions you may have.   To go deeper. I believe in it so much because I experience it every day and  I know it makes a huge difference. The difference I am pretty sure you are waiting for.

We can continue this conversation on the phone if you choose to…Here is my phone.


You can tell me a little bit about your situation and we can together decide if we are a fit and you are to be one of the 4 clients to work one-on one with me this month.

We will also journey  into the kingdom of your thoughts and identify your Inner Child satisfaction level.

Or if you prefer shoot me an email. You can answer any thing you want. I will answer it immediately with more information.

Here is The vision, once more.

Your  Inner Child in charge of  your  Internal Visionary Team, aiming at success. Contributing to the collective Inner Child consciousness, with the help of her partner the Hawk the expert @ Thought Mastery  Harnessing your thoughts to work for you instead of against you.

Don’ t you  think it is time we break the barriers of stuffy seriousness and bring some joy and fun into the business community? Don’t you agree that is time to play and have fun while we are making a living?

Yes, it should be thrillingly fun. It should feel as good as love making in its difference…Why not! (We should treat breathing as love making, not literally but as pleasurable as…if you know what I mean…) :)

The Hawk  Mindset Program is divided in 3 crucial modules:

The first module is about training yourself  the mechanism of  how to become a THOUGHT MASTER” guided by  powerful model  Mr. Hawk the Guardian of your Thoughts.

The second module is about the map of your new thinking.   “The 7 pillars of THOUGHT, THE FOUNDATION OF THE HAWK  MINDSET” A new look at 7 basic universal concepts.  Redefinition…Revaluing. Truth-Acknowledgment-Fear-Judgment-Errors-Clarity-Self Responsibility

Then, the last and third module is about Harnessing the powers of your right brain.  Re-parenting your Inner Child to give him or her the fundamental role of managing your Internal  Visionary Team”

3 Two Hour Sessions. 4 Clients a month. That is all I can do.

How does it sound…?  I look forward to meet you if you are one of the 4.

For now, above all,  you can decide if this sort of  out of the box idea resonates with  you. Not your parents.

If that is the case, don’t wait any longer.

Big Picture into action…Inner Child Vision. Call me (202)236-6042

to become one of the 4  monthly one on one clients

to work with me one on one with

“The Hawk Mindset”


email me at

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See you  within!


If you want to go deeper into the Inner Child as the Head of your Internal Visionary Team, you will love this  original sales letter. Here is the link.


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