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Anger is an energy, a frequency, it has a life of its own, and is the symptom of something much bigger, not the cause.

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Anger is an energy, a frequency, it has a life of its own, and is the symptom of something much bigger, not the cause.
The cause would be being attacked in any possible way.
Anger is the divine human consequencial reaction to being hurt. The call for acknowledgement and validation of the attack. It’s the voice of the right to demand better. The red flag calling for your attention to be directed to the real cause behind it. The warning sign…and a warning sign some times has to be loud!!!
You cannot bottle it or pretend is not there and keep ignoring its frequency vibrating in your body, because vibrating it is!!! Because when you do, guess what! It will become violence. Yes, Violence towards yourself as a poison in your body, and or violence towards others out of a deep desperation for its cause not being addressed.
When you are not heard you speak louder right?
The truth is,  violence is nothing but repressed and not addressed anger over and over again exploding like a bomb that was ticking.
On the other hand, it’s scientifically proven that violence is not genetic.
Now, think about it…This means human nature is inherently NON violent.
So now you tell me how this Victorian politics directed to supressing anger and portraying it as the root of all evil  has served us in the long run other than planting the seeds for creating more violence where there was only love and peace in the first place.
Then the question is where would a divide and conquer Intelligence would start  planting seeds of fear to accomplish its goal of separation ? You guessed ! Anger. If you convince the population that anger is a bad thing while you are abusing them in various subtle ways, you inhibit the very need for expressing it and you start bottling it. Then it starts poisoning your body. At some level what you are really doing is reducing the people to a painting on the wall.
Now you tell me how that feels in your gut and in your entire cellular body.
Discriminating between feelings is another form of separation. The dague of Divide and Conquer in your soul.
Anger is a  necessary feeling  just as joy in 3 D. When not acknowledged as a real feeling with respect, and addressed its cause,  it grows  like a snow ball and before you know you are talking about terrorism. Before you know you are creating what we call criminals. 
When anger is acknowledged on the other hand, and the pain behind it addressed, there is no purpose for more anger. It goes away with the satisfaction of having fulfilled its mission. When anger fulfills its mission of asserting its cause and voices its right to demand better, simply vanishes.  What you really do then is suppress the violence from the root. 

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Sticky: Anger is a Gift from Divinity to Voice your Right to Demand Better -Wolfspirit Radio

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Namaste my beautiful Soul Partners on both sides of the sun.

I am pleased to invite you to listen to our next Sunday conversation with Dave  Corso and Ani Kaspar.

Ani is one of the few people I know who uses the gift of anger in a beautiful way voicing her right to demand better at all times. This is why I am very thrilled to have her on our show on Sunday.

 Sunday October  7th 2012 from  1 PM to 3 PM Pacific

We’ll talk about

  • How to acknowledge anger and use it as a gift to defend yourself transmuting it to a tool rather than a weapon against you.
  • Why pushovers attract bullies and how to stop the cycle of anger.
  • My own experience as a pushover learning to acknowledge and transmute anger to  assert myself.
  • Why there is nothing to forgive once you discover the value of the experience.

Here is the link.

We’ll be there from 1 pm to 3 pm Pacific time.

Some intro about Ani’s courageous Soul Journey  for the ones of you who don’t know about her.

I have just spoken to Ani and she is offering a half  our free discovery session, for all Wolf Spirit radio listeners who need to connect with her.

Here is her site where you can go and subscribe through email to request the session.

Ani Kaspar is a pioneer of non-invasive alternate cures for cancer. She’s a humanitarian, seeker of truth and conduit for healing. Ani’s humanitarian call to action “Compassionate Cure for Cancer®” asks cancer patients worldwide to request the modern medical community investigate and deliver natural, less invasive methods of treating and curing cancer. She is a four year thriver of intra-ductal carcinoma—the most prevalent breast cancer in the world. Today, Ani consults, conducts educational seminars, workshops and retreats, and is a life coach and international speaker. After abandoning Wall Street, in 2005, she founded BodyByBliss™, an international wellness consultancy. She is the creator of a unique, self-exploration method called Intuitive Sovereignty or IS™. Ani is fifty one years old and lives blissfully in Rincon, Puerto Rico with pelicans, coconuts and butterflies.

 Again, see you next Sunday October  7th 2012 from  1 PM to 3 PM Pacific…bring your questions and your thoughts  through the phone or the chat of WOLF SPIRIT RADIO 

 Here is an article on anger to introduce my views on that powerful energetic frequency we call anger.

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Inner Child Inspirational quote of the day.

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If you hear a voice within you say “you cannot paint,” then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced.

~Vincent Van Gogh~

Yes yes, Marvelous genius Vincent. That is the voice that planted the seed in your head that you cannot do your passion…represented in society in general and the faces of people who say they love you but don’t really know what love is. Because the voice of love would never shut out your passion. The voice of love would support your Inner Child to flourish to its full potential. That is the truth.

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