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The Cat and Mouse Game – SEO vs. Google

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The Cat and Mouse Game – SEO vs. Google

After the end of the holidays some Internet merchants are smiling so wide they could eat a banana sideways. Other Internet merchants are screaming mad. Most have visibly noticed the recent changes in Google’s rankings. Google, a search engine company based in California, quickly burst onto the Internet in 1998. It quickly became a very popular choice for indoor surfers. Google’s innovative way of ranking sites based on an algorithm they developed gave sites a rank based on how relevant their website is to the competition based on a word of phrase of the Internet user. Every Internet website cherishes a top 10 listing under a widely searched keyword. Now to be listed on page one under a popular keyword can be worth millions to an internet business.

By the end of 2005 most Internet businesses have noticed changes for better or worse. Those changes in ranking were based upon an update Google made. When Google updated, certain industries noticed a large number of sites that were affected, while others noticed no change at all. While really no one but Google knows all of the changes it introduced in that update, it now appears that some of these website owners may have taken part perhaps unknowing in an artificial linking strategy.

When Googlefirstlaunched, the birth of a new business, search engine optimization was formed. Search engine optimization or SEO is the process of designing or redesigning a web site so that it matches up as closely to possible to how Google ranks a web page. SEO experts know that inbound links, links that direct you to their website, play a large part in the rankings game.

Because of this, there were many sites that would spring up over night, that had little to no relevance to the actual word they were obtaining placement under. As SEO experts developed their techniques they even ended up selling Google’s own advertising back to them through Google’s Adwords Campaign. Linking basically works like this. If website A links to website B, that link is telling Google that website A thinks website B is important. If a large amount of important websites linked directly to Website B, Google would see this as a good thing give would give Website B a better positioning.

And Google’s original ranking of votes worked extremely well for a while. That was until the birth of a internet fad that is only gaining momentum. Blogs, a short form for the word weblog, is usually an online journal of comments and thoughts on the web. They usually include philosophical reflections, opinions on the Internet and social or political issues. Since a Blog is usually a journal, its daily or semi-daily entries are always being added. The content is constantly changing. Another important factor on how Google ranks websites.

Once SEO experts caught on to this, a few decided to use this as the sole way to manipulate rankings and achieve results. In some cases, SEO experts get rankings in fractions of the time it would usually take to get placement. After the update this has left some internet business owners left with only fond memories of a top ten placement.

It is assumed that Google will continue to evolve their algorithms in an attempted to remove irrelevant content. As the cat and mouse game of SEO versus Google continues one thing is for certain. Google intends to stay on top as a leading search engine by focusing on the one thing that made them successful, relevant searches.

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