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There is no Secret Somebody Else knows about Yourself, You don’t Know about Yourself

May 17th, 2010 5 Comments » Filed under Acknowledgement

While it has been very successful, as a marketing strategy, somehow this trend of selling the secret of happiness and wealth is misleading if not insulting, or both. Especially in Spiritual matters. It always bothered me a bit.

Think about it. The implied message and the assumption is that you don’t know anything and they will hand you the keys of the knowledge of  your own life, uncovering some secret they only have access to, but belongs to you. It doesn’t make sense. So, it feels like they are the ones with access to paradise. You don’t  own a connection to divinity of your own.  Pretty pretentious too. Here is the thing, there is a difference between not knowing and not remembering. (Not that not knowing is bad or anything, but it is what it is.)

And this is important to point out.

Somehow when they do this they are setting up a ticket to rescue you. The truth is, you don’t need somebody to rescue you unveiling some secrets that only they know. It is just a marketing strategy appealing to people who basically don’t believe they have their own power,  leading to  the implicit intent of perpetrating the victim rescuer syndrome somewhat enhancing competition and separation.

Fundamentally is not true. The truth is that you know it all, and you just forgot. You somewhat lost the codes along the way. The truth is that I have no secret that could possibly change anything in your life that you don’t know of or you can’t remember. The connection to divinity is an entitlement we all are born with.

That is where we start the conversation, from that principle.  From oneness. Your connection to divinity is an entitlement you were born with. You just forgot you had it. It’s like going into the attic and finding the trunk of jewels of some great grand mother that everybody forgot! Enjoy them, embrace them, honor them.

It is in your family line. It is in you. You own it.

Or create your own  secret garden where you can quiet the noise in your head and start hearing the whispers of your soul. Again, only you can interpret the whispers of your soul.

At the same time, we are entering the era of  integrity. That means there are not secrets any more. Complete transparency. Actually nothing to hide. What a great pleasure.

It is in your family line. It is in you. You own them. There are no secrets. Secrets are the illusion of separation in action.


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