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UA offering online business courses

August 8th, 2010 5 Comments » Filed under Acknowledgement

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  • UA offering online business courses

    6 comments by Eugene Scott – Aug. 6, 2010 12:30 PM
    The Arizona Republic

    Small-business owners who want to add to their education may not have to leave their shops.

    The McGuire Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Arizona is launching three online certificate courses in entrepreneurship Aug. 15. The center is part of the Eller College of Management.

    “New businesses and new start-ups have a unique opportunity because of the economy. On the other hand, in Arizona, there’s some pretty serious capital issues,” said Sherry Hoskinson, the center’s director. “There’s a real mixed bag.”

    While students will never have in-class time, they will have mentors from the McGuire Center.

    “We’re hoping the kind of training we’re offering through these courses will create innovation in business modules and will reach more customers in unique ways,” she said.

    The decision to provide distance learning for entrepreneurs is rooted in UA’s history, university officials said.

    “Entrepreneurship is very important to the economy and state and healthy communities,” Hoskinson said. “We wanted to create something that was accessible to the community.”

    Classes are Aug. 15-Dec. 5. Cost is $1,495 per course.

    The design of each course varies. There is a semester-long course for individuals who want to explore innovation-driven concepts. A second course is for those entering the small-business world. The third is for entrepreneurs who want to grow their business.

    “The reasons there are three courses is because it’s for three different types of individuals that will define themselves as entrepreneurs and get them into the right kind of learning environment,” Hoskinson said. “These three courses, anyone can take anywhere and anytime.

    The university will not award credit for the pilot courses, she said.

    More information: outreachcollege.

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    Ha! $1,495 a course..
    Oh yeah, that’s going to help the economy…theirs.
    It’s like the author of the “success books” they are the only ones getting rich.

    Yes, $1495 seems steep. It seems like an amount that could go far toward a bootstrap startup getting going. But, I guess that the UA doesn’t want garage bootstrap startups like HP, or Apple, or Dell, or Microsoft, since those lightweights wouldn’t be much help for the Eller COM endowment.

    Yea. $1495 is high for someone trying to start a business. A friend of mine who is trying to start a business did or is about to take a business course for people who want to start a business. It is something like $250 a course. Which is way more doable I think. He said it was so easy to learn and makes sense for people who do not understand business. Here I found it: I think the guy that is teaching has developed several successful small business and does personal coaching for large business and the girl is pretty hot.

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    thanks this looks more interesting and just what I was looking for. Very cool@!

    I would suggest business courses that ACTUALLY count toward a business degree with hours credited. This is just some BS certificate that NOBODY in the business world will recognize unless it’s Sex Sigma or something like that.
    It’s a complete waste of money because hardly ANY Professor has actually RUN a business in their lifetime.

    All they know is how to discuss academics and theory- it’s a completely DIFFERENT world starting/funding/operating a business than what you read from some textbook. We deal in reality in the business world unlike what professors deal with behind the tenured ivory towers of a college campus.

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    Your brain is smaller than Dick Nasty’s dick.

    Cost is $1,495 per course.

    That’s affordable! Might as well go to Vegas and bet on green at the roulette wheel. It will give you a better education in economics, that’s for sure!

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