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Inner Child Inspirational quote of the day.

August 9th, 2010 1 Comment » Filed under Acknowledgement

Fortunately, somewhere between chance and mystery lies imagination, the only thing that protects our freedom, despite the fact that people keep trying to reduce it or kill it off altogether.

~Luis Bunuel~

Replenish your imagination. No matter what. It is your most precious personal asset. It is the link between divinity and your soul purpose. When you are ready, your Inner Child will be there waiting for you to launch your passion into the world with faithful courage, and then is when the world will have the privilege of finding out about the fascinating forms of your dream ignited by your imagination.

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Rocks in the Middle of Your Way and the ABC’s of Process

April 18th, 2008 4 Comments » Filed under The Hawk Mindset



Well, it has been three weeks  since I wrote my last post here. I tell you, I am so thrilled that our community  is much more crowded with members than it was three weeks ago. I have enjoyed watching it grow, like a duck in the water. Happy, fulfilled, content and satisfied. Welcome everybody. It’s such a pleasure opening the page and being able to see your faces, your photographs, your videos, your writing and above all your THOUGHTS. THANKS to all for joining, and thanks in advance to the ones that are to come.

It’s been a great process. As every process, carried its share of rocks on the way, ( Carol would say.)  You know what happens with rocks in the middle of your way. You have to STOP, and sometimes stopping is not fun. Especially when moving the rock to take it out of the road to continue, means you have to read a manual of some technical stuff. That is a heavy rock. (Many of you know how bad I am at that stuff.)  Anyway, what the heck, the rock is there and you have to take care of business. Check out this video. Central Station Frozen. Is pretty relevant. Sometimes stopping is not a bad thing.

It’s interesting how we allow external forces to interrupt our lives, invade it with foreign activities to  live in a perennially interrupted mode and then when we have to stop and are given the opportunity to allow internal forces to interrupt us and be acknowledged, we resist.

It is so very frustrating though. But the frustration comes from the idea that you wanted to continue without interruption. Internet marketing is full of interruptions. Full of relevant and needed information. Like every process. But as I was saying,  sometimes your horse hauling the carriage of tunnel vision race is ABRUPTLY STOPPED and you are prompted to change gears and pay attention to something else, “less important”. Most of the time pretty basic and primary. Simple and technical as a video of how to use auto-responders.  Necessary too. That’s the part I would love to skip.

In other words, everything lasted longer than I expected. The process was unraveling at its own rhythm. It was my expectation what was really out of track.

I always hated transitions anyway. Eckhart Tolle, the author of “The new Earth” calls them means to an end. Any way I much less enjoy reading technical manuals. During the transition periods,  staying in the moment was  torture. It didn’t feel comfortable. I wanted to rush the process. Looking back it was my resistance to change. It was the  frenzy to go from start to outcome. The ADD inhabitant in my body mandating speed.

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