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Associating the dissociated through embracing any experience as what it is: Knowledge

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Do you recall one of those painful situations that felt like you wanted to crawl in a hole under a rock and forget ? Do you recall with the passing of time those memories somehow made some sense and healed?

If you are experiencing that kind of trauma right now, remember, that scene of your life is attached to your whole story. It is only a scene among the multiple scenes in the play of your life.

Only one more scene.The difference is that this one hurts… The best was always  to acknowledge it, mourn the loss give it some time,  move to the next scene… and no matter what, not fall into the temptation of repeating that scene over and over in your mind and get stuck there. Right?

You would be closing the door to too many new opportunities…


Because somethings you can’t change. The Serenity prayer one of my favorite prayers of all times recites:

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can change and the wisdom to know the difference…

Things you can’t change you have to accept. Period.

You want one more reason?

My friend Kristal McVicar artitculates  it in a perfect way today in facebook:

“All endings are the pathway to new beginnings. All beginnings lead to endings. This circle is never broken even though we differentiate between endings and beginnings, life and death, good and bad, right and wrong. All a perfect part of the unending circle of creation…………” xoxoxoxox

Therefore, as Albert Einstein said so wisely. “Knowledge is only experience”… never mind if they are good or bad scenes attached to your life or they are at the beginning or the end of this or that circle. Whether they look ugly or pretty. There is only one truth. All experiences  become knowledge…not only the good ones.

Here is to us thinking, feeling and speaking the language of the heart. Activating the powerful magnet of our hearts collectively in oneness. Thanks Kristal for the inspiration…it is such a great subject! Big hug to all!

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Open Message to the 33 Men trapped in the San Jose Mine in Copiapo, Chile.

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Chileans once more show the temple of the Condor and the bravery of the Araucan Indians in this sad story. I am proud to be Chilean. In spite of the fact that it was so long ago I left  Santiago, the city that staged my  birth surrounded by  its beloved majestic Andes  Mountains, and where I lived the first 17 years of my life.

We don’t know how  much longer Luis Urzua and his coworkers will have to stay half a mile into the ground before rescue crews are able to dig a rescue tunnel.

One thing I know,  and it is that if I was in each one of those miners’  shoes, down there in the dark, I would like people in the outside thinking out of the box.  I  also just trust Einstein too much. Photon Energy  and its vibration seems a powerful  tool to experiment with in this circumstance. Seems something they can access in that difficult and dark time . Quantum physics and quantum mechanics is a science ready to be applied.

That said, it’s about oxygenating the body, because after all, we are electromagnetic beings and we can access photon energy to recharge our batteries. We just have to be trained how to do it.

We think it would be a good thing if the miners  would be trained by phone or message to do prana breathing exercises using photon energy to oxygenate their bodies.  It seems like a good idea, especially in that environment.  Any Photon Energy expert please help us spread the message, voicing the need if you agree.

Here is a deeper explanation about how you access the photon energy with prana exercises.
Here is the  prana breathing exercises to oxygenate the body instructions.

Here is a video explaining how photon energy works.

Ican help translating any documents if it is necessary.

Here is the original story about the Miners in Chile.



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