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We Do the Best we Can with what we Have

January 28th, 2010 13 Comments » Filed under Acknowledgement

So, if it is true that “we do the best we can with what we have” , ( as Berny Dohrmann,  one of my dearest Mentors says, )

that means we learn from our circumstances when we are children and we just can’t do differently because the knowledge is not in our circumstances.  We don’t know differently. It’s not in our data base.  Simple. In other words we don’t know the HOW. Right? No data.

So if we do not know the HOW, why should we punish ourselves in the name of data that is not in our hard drive any way.  Is it so difficult to accept we don’t know some things beyond our circumstances?  Why are we so judgmental about not knowing since it is impossible to know if you didn’t experience certain circumstances.

Why are we in our minds willing to believe that there is a handicap in ourselves if we don’t have all the answers. Don’t you think this belief  is interfering with the flow of your Brilliance? Don’t you think this belief is incredibly harsh? So  you are supposed to be punished for not being equipped with certain tools. Think about it.

Sorry, this may be harsh too but it is the truth. This is  pedagogy of mutilation we are all inflicting in ourselves by participating in that very collective belief.

One of my very favorite quotes of all times is an Albert Einstein quote that says:

Knowledge is only Experience.

Growing up means understanding there are no handicaps in our circumstance only pieces of a great story that needs to be finished.  By you.


By going inside and out in the world and finding the HOWS lined up for you BEYOND your own upbringing circumstances. Manifesting a whole new set of tools.  The tools of your own unique experience, the tools of your choice. The tools that will shape the soul vision of yourself by simply harnessing  the courage to meet the HOWS of your CHOICE and weave them with the experience of your own circumstance. Your story.

I’ll tell you something,  the two of them together are a unique match. Yes, the 50 of your personal experience matched with the 50 of HOWS you asked along the way because you needed to experience more, become what I call your own personal USP.  (“Unique Selling Proposition”) .

Your Life Purpose sort to speak. Your personal human stamped seal,  weaved together by you in a fulfilled personal and business life.

Because ultimately we need to bring your own USP to the business arena. You have so much to contribute with your experience.

Here is to you. Thanks for hanging out.

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