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Time is irrelevant

May 30th, 2010 6 Comments » Filed under Acknowledgement

One of the major obstacles for change is the devastating  thought in your head.  Fast Forwarding, like pushed for an invisible force that doesn’t let you stop…You  have been doing the same thing over and over again for way too many years. It  actually got to a point that almost defined your life and who you are. Not easy to recycle.

And now you are telling me I have to throw all that away because it was mistaken? Are you kidding me?  All my life a big error? How could I be so stupid! How could I throw the best years of my life trapped into thinking and acting like this. Now there is no time left. The black and white noises in your head hammering away the sense of  complete loss,  translated into only chronological linear years. Physical time that will not come back because we age and we die. That is the fact of life and death. The core of based  Fear and scarcity thinking.

I am here to tell you that there is a miracle waiting to happen when you surrender to the fact that maybe you are 48 and maybe you gave it all to a 17 year relationship that ended  in a messy way. That you are not 30 any more and how do I reinvent my  life, and what do I do with the rest of  my  life. Your old age years that are knocking at the door. I will not deny it. It is heavy.

But you have here, now, and a whole new set of opportunities that you didn’t have when the traumatic incident happened. That is a fact. You cannot deny the excitement in spite of the pain.

What is the alternative? More of the same?  The truth is that 1 more day of doing it seems sinful to me if it goes against your nature. Whatever it is. Anything that perpetrates the betrayal to yourself. The moment you hesitated to speak up.

Then, you have a choice. To  be the victim of the circumstance that you yourself created for ever or embrace the vulnerability of your humanity or a  new beginning, the truth is you did the best with what you had. You make peace with your life. All of it. Because it is yours. It reflects you. It reflects the sparks of  own your humanness. There is no story like yours in the entire world. That is pretty remarkable.

Then is when time becomes completely irrelevant. Then you step into the present, like a child, and before you know, the 17 years are nothing compared to only 1 minute of feeling the prize of  freedom that comes from the courage to accept that you were  not walking your path and just had to change gears. You didn’t know any better. In the eternity of the moment, you  are stepping into the sacred threshold of acceptance, and coherence.  Now you can sit back and really join others in co-creating a better understanding of your old idea of time. You can sit back and be at peace.

And from the now, today, when you look back, you look at yourself with another set of eyes. The eyes of empathy. Because it was History in the making all along.

From the eternity of the moment, time is irrelevant. Then you realise time is only an illusion.


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