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Numbers don’t lie 99% is a Mandate Occupy Wall street

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The Occupy Wall Street Movement started September 17th 2011. It is still going on today and has spread o all the main cities of the USA and Europe…Here are some thoughts on the collective relevance of this movement.

It is no secret that 99% of the people in all parts of society have been treated  like numbers, not human beings by the Corporate world in direct collaboration with the governments of the world.

It’s no secret that the mindset of competition, fear, separation, secrecy and scarcity  treating human beings like numbers is not sustainable in the 21st C.

It is no secret that numbers don’t lie.

Therefore if all of the above is true, we the 99% are the most powerful magnetic block of human numbers that ever existed on earth.

There is evidence that the 99% will acknowledge its powerful magnetic block of human numbers real condition and in conclusion shift the paradigm to cooperation, community, abundance, transparency and passion to contribute to the conscious evolution.

We are doing it.

Soul Hangout is honored to acknowledge and support Occupy Wall Street all the way.

Smile my dear friends on both sides of the sun…the paradigm is shifting and you and I are turning the wheels. Remember? Numbers don’t lie…99% is a mandate .



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