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What would you have said if your were Thomas Edison’s friend at the 5,000 try?

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There is no consensus in how many times Thomas Edison tried and erred in  the making of the light bulb. The numbers, as far as I know, go from 2,000 to 14,000 times. So, for the purpose of this reflection, we’ll pick one approximate number.

Apparently the inventor reported in a radio interview that the number of trials was actually 10,000. Now, let’s stop right there and just imagine the conversations with  his friends  around the 5,000 time…? What were they thinking at the 5,000 time…His friends.  Can you imagine what he was thinking in the middle of the road to the 10,000 magic number needed to manifest the magnificent invention? Can you imagine what is he himself thinking at the 5,000 time?

History proved that he persisted 5,000 times  more.  If he didn’t,  things would have changed for all of us.  It is the huge strength of purpose what takes him like a big wave crossing the seas of her destiny.  Now the question is, what makes the difference.

What makes the difference between quitting or persisting at that point. What makes him feel like his mission and ultimate vision are bigger than him.  What is the force behind him that keeps pushing him  to continue,  against all odds. That is the key. It has to do with purpose certainty. It makes sense, if we came to this planet with a purpose that would fulfill our spirits, the very action to that initial  commitment makes you want to go on and on and on… Non stop :-)

Mind you 5,000 in this case it is that difficult place in the middle of the mountain. You know what I am talking about. Remember when you started a project, driven in the the beginning  with the enthusiasm and devotion until you got to the middle of the project?

You got to that specific place in the middle of the mountain where you can’t see the skirt of the mountain as you look down and you can’t see the peek as you look up. You are in zero zone. The only thing that will help you in that moment is, to tell you the truth, your clear sense of a big picture.

Back to the core of it.  So how do you deal with it? How did that one feel? That is the moment of truth, isn’t it? I don’t know about you, but to me that is the moment when my faith stumbles and I want to run away as far as I can, abandoning the whole thing without any shame. :) The perennial test of blind faith.

So, many people dare to start climbing  the mountain. The question is, how many make it to the top? The thing is,  that to be having the experience right there at number 5,000 and have to continue 5,000 more times to reach the golden moment of manifesting the idea into reality means to double the effort.

It prompts you to stop and think. Why is it worth it. Means a long way of certainty walking through the most dark uncertainty. Many times, more than we need, friends don’t share the same respect for your vision and your purpose. Most of the time  they are not doing it. It is hard for them to relate to the risky and uncertain task you have dedicated your life to.  Your soul purpose! Your soul is finally exploding in happiness, and your friends are on a quest to destroy your faith no matter what. Because they are focused in their own fear, and their own lack of belief.

It’s hard for them to grasp there would be purpose behind so much risk…It is hard to believe the answers are within,  because it is hard to imagine you are a knowledgeable source. Honestly. That is part of the deception. That there is nothing of value inside of us.

So they harm your journey. Interfere with your faith, and project their own fear and self disbelief to you. It has nothing to do with you. It is theirs, but you need to run away from that as fast as you can.  Serious! No matter who is playing it and how close that person feels to you.

Please let me know your thoughts about this.


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