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So, WHY the Hawk Mindset?

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It all started when I was collaborating with Ari Galper at Unlock the Game, coaching his  members.  Ari Galper’s amazingly human and genius 21st C Sales Coaching Program delivered in a magnificent coherent sequenced language based on trust at the human level incorporating the truth to the sales equation. How refreshing!

It became evident very rapidly that  just speaking the coherent and sequenced language Ari created for his UTG  members would not be enough for success in many people’ cases.  Because it is not enough  to speak  it . You have to think it and feel it before to reach your goal as a marketer to actually connect with your prospect at the human  level and are able to set the stage  to build trust with the truth. It requires a mindset shift on your part…

( We all have too many years thinking backwards in automatic pilot to be reversed)

It was then when I understood  that while the language is quite  important and I was so excited about  Ari’s content,  your thoughts being  the motor and direction of your full potential are crucial.  If you don’t mean it, it doesn’t mean anything. It is necessary to align the language with the thoughts and the feelings to actually convey the required message. Believe it or not  in my opinion that is a desperately needed training.

Unlock the Game Members  were mostly entrepreneurs, financial advisers,  insurance agents, internet marketers. network marketers. It was challenging to help them in 2,008  with the depression, the way the debacle of the economy started to unravel.  They needed serious help and a high dose of   innovative creativity to reconnect with an extremely skeptical marketplace.

For some people The Internal Dialogue needed to be reviewed in order to achieve their goals, actually articulating their authenticity through feeling and thinking the new language. Not only speaking it.

It’s not like you decide you’ll be authentic one day and voila, you are authentic. It requires the very nature of authenticity. Thinking, feeling and speaking it.

Ari supported me in the extra effort of  starting slowly introducing  them to the  mechanism needed to harness their thoughts to work for them instead of them.   The mechanism I have been applying for years. He trusted me to research with his members. I’ll be for ever grateful.

So, how does it work and foremost why the hawk?

Well, because the first step for success is to a is to monitor your thoughts . To monitor as many obsolete thoughts as possible. Obsolete thoughts are the ones that are irrelevant to the present time. More likely they are an emotional attachment from the past, an emotional attachment not allowing you to move forward as an adult. Serious!

So I would say to my clients:

“The first step to make sure you can succeed at  harnessing your thoughts  is to monitor them…like a hawk“. They are creating your reality at will every minute of every day for you. You need a hawk if the task is to monitor as many thoughts possible…

That is the story of  how the hawk’s role as the guardian of my own thoughts and my friends and clients thoughts,  was transferred to  the title of my newly developed  program. It was Michelle Finnegan, my coaching buddy at UTG and former UTG GM who suggested it. I had discussed  with her the image of  the hawk and she loved the powerful symbolism. “Why don’t you name the program after the hawk” she said in one of the multiple conversations we had over the last 3 years. I loved it! She was so right! It deserved the recognition because without the attributes that you  model  from the hawk you are not able to make it.  Simple as that. You need a fearless partner with keen vision to catch as many thoughts as possible. :::))) That is the secret.

The Hawk also reminds you never to disconnect from nature again.

For the ones of you who don’t know anything about “The Hawk Mindset”,  IT IS A Transformational Training for Entrepreneurs who want to become “Thought Masters” and harness their thoughts to work for them instead of against them securing success in their business.  The program is divided in 3  fundamental  modules.

Module 1: “Thought/Heart  Mastery”  The science of  thoughts and feelings and the mechanism to align your hearts and feelings

Module 2“The Seven Pillars of Thought, the Foundation of the Mindset”

Revaluation of 7 universal principles: Truth, Acknowledgment, Fear, Judgment, Errors,  Clarity, Self Responsibility.

Module 3 :  “Your Inner Child in charge of your Internal Visionary Team”

To never forget again the creativity codes of your right brain hidden in your own  Inner Child and guide your way back to Love Unity and Cooperation.

My purpose is to inspire you to reconnect with  your Inner Driving Force by helping create your Internal Visionary Team. You see, as entrepreneurs we need a Visionary Team. It just makes sense to start with creating your  Internal Visionary Team first. How is a dissociated person inside going to have a coherent Visionary Team outside without associating the dissociated inside first. Think about it…

So the idea is to create an internal trinity. The  hawk model sitting @ your left hand and your Inner Child sitting @  your right hand. Yes, visualize it. For once  acknowledging that it is not about the right hand or the left hand only any more….it is about incorporating both hands…both brains…the left and the right represented in your hands. Acknowledging the importance of both…makes sense?  How does it feel…? In other words,  Your Inner Child in charge of your Internal Visionary Team and the Hawk model the guardian of your Thoughts.

As I was saying, Module 1“Thought Masters”, actually empowers you to train yourself  to become a Black Belt Thought Master.

The beauty is that the hawk has a lot to teach you.


Because the Hawk IS Messenger, protector, visionary, has keen vision, and is open to new ideas.

So, AGAIN,  reinforcing my original visual with the Hawk as the Guardian of your Thoughts within the program to help you monitor them, led me to  go a step further and  incorporate the hawk in  the title. After the name was decided,

the first thing I did was the keyword research of the word “hawk” and found the collective consciousness revealed something far more interesting than I expected. Just google the word “hawk” and you will find a lot of meaningful conversation along with 167.000.000 hits.

It feels to me a lot of people other than me are having a conversation with  hawks these days…(huge smile) after all, people are awakening to the fact that we are all one and any perception of separation is an illusion. The interesting thing is that I hear more and more persons who are fascinated by the hawk’s message and the numbers seem to be growing…it almost feels like  hawks as a species are on a mission to give us a message and we are finally open to receive its call. I love it!

In any case it  is time to go back to the basics…Primitive cultures modeled animal behaviors, and transformed certain animals into totems. Powerful symbolism has come in the form of animals and their behaviors throughout thousands of years, transforming them in our teachers.   There is a reason for that. Contrary to the across the board educational system,  we human beings learn through modeling behaviors, not by being lectured. We human beings are one with nature…there is no separation.

Nature is a symphony of knowledge singing before our eyes.  Ready to be read all over again.

The Hawk happens to be the ultimate model to help integrate the right brain and the left brain. In other words to integrate a clear perception of the big picture, critical thinking, and co-creative spirit into your thinking, feeling and speaking. At all times.

Here are a list  of 12 excerpts coming  from different voices  of different people and their perception of the lessons the hawk brings us and about  why  the Hawk’s sacred message to us is important to be modeled and feels so organic:

1) Keen vision is one of its greatest gifts. Hawks see things others miss.

2) The hawk comes to you indicating that you are now awakening to your soul purpose, your reason for being here. It can teach you how to fly high while keeping yourself connected to the ground.

3) As you rise to a higher level, your psychic energies are awakening and the hawk can help you to keep those senses in balance. Its message for you is to be open to hope and new ideas, to extend the vision of your life.

4) The Hawk is an animal of flight. It soars through the air looking down, and sees everything. It has a larger perspective of what is going on down below. With its keen eyesight, it looks down as it soars through the air looking for its prey. It can see the smallest of creatures below.

5) The Hawk is known as a messenger, similar to the planet Mercury, for the hawk soars close to the Grandfather Sun, as does the planet. When you listen to the power of the Grandfather Sun or Wise Spirit that lives within, you are protected from all types of harm.

6) The Hawk teaches you to be observant and take a close look at your surroundings. It soars with the power to overcome difficult situations. It soars in circles over the life of the earth, asking you to circle over your life and view it from a higher perspective.

7) The Hawk has a distinct cry, one that most people are aware of. Its cry signifies awareness. If you hear the cry of the hawk use your intuitive ability to discern the message and seek the truth.

8) If a hawk has soared into your life, you require a higher perspective. You need to see the details of what is going on and look at the bigger picture. Take a look at your situation from above.

9) Specifically, the hawk beckons us to hone our focus on the areas that are out of balance in our lives. Recognition is the first step to solution.

10) Furthermore, the hawk is a solar animal which makes it kin to all the attributes summed up by fire and sun. Attributes such as brilliance, clarity, energy, and unification.

11) In Dreams , hawks represent our yearning for freedom and clarity and is often considered a message from the subconscious to use our intellectual power to obtain the freedom we desire in our lives.

12) The hawk asks us to be aware of the power each of us has over others. Further, we must each respect our potential positions of authority (leadership) and honor all those with whom we interact.

Again, these are statements that I selected because they represent your voice. Each one from a different site.

You get the idea ? These excerpts although  somewhat reiterative, portray the clarity of the idea and how the hawk’s message is penetrating the collective consciousness.

Because of all of those powerful reasons, “The Hawk Mindset” was born…The Hawk will  help you align your left brain with your right brain. Harnessing your thoughts to work for you instead of against you. I tell you, I have done it. With myself  first and also with numerous people. The beauty is that once most of your determining  thoughts, feelings and language  are aligned within yourself, to work for you, you become the hawk.  His behavior transpires in your actions. Like with Shakespeare after a mindful rehearsal period of Hamlet…You become Hamlet. You are ready for Opening Night. Now  you are trained to assert the Hawk’s attributes… It was one training away:

  • Attention
  • Vision
  • Power
  • Energy
  • Leadership
  • Intensity

They are all yours! Congratulations, You have become a Black Belt Thought Master running automatically in your Internal Visionary Team guided by your friend the hawk who helped you understand the oneness of all things and to associate the dissociated inside out. That is why the Hawk is a necessity as your left hand.

I bet  by now you are probably thinking, “ok that is the hawk but what’s up with  your right hand then…?  Why Your Inner Child ?”

your Inner Child becomes internally Your right  hand, but that is another story

Your Inner Child is to become the Head of your Internal Visionary Team. That is Module 3.

Here you can find more information about  WHY your Inner Child, your right hand.

If you really want to get into the Inner Child deeper, here is my long sales letter featuring the Inner Child. You will love it! I would love your feedback on it:


So we have  covered Modules 1 and 3. I know you have a question by now.  If we have covered Module  1 & 3  featuring the hawk and the inner child already, what  is Module 2 then…right ?

The reason why I didn’t list its content before  is because it is crucial in its position between the Thought Masters guided by the Hawk and the Inner Child Managing your Internal Visionary Team. The middle of the two. The glue between the two. Nurturing and guiding both. The Pillars of Thought, the Foundation of the Mindset.

So, so far we have your right arm and your left arm to guide you, working together to expedite your business success.

What you need now is a foundation of thought. The pillars of your new Mindset. Your new mental model.

Module 2, IS COMPOSED OF The 7 pillars in the Magic Middle Line Between the 50’s.  Right in the middle, like the temple of  source. I picked 7 universal concepts to help you create a foundation of thought seeded in  new cooperative guidelines and conscious co-creative coherence.The Pillars will be your map. Your brand new Thought  Foundation.

If you want to know more about the “Seven Pillars of Thought”, Here  is a link to my blog talk radio program, where the 7 pillars were spontaneously created.  Where  I have had 1 different  conversation  about each one of the  pillars with Neal Worthington, while they were revealing to me as Module 2. Little did I know then  that that radio program was going to end up being module 2. (I love the creative process)  Here  are the above mentioned pillars of thought. Your foundation.

  • Acknowledgment
  • Truth
  • Fear
  • Judgment
  • Errors
  • Clarity
  • Self Responsibility

The Three Modules of  “The Hawk Mindset” are becoming 3 books. The Trilogy of Thought. I will keep you posted.


Listen to internet radio with Soul Hang Out on Blog Talk Radio

You want to know more? Join Soul Hangout  below: You will receive 3 Inspirational gifts. 2 Audios that you can listen at your leisure. My quotes e-book. “Living in the Present is History in the Making” Here they are.

  1. Why the Inner Child is to become the Head of your Internal Visionary Team and your right hand. (Audio)
  2. WHY the Hawk Mindset and the Hawk  becoming  your left hand (Audio)
  3. My quotes inspirational e-book “Living in the Present is History in the Making” the foundation of the Mindset, and updates.

P.S. My goal is to inspire you to ultimately Master the Art of the Entrepreneurial  Hawk Mindset.

P.S.S. Your goal is to rehearse until you are ready for Opening Night.


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Transform your left brain into a hawk training your thoughts to partner 50/50 with your Inner Child, and the creativity of your right brain to become unstoppable in your purpose.

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Let me elaborate…

In a nutshell,  I am a Thought Master… An Authority in Thoughts. I studied the human mind for a lifetime, researched the CRUCIAL field and science of thoughts in depth in relationship with marketing and the new business mindset for the last 4 years,  24/7  and the bottom line is reflected like a mirror  in the above title.

Transform your left brain into a hawk training  your thoughts  to partner 50/50 with your Inner Child, and the creativity of your right brain to become unstoppable in your purpose.

In other words, become a Black Belt Thought Master. An Expert in harnessing your thoughts to work for you, not against you.

After 4 years of developing my own comprehensive trans formative thought training program I can finally say that the whole  vision is condensed in the above  title and the 3 following paragraphs…


I inspire Entrepreneurs  to train themselves to copy and paste” the model of a butterfly by breathing transformation.


Train themselves  to “copy and paste” the model of the Hawk Mindset to optimize their left brain, and…



partner with their Inner Child who is to hold and manage the passion and creativity of  their right brain, 50/50 in the magic middle line, where the expansion of  their Internal Visionary Team takes place.


I believe with all my heart in that quote of Albert Einstein that says: “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”   I believe with all my heart that aligning your thinking to work for you instead of against you in this time and age is imperative.


The huge 80% failure in small businesses comes straight from the thinking frequency you are vibrating. Therefore, getting on with your thoughts is needed not today. Yesterday!

The only truth is that while you feel helpless your thoughts are creating your reality as we speak and there are a lot of thoughts in that process that simply do not belong to you, you see?  So there is no time to waste. You have 2 choices.

  1. Train your Thoughts to work for you. Kiss the pain of dissociation good bye.
  2. Or maintain the status quo.  Be the victim of Thoughts creating your reality that are not working for your benefit. …Those have to go, darling! Besides they are not even yours.

Here is to you and your success thinking, feeling  and speaking the language of the heart. And activating the magnet of your heart.

With a hawk as your  left hand and your Inner Child as your right hand ready to unite and partner supporting  your Internal Visionary Team for success in your business. Associating the Dissociated Inside Out.

                 Here are  some more details about the BIG WHY’S.

           “Why the Hawk Mindset”

“Why the Inner Child”

If you want to go deeper on the Inner Child, this is for you. You will love it.

The Seven Pillars of Thought, the Foundation of the Mindset

Here is the One on One Coaching Program including some more information

So, your Hawk Mindset course is composed of 3 modules”

  1. Thought /Heart Mastery
  2. The Seven Pillars of Thought
  3. Your Internal Visionary Team

If you feel like participating in our SHO Community and “The Mountain Project” Become a member of our Soul Hangout Community

Visit Soul HangOut

 Please join me at Facebook

Luz Aguirrebena

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It’s Friday Already!

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My friends over the years have always laughed at me in that way that only true friends mirror back to you with the humor of their acceptance. It happens that as far in the past as I can remember, I always was a junky for that human connection that comes from a smile, a hug, or a soul to soul conversation. It felt so good that it was always the rule to see me hug total strangers on the street after a glance or a two word phrase. I felt it kept me alive…little did I know consciously at the time that there was a very good reason for that. We are all one and living with the pretension of being so separated and in  competition with one another, was a huge burden to carry. So, I went through life acknowledging as many people as I could looking for my drug…the need to be connected, even if it was just waving at every person at every car that passed by when I was 5 years old…it makes me happy that my grandson inherited that condition…a bigger than him need to connect to strangers…what does that mean…that they are not strangers for him, the way they were not strangers for me at an unconscious level.

A few weeks ago in the fast forward wave we are riding, a dear friend on Facebook, the “Hawk”, who has earned her name with honor for walking through life like the sacred bird of the soul, with keen vision, and….., posted in Facebook, one phrase:  “It’s Friday already”. That phrase brought instant memories of  a story about an encounter with a “soul sister” or what we call a “stranger” in this planet. I couldn’t resist to share with my friend the “Hawk” that her post reminded me of this story and I promised to tell her the story…here it goes, a few weeks late, but you don’t mess with a hawk :) .

It was Friday night, late, close to 10 pm.(at the time I did catering on top of my Hispanic Media advertising job, so I had to prepare some food for a client. I headed to the Safeway in Adams Morgan. The place was empty.  You could feel the “farandula” on the streets, and the restaurants and bars around were filled with guests ready to decompress after a rat race week. I did my shopping slowly, almost in slow motion.  When I was done, I walked on the empty aisles heading to the cashier. By the time I was approaching the hall to find the probably only open cashier, there was a black woman probably in her fifties like myself, coming towards me.  She looked at me straight in the eyes and said “It’s Friday!  Already”  I stopped, connected with her eyes and answered, somehow like picking up a conversation we have had before, that was written in the wind… like in total astonishment of that strange perception of time we are used to…”Yes! Can you believe it?…like that, just like that and I snapped my fingers in disbelief.

“Yes!” she said emphasizing even more that sense of absurdity of time, and repeated “Can you believe it?” echoing my disbelief.

“Before you know, you realize on a  Fridays that  5 years went by”, just like that” I added opening my arms to gesture with my hands the feeling of empathy and acknowledgment… Yes!!! years gone…just like that…She answered: “Yes!!! Just like that.  It was then when we started a duo of laughter.  The kind of laughter that comes from your stomach…the best kind, especially if it is in the same frequence of vibration. From then on,   we completely lost track of time. I don’t know how long we laughed, I don’t know if there were people around, I don’t know if the cashier was there watching us…it felt like it was her and myself our laughter, our connection and the thought we were sharing…the absurdity of time. I don’t know how long the laughter lasted. I know it lasted as long as we both were completely satisfied with its vibration. I know when it finally ended  felt like I landed in my body again and there it was. The cashier probably patiently waiting to run our  groceries through the register. We cashed out and hugged. A long,  bear endearing and grateful hug with no restrictions. We both thanked each other. “Have a beautiful life and see you in five years” I said laughing. We smiled with that satisfied smile that comes after pleasure, a moment of  oneness in the land of separation… each one took her own way. I never saw her again, and I always will remember her with gratefulness and love for those moments of  joy.

Thank you Bertee, for reminding me of that experience.

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“The Hawk Mindset” A “Thought Masters” Transformational Training

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What is it?

My newly developed program.

But let me tell you the story…It happened in facebook  as so many other things happening  dispersed within thoughtful and soulful facebook threads.

My fb friend Dalia ElGabaly gets in my chat box to say “hi”  and touch base, as many other times before when we talked about our mutual projects in life purpose.  We are pretty much on the same page. She is the first Arab woman to bring NLP to the Arab countries I profoundly admire her.  She has been telling me for a while now,  while I have been working  in creating my program,  that she wanted to translate it  into Arabic as soon as it was ready. We have  been exploring on several ideas to work together in the near future.

Now I have her in my chat box. Excited about the news, I tell her that the program map, is ready to go and in the editing  process. After a few minutes of chatting she asked me the question: “What is the name of the program?”  I stopped, thought for a moment  and remember  how the name of the format came from a thread from facebook.  “Co-Creative Circles of Coherence”  mastermind groups to consciously connect and combine intelligence. Remember? It was my facebook  friends who helped me come up with a concept for the mastermind groups. Right then is when I realized I had done everything to launch the program except think of a name for it.  It made me laugh!

I don’t remember what I answered to Dalia, but soon we went on with the situation about Egypt and her involvement in the revolutionary process…as everything she does it was a  fascinating revolutionary experience.

So, after we finished chatting, as you can imagine,  she left  me with the need to find the name, PRONTO.  Prior to this incident with Dalia, I  had a conversation with Michelle Nixon, my partner and friend about “The Hawk”.  Michelle had said she loved the visual and the word hawk in the title. After all, the hawk is an important component of the program.  It happens that the first step  is to assign a hawk to watch your thoughts…A Hawk provides a powerful symbolism to our equation.  I love what Susannah  @ “Divine Sparks”  has to say about that symbolism.

Here it is…you will understand how powerful it is to have a hawk as a model and on your side.

“In representation to humanity, the hawk is called messenger, protector and visionary. Keen vision is one of its greatest gifts. Hawks see things others miss.

The hawk comes to you indicating that you are now awakening to your soul purpose, your reason for being here. It can teach you how to fly high while keeping yourself connected to the ground…” (read the rest)

Thank you so much Susannah for that profoundly powerful article.

I am so grateful to Michelle for seeing  the need to bring our hawk to the title. She definitely has the “Hawk” mindset.  After giving it a little thought, the name came up: “Hawk  Mindset”  A Thought Master Training for Entrepreneurs. It came up on March 23rd. 2011.

Therefore my friends, after 4 years of research and a lifetime of conscious experience in the field of the thoughts, I am proud to share the name of  “The Hawk Mindset” program soon to be launched and the story behind it with you. You all are participants of this journey.

So what is the “Hawk Mindset”?

It is an experimental experiential program consciously connecting and combining information to inspire the Art of the Cooperative Entrepreneur mindset, divided in 3 modules.

  1. “Thought Masters” (I know you are thinking “what’s up with the hawk” ). To become a “Thought Master”, the first step is to assign a hawk to monitor your thoughts.  Thought Masters  know how to use  the power of their thoughts to work for them instead of against them.  To get there, they need keen vision to monitor. The Hawk becomes your left hand.
  2. “The Seven Pillars of Thought, the Foundation of the Mindset. Acknowledgment-Truth-Fear-Judgment-Error-Clarity-Self Responsibility”. An in depth review of the pillar concepts in your mind to align them to the same vibration of your heart.
  3. “Your Inner Child, head of your Visionary Team.” Incorporate your Inner Child in your life.  Your right hand. Recover and remember your right brain attributes, creativity, innovation, community collaboration, critical thinking and more. Your Inner Child will make them work for you. He will become the motor of your passion to contribute.

In other words, when you create your Internal Visionary Team, those are the two most important parts of yourself you need to remember. The hawk and your Inner Child will take you anywhere you envision going. Your left hand and your right hand in partnership.

I want to thank everybody who helped with their ideas and enlightened conversations to make this come true.

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The Hawk Mindset: 7 ways to stop procrastination for good, and move on with your dream.

March 3rd, 2010 270 Comments » Filed under The Hawk Mindset

I am currently opening four one-on-one coaching spots. (It was five but one spot got snapped up right away when I notified my customers of this opportunity last night) No crazy deadlines, or complicated pitches. Once they are gone they are gone.  3 Individual  – 2 hours sessions spread within an approximate 6 week period. Here is the meat of the program.

Let me elaborate for you a little further…I Help Entrepreneurs become the Magnets in their niche, by bringing the magnetic field of their heart back to their Mindset, articulating the authentic language of the right brain from the Inner Child. By the same token I inspire Entrepreneurs to train themselves to become Black Belt Thought Masters. To harness their thoughts to work for them instead of against them.

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired…?  And you wish you could finally take the drama, self judgment and self doubt away from your life plus your business, and stop procrastinating and self judging?

Do you secretly wish to Become Clear, Centered, and Able To Make Decisions aligned with who you are, and  for once stop the unbearable doubt and lack of action?

Actually, you don’t have to secretly wish anything any more, it doesn’t have to be a secret, and you have the power to fulfill your own wish.

You are not alone. And, mark my words,  there is nothing wrong with you.

Do you wish to become Free from the Fear of “Made Up” Consequences?Do you wish to let go of Procrastination, the bottom line behavior that keeps you paralyzed?

Well, here it goes. You need 2 partners. You need two partners that will inspire and motivate your focus endlessly. Like a perennial  source of light.

Yes, that is what you need.Yes, a  source of constant joy and creativity. A source of critical thinking, a source of passion to contribute, passion to co-create, and passion for community.

You , my friend above all, need to learn how to see the big picture because that is what keeps you stuck and prevents you from moving forward… You can’t see the big picture as yet.

Believe it or not, those  partners that I am talking about are within yourself. Yes… ready to help you if you let them do what they do best  for you.

Bear with me…It takes a little reaching out or in,  I might say, to actually  take away the veils of the collective amnesia or virus of the mind you are carrying in your thoughts without knowing.


Are you ready?  Those  partners that will help you associate yourself  and feel whole for the first time in your life are two: The  Hawk your Guide  and your Inner Child, your partner.

Now, you may be asking a big “WHY” this very minute.

First of all, a hawk is a Totem sacred animal. One thing I can tell you… since we learn through modeling, it is that if you wanted to have a perfect model to assist you with your imminent change of behavior  and thinking, as a 21st C Visionary Entrepreneur, the Hawk would be the absolutely optimal model. Your left hand… The Guardian of your Thoughts. Why?  Because your two hands like your two brains have to work in resonance. Because for starters, the symbolic attributes of the Hawk are

Attention – Vision –  Power – Energy –  Leadership – Intensity. How does that sound? Here is an article elaborating more on “Why”  the Hawk.

But don’t let me stop you. Here are some sites talking about the specific  attributes of the hawk for you to research and become acquainted with its power. Enjoy!

A hawk also personifies  the messenger. It is  about visionary power and guardianship, the hawk is very protective of the young in its nest.  It teaches us about providing for family and self.   Hawk teaches us to be observant and to pay attention to what we may overlook. This could mean a talent we don’t use, a blessing for which we haven’t expressed gratitude, or a message from Spirit.  The hawk has keen eyesight, it is about opening our eyes and seeing that which is there to guide us.–messenger-a214126

Well, we talked about the hawk your guide, and now is time to review the attributes of your second partner. Your Inner Child.

Here are her attributes…He/She represents your right brain. Your right brain is the chamber of your Creativity,  your Critical thinking, and your Passion to Contribute in Community, to name a few.

Here are 3 interesting sites with information about the 21st C mindset in business and the importance of your right brain attributes muscle to be exercised.

You see, because the truth is,  you are the master or your own journey, and integrating those elements within yourself, will be the mechanism that will make procrastination, your worse enemy,  the paralysis to action, become a memory in the past.

The attributes of the right brain are: Random – Intuitive –  Holistic –  Synthesizing –  Subjective –  Looks at wholes. Isn’t that exactly what you need to access inside.

Here is the sacred answer. Become a “Thought Master with the assistance of your guide the Hawk and your acknowledged and honored Inner Child”.  I assure you. United, you and your inner child are UNSTOPPABLE. It’s  like the other half orange that makes the whole that you have been longing for,  for life. I know that. I remembered…after a lot of research, the amnesia faded away, like an old shadow, with no purpose…

And I couldn’t live dependent, useless and without purpose for one more day, not for one more minute. Even if it meant losing “loose” material things.

So, Why do we do it?  The attributes of the right brain are the attributes of the Inner Child. The only one who have those necessary codes for you, is the Inner Child. The source of the right brain.

You need an Internal Visionary Team operating from the core of your thoughts and feelings.

Let me elaborate a little bit

  1. Your God/dess given creativity lies in the health of your Inner Child. You need all   your creativity back because you want to fulfill the mission you came here for. ( I know, it sounds weird to see yourself as on a mission. It is only because you  forgot you are on a mission, an important mission, I may add.)

  2. Your lost innocence lies in the divine codes of your Inner Child. You need your   innocence back, so that you stop judging yourself and doubting yourself and others.

  3. Your capacity to forgive lies in the Inner Child because in the end, he/she will tell you that there is nothing to forgive. As long as you recover more of your emotional integrity  with each experience.

  4. Your parent skills lie in your capacity to acknowledge your Inner Child because a healthy Inner Child will help you stop passing pervasive behaviors through to  the next generations. That is your mission as a parent.

  5. Your capacity to play lies in the divine joy of your Inner Child. You need that   capacity back. Life is about playing, don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. You know it is true. Nothing wrong with having fun at work. On the contrary. Sustainable productivity can come from it.

  6. Your complete comfort with the truth at all times, lies in the Inner Child. It is the Inner Child who  will reassure you that it is safe to tell the truth. It is safe to be you. Furthermore, it is necessary to honor who you really are!

  7. Your capacity to cooperate in oneness comes from the divine connection of the Inner Child to Divinity. You need that because you lost it with the first thought of competition, and we all know how bad it hurts that one in your stomach. In oneness there is no separation nor competition.

Welcome to Soul Hangout

a 50/50 proposition, an experiential experiment against procrastination, and the virus of the mind. Competition,  Separation, Scarcity and Fear.

“Harnessing Your Inner Child’s Power”Daring to Give Birth to the New Co-Creative Collective Inner Child,  starting with yourself.

If you belong to the tribe of Paradigm Shifters,  Change Agents, Light Workers, Social Architects, Soul Hangout is your tribe and together we are consciously  changing the world,  by co-creating coherence.

Inside out while courageously confronting the status quo, partnering with  the  Hawk, the Guardian of your Thoughts on your side!

The new paradigm will be planted as a seed first in our hearts and then in our communities,  from the magnet of our hearts.

We’ll hold the co- creative vision until we reach enough people to penetrate the 100% of the collective consciousness. We  are starting with the nucleus.  Your Inner Child. The Center.

Ari Galper,  the Pioneer Visionary Sales Guru of the 21st C, who dared to bring truth and humanity to the sales equation. Unlock the Game Founder.

“Luz is a precious gift to the world. She has single handed changed hundreds of lives of our Unlock The Game Inner Circle members. She has an effortless and natural ability to help people see the truth of why they are struggling and then provide a logical path to happiness, authenticity and success. If you get the chance to work with Luz (I know she has a long waiting list of clients), then grab it while you can!”

Ari Galper – Unlock The Game Founder

Now,  what is the benefit of choosing this path?

  • It will bring you  peace of mind.
  • No more sense of separation, or loneliness.
  • No more doubts.
  • No more grief sitting in your stomach or your heart, or your being.
  • No more despair. No more fear.
  • No more paralysis manifested in procrastination.

It means recovering  the 100% of your Passion

It means recovering the 100% of your Emotional Integrity.

In spite of the status quo.

Now, just imagine how it feels.

It means you become Black Belt Thought Master, using  your thoughts to work for you instead of against you. The Hawk is the guardian of your Thoughts and your guide  in that part of the process.

It means being fully aware and fully responsible for your life. You, nobody else. Recovering the sense of Autonomy you have been dreaming of  for years.  Your authority. That is a lot of power to achieve.

It means Success in all areas of your life because your Passion is the Motor of your Success in business. A motor with eternal refill of fuel coming  from the source. Your Inner Child will hand you the the codes of connection to divinity. To the oneness of all things.

It means you have got yourself the best partners you could ever imagine. When you realize that, you will find that…

Now you can put your Inner Child in charge of your Internal Visionary Team. You are ready for  the 21st C Cooperative Entrepreneurial Mindset. You are ready to see the Big Picture.

Why? Because after  you went through  my entire program, “The Hawk Mindset”,  you became already a “Thought Master”  first,  on the 1st session module 1

you incorporated the “Seven Pillars of Thought,  the foundation of the Mindset”  Your Guiding Thoughts, your Foundation on your second session,  module 2,

and prior to putting your Inner Child in charge of  your Visionary Team,  your third session, module 3. You are to be today using your thoughts to work for  you instead of against you. Think about it…

That is why I am currently opening four one-on-one coaching spots. (It was five but one spot got snapped up right away when I notified my customers of this opportunity last night) No crazy deadlines, or complicated pitches. Once they are gone they are gone.

I need the extra time to continue to write the 3 books for the 3 modules. “Thought Masters” will be the first one to come out. It is  in the editing phase right now. I will also need time to market my mastermind groups and retreats. As I have said before, I admit  that I just love too much coaching one on one.

…Should  you decide to be among the first self chosen four? Sign up for the 3  2 hour sessions program. The sessions will be set up at both of our convenience. The process will last approximately a 4 to 6 weeks.  The time it takes  your brain to incorporate the new behavior led by your new thinking.

Three Two hours Sessions with me ONE on ONE, your decision to achieve  MASTERING THE ART OF THE HAWK MINDSET to  run  On AUTOPILOT. No more procrastination. You now are close to  having  an Internal Visionary Team, your left hand the “Hawk” assigned to be the Guardian of  your Thoughts and your right hand your Inner Child, harnessing the full potential of your right brain. The head of your Internal Visionary TeamYOU have the Seven Pillars of Thought, the foundation of the Mindset…no more worries…only focus…you are  unstoppable!

Now you can Sign up !

Talk to you soon!



Entrepreneur Mindset $497.00

You want to go deeper into the Inner Child as the Head of your Internal visionary Team? You will love this.

Are you wondering how your own Inner Child equates with these ideas? Take the quiz


Your Inner Child Is Surprised
You see many things through the eyes of a child. Meaning, you’re rarely cynical or jaded.You cherish all of the details in life.Easily fascinated, you enjoy experiencing new things.


(By the way, this is the result of my quiz. You want to check yours?)

How Is Your Inner Child?



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It’s the thoughts, stupid!

March 6th, 2008 4 Comments » Filed under The Hawk Mindset

istock_000004782465xsmall.jpgYes, can you believe it?  It’s the thoughts, it was like that all along.  After all these years thinking the solution to our problems laid in a foggy castle of a far away and foreign reign with the illusion that somehow, in a magic pastel color way one day is going to materialize in front of our eyes and fix everything… too much of misinterpreted fairy tale mentality over too many years. Now we have to discern.  Who would have thought that the magic wand to the miracle of change is in those millions of  unimportant and irrelevant thoughts marching in our head daily and persistently.

I just can’t get enough of it. The idea that the power I always longed for was there, inside, in my thoughts, within reach, totally fascinates me. Believe me, I searched. I did, long and hard. I am flabbergasted with the reality that I actually have a magic wand in my hands. Not afar… Right here, inside. Go figure, that level of simplicity .  I am so grateful to me, for allowing myself to see it.  Every day.  The alternative would have been more of the same and we all know how that feels.

In the beginning, it was difficult. Hard work, but just because you have to pay more attention, and attention towards the inside is something you are not accustomed to.  That’s the hard work.  To put the effort into getting accustomed to something. It’s not too bad.  The rewards are effortlessly dancing the power of your life without distractions or interruptions. You redirected the attention to the center.  From the center there is a better view of everything.

Those thoughts that seem harmless.  However, they are preventing you to be you…and is so many of them.  Millions. Dr Stanley Haleakala Hew Len, the Hoopono master, co-author with Joe Vitale of “Zero Limits”  says there are about 15.000.000.  An imaginary  giant “white out” would go a long way. You just picture it in your head and click to any disposable thought. Imagine, 15.000.000!  It’s too long the list of bad habits that have to be erased from our database. It will take some effort.  In a way is like unlearning all the learned. To see again with the freshness of your innocent child. Your essence. You might start doing it, without delay. This is the kind of thing you don’t postpone.

Those thoughts that  trespassed the fences of your free will, installing  themselves in your head.  The lamenting choir of the oracle, weaving   a patched up reality that does not pertain to you.  That’s the worst part, they are not even your own thoughts.  They made their way through, when you were little or vulnerable, you couldn’t help it. Then, they grew roots. You got used to them. Attached to the misconceived concept of comfort. The comfort of  the known. You see through their eyes a lot of the times. The thing is,  your life ought to be seen only through your own eyes.

You keep having doubts or  indecision ?  Assert your right to fail.

Imagine that you call an internal  mandatory meeting.

Yes, invite all those people having a conversation inside your head. They show up in the form of one of your parents or both, your siblings, your friends, one neighbor, your grandmother your spouse or the 3rd grade teacher. All those voices whose volume is  louder than yours. Whatever voice that’s influencing your behavior, instead of the voice of your soul.

Those familiar voices. The baby blanket that we have outgrown.  A part of you wants to hold on to them… you have been doing it for years… The uncertainty of the unknown makes you nervous. Nevertheless, they only are memories from the past,  trying to assert themselves in the present. They belong with a photo album.  With their whisper of wisdom  from their experience. Not a vital voice in the stage of your life today.

Invite them to sit around a round table and tell them how grateful  your are for them. How you appreciate their existence in your life. And yes, you love them.  Or you don’t.  Or you don’t know…But for the gods sake this is your life and you need to find your own ways.  Tell them that you as-well as they came to this world with a sacred purpose and it’s your duty to decide what path you take to find it.  You will take charge of your duty.  You will take their advise when necessary. Many times they are right, many times they are wrong. It’s irrelevant. You are willing to assert your right to fail, read the perfection of your errors with them and discern, together. Like the lovely old song, one of my favorites…”the famous man that had to fall to rise again and picks himself up, dust himself off and starts all over again.” He picks himself up.

Get them all to join forces on your cause and support you. Work together. There is always light in the ashes of your errors. It’s up to you to look hard and you need more eyes.  They will help look, and understand .  Create unity.  Team.

Take full responsibility every step. You are the creator, remember?

Under your leadership they will become the mastermind group dedicated to your growth.

Get into the habit of guarding those thoughts.

White out the irrelevant ones. On regular basis.

With the others you follow up like a hawk.

They will adjust with a sense of relief. Before you know, they will be a team on automatic pilot, helping you find the path of your purpose. Your own cheer leaders. Your own support group respecting your free will. Like any project with a good foundation. A healthy mastermind group in your head to project to the outside world. And then you can change the world. You started with you. It’s just a doable strategy.

Don’t forget the phrase, it’s the thoughts, stupid! nothing else. It will be a reminder.In the meantime, share the experience and tell the stories. Is helpful, very helpful.


The Thought Provoking, Irreverent  Pearl Necklace Grandmother of the 21st C. Paradigm Shifter, Poet, Storyteller, Marketer, Visionary, Blogger, Coach.

Founder Soul Hangout
Founder of  Co-Creative Circles of Coherence, Soul Mastermind Groups. Consciously Connecting & Combining Intelligence with a touch of “Curry”. The 7 “C”‘s of the 7 Condiments of Cooperation

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