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The drama is frozen in the inner child, there is the place to go…

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One of the first steps to step into your life purpose is to accept full responsibility for your life. What does “take responsibility for your own life mean?”

It means eradicate the drama. Accept the very real fact that you have created every event in your life until now…with your thinking. There! It is a huge realization.

The problem comes when you have to accept that perhaps you lived all those years of your life on the wrong side of the fence. It is so familiar. Who will guarantee it will actually work if I change. Or the denial doesn’t let you see the opportunity because it is really hard to accept that you fell for that joke that was somehow imposed to you in childhood. We all feel the same pain. You know? Like there is a part of you missing somewhere.

The truth is That it all depends on you…and your beliefs. That is why is so important working with your beliefs and change the ones that are not giving you satisfaction. You are the only one that can change that.

If you can manage to believe that to be the truth with all your being, all you have to do is align your thinking, to start creating what you really want and need. Not your parents, not society, not even destiny. You.

I know, easier said than done. So, how do we get there…It doesn’t happen with visualization, or positive thinking. It happens when you start peeling the layers of the onion…

Acquiring Self belief is pretty much like peeling an onion. You go layer by layer, get a little further, tear by tear, get a little further, laugh by laugh, until you get to the Center. That’s when you can create alchemy with the sucker! Only then. When you have peeled all the layers of belief.

The same happens with every project. Because with every new endeavor you build the belief in it layer by layer… brick by brick. Tear by tear, laugh by laugh. (with outbursts of terror in the middle, of course) …sustained by an unequivocal vision in your mind, patiently waiting her turn to manifest.(Smile)

So, let’s go back to the drama. What is the drama? The drama is nothing more and nothing less than obsolete memories frozen in you inner child’s emotional field of beliefs. Acting out as they were your reality today…Let me tell you, even though they feel real at an emotional level, they are not.

The drama translates into a the sense of abandonment, helplessness separation, fear, victim thinking of the child in you. It is not even yours. It is a dream that dreamed only half of you…

Now, how do we do this process?

We need the higher authority within yourself to start running the show. Your Soul.That is why the tribe’s name is Soul Hang Out.

Think of it as a process where you acknowledge the voice of your soul and tune your ears more and more to her rhythm, her whispers, while you reassure and prove to your inner child that this time the authority of the soul will prevail over any other authority and he or she will be safe to become her destiny.

Your inner child needs that reassurance from you. He is ready to start displaying that creativity that you are craving for…Then…one cloudy Tuesday afternoon you realize you have this clear visionary team inside yourself, a vision that started with a thought.

The trinity of your soul, as the Authority, your inner child, on the way to its full potential, and you, the one and only being just you…How cool is that!…that trinity is unstoppable. It connects you to your true self, and your god given purpose.

And then nothing prevents you from taking full responsibility for your life. Your Inner child is fulfilling her purpose. I’ll tell you this much. That is such an amazing feeling… is worth the effort of doing it and going through the motions even if only lasts one moment in the end…You only need to feel that awareness once and your perception of time will be changed for ever. Therefore it will not matter whether you spent any years in a soporific state.

That is one more path to step into your life purpose. My research is beating like a heart. The truth is that the most important relationship of your life is the one with your inner child. It requires attention…the best time you ever spent…

It will give you financial freedom and peace of mind…the contentment of your creation. Peace, inside out.


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