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Top 10 Blogs and Websites for Startups and Entrepreneurship Advice

Here’s a list of the best blogs and websites I’ve come across which focus on startups and entrepreneurship. Most of these blogs have really informative articles which provide excellent advice for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start their own company.

Top 10 Startup Blogs


Paul Graham

Paul Graham is the founder of Viaweb, Y Combinator (the most popular startup incubator which provides seed funding and advice to early stage startups) and Hacker News. His essays are some of the best articles on startups and entrepreneurship ever and should be on the reading list of every aspiring entrepreneur.


Mixergy is a blog by Andrew Warner, a successful entrepreneur which has a collection of interviews with a lot of startup founders including Paul Graham, Jason Fried, Jason Calacanis, Anand Shimpi, Alexis Ohanian etc about their early startup days and their experiences.


A startup blog offering basic advice about startup marketing, funding, raising capital etc by Dharmesh Shah, the founder of Hubspot and Pyramid Digital Solutions.

Steve Blank

A blog on startups by Steve Blank, a serial entrepreneur turned professor who taught a course on entrepreneurship to students at U.C. Berkeley and Stanford University. Excellent advice for new startups.

Both Sides of the Table

A startup blog by Mark Suster, an entrepreneur turned VC. Has some great insights on entrepreneurship and advice on how to raise venture capital.

Marc Andreessen

The blog of Marc Andreessen, the founder of Netscape and Opsware. He is now a VC (Andreessen Horowitz) and his blog offers some of the best startup advice you can find online.

Chris Dixon

It’s the blog of Chris Dixon, the co-founder of Hunch and an early investor in many successful startups like Skype, Foursquare, Stack Overflow, TrialPay, DocVerse and Invite Media.


A blog by Fred Wilson, a VC (Union Square Ventures). Great tips on
raising venture capital and other advice on how to deal with VCs.

Startup Lessons Learned

A startup blog by Eric Ries, a proponent of the Lean Startup Methodology. Some really good posts there.

A Smart Bear

A startup blog by Jason Cohen, a successful entrepreneur (Smart Bear Software) with some nice posts for startup founders.


Ben Horowitz

Ben Horowitz is a successful entrepreneur turned VC (He is the co-founder of the VC firm Andreessen Horowitz). His blog is relatively new but is frequently updated with great advice for startups.

Gabriel Weinberg

Gabriel Weinberg is the founder of Duck Duck Go, a really cool search engine which gives accurate results and an angel investor. His blog has some really good posts on startups, angel investing and such.

Startup News



Techcrunch is basically a tech news blog which covers technology startups and also features articles and guest posts on entrepreneurship and startups from time to time.


GigaOM is a blog by Om Malik, a technology journalist which covers tech news and has some nice articles and interviews on tech startups.


ReadWriteStart is part of the ReadWriteWeb network which focuses on budding startups and has a lot of interviews of successful entrepreneurs.

The best startup blog focusing on Indian startups. It covers new Indian startups, features really good startup advice and has some excellent guest posts by successful Indian entrepreneurs.


Mashable is another tech news blog which covers web and social media startups.

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Note: Please comment and point me to any good startup blog that I may have missed.

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