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The Seven Pillars of Thought, the Foundation of the Mindset.

August 28th, 2012

The 7 pillars of Thought, the Foundation of your Mindset.

The Entrepreneurial Mindset will become  the foundation of your new thinking. We are going to visit and review an inventory of  thoughts  inside out.   7 core principles, to  align your thinking  and keep active only the thoughts that will  act as the new compasses of your life,  the ones that are not carring the drama to the present time any more.



Truth, the first pillar,  is not a moral issue. Truth is who you are, and every time you are not truthful to who you really are, are falling into the trap of competition and separation.  How?  Because when you try to hide something about yourself you are not honoring that something that is part of who you really are. You need to know you do every day the best you can with what you have. Yes! The best you can with what you have! We have to expand your knowledge to have more of what you need. The value is always in the experience and experiences are not good or bad. They are just experiences and sources of knowledge. Truth helps understand and identify the lessons. Truth heals and Truth is your best ally for targeted thorough focus and peace of mind.



If somebody asked me to write one word that would have all the elements of a magic keyword, the kind that if applied to our thinking has the power to transform, heal, clean, ultimately erase a lot of the nonsense that we humans engage in.  Save time, enhance contentment and productivity, avoid pain, a keyword with so much power that if incorporated in our daily thinking, would change the world…what would I say? I would probably say the with joy and excitement there  is one word that comes to mind first. Acknowledgment. There is too much lack of acknowledgment in the world. There is too little acknowledgment in our human behavior. In every dispute there is, somebody didn’t acknowledge somebody or something, kept a grudge over something of no importance at all. The thought Acknowledgment is to be active in the present, at all times



Now that you re-visited Errors, we can talk about Fear, the fifth pillar. Fear has two legs. One in the recondite corner of your childhood, an acquired perception, and the other one in the genuine hesitation of starting something new. Stumbling baby steps. The uncertainty of “unknown territory my captain!” It’s a natural part of the process. With that leg of the fear of the new, we can partner. Every time we challenge the fear of not knowing with knowing, we feel more confident until we don’t have the fear any more because we are mastering our craft. The other leg of fear, the one in the recondite corner of your childhood you have to make peace. Then, store it in the Archives of the past. It doesn’t belong to the present. Fear is to be embraced  and accepted in its full humanity in order to be conquered.



Judgment, the third pillar  is a trap. When you judge somebody else,  what you are really doing is judging your own self,  by comparing that the subject of judgment to you,  because deep down you bought the idea of competition and separation. In oneness there is no judgment, just support and coherence. We are talking about prejudgment here. The one that interferes and tampers with the sacred flow for each persons journey, with disrespect for their Soul Sovereignty. We are aligning your perception of Judgment to avoid emotional attachment to facts of life.



With Error, the forth pillar you will learn how to read the perfection in your errors Yes you are reading correctly. P-E-R-F-E-C-T-I-O-N in your errors.  Seems crazy, huh? Again, in order to learn reading the perfection in your errors, you have to treat errors as data. Part of your unique life path data. Train yourself to look for the light underneath the ashes of your errors. In that light is your way to wholeness.  Treating errors as data is an important part of the process.

Here is a link to a pillar article in Soul Hangout,

Think about it, if you believe to some extent, the concept of “your thoughts create your reality” is somewhat true…You, only you are the creator of your story.  Errors included. They actually are your compass.



You become clear when you conquer fear, errors, judgment and truth. You become clear when you are acknowledging life in front of you.  It is an empowering feeling. The veil of the big picture falls and you begin to be aware of things around you and your own actions. The trick with clarity is that the same clarity you see in other people as to be applied to you too on regular basis. It is easy to fall in the trap of   “Clarity applies to others but not to me. I am above and beyond”.  Clarity requires humility, humanity and also constant monitoring of  your own thoughts. No matter how clear we can be with others, the clarity will be effective and disperse more light  only when there is complete clarity at home, within.


Self Responsibility

Once you have conquered truth, errors, judgment, fear, and clarity, you can take the step of complete self responsibility.  You already know what it is like to be self responsible. Meaning you are the only person responsible for what is happening in your life because you are the creator of your actions. Your actions create your behavior and your behavior shows your character. You understand that your thoughts create your reality, therefore you become the captain of your own ship. Delegating responsibilities at the same time you are in charge of the whole ship. Without a strong sense of self responsibility you cannot succeed as an entrepreneur.

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