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Salvador Dali’s house in Cadaques.

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Today is June 29Th. Saint Peter’s day in the Southern hemisphere. My father’s name. Peter,  Pedro,  Piedra.

When I was a child there was always a party at my house on June 29. There was a lot of music, laughter and  dancing, the part I loved the most was the one I got to dance tangos  with my father,  standing on top of his feet when I was little, and later on dancing away what I had learned on top of his feet.The memory of the dance that was imprinted in my feet.

Dancing with my father was one of my favorite things. I want to celebrate today, Saint  Peter’s day by sharing a story about him with you. It was the summer of 1980. My father and his wife were coming to Barcelona where I lived at the time, right after taking a  cruise in the Mediterranean. It was a weekend.

We arranged to meet them  very close to the boarder with France, spend the week end in the gorgeous Costa Brave, and drive to Barcelona by Monday.

While we are at the gorgeous magical little village of Cadaques,  right between  Gerona and the Border with France,  we decided to show my father and his wife the distinct house that Salvador Dali built for himself in town, called the “Egg” house

We parked the car a few yards from the front door.  It was the routine we always did when took relatives or friends who were visiting from South America or Europe.

The house is one of those Mediterranean  style houses with a patio in the middle. It had  a couple of huge  sculptures of  eggs on top of the flat roof. . I always loved to look at it.  It was a fascinating piece of architecture.

So, here we are, admiring the house from the outside, quietly, sharing the moment, and suddenly  my father, breaking the silence looks at us and says: “Do you guys want to go in?” We laughed.  Said “sure” with giggle of cynicism mixed with hope.  We knew if anybody could pull it off it would be him. So if there was ever a chance to visit the gorgeous house in the inside.

He got off the car and walked the distance to the front door. Rang the bell.

After a few seconds, a beautiful young lady dressed  with a pink uniform, white apron and white cofia opened the half covered with red bugambilias iron  door.  She exchanged a few words with my father,   rapidly disappearing again  into the house again. By then,  my father is looking at us and we are still laughing, mainly with the nervousness of the anticipation.

After a couple of minutes, the  young lady  comes back and in front of  our dropped jaws opens the door.  My father looks at us towards the car and waves with his hand to come in.

Before we know, we are sitting in Dali’s more than unique patio, drinking pink champagne,with the director of the Museum of Figueras and a couple of his intimate friends. Dali is 80 years old and is wearing a kukkalon and a long Moroccan ivory color tunic. His mustache as always standing firmly the mark of time.

My son Max, was four at the time,  he was wearing short white pants and an Indian style lilac shirt.  With his curly blond hair, he looked like an angel.  Dali  yeled at Max when we got in, “That’ s the head we need”.  They were actually looking through dolls heads to put in the holes of a large  statue sculpted by Duran.  Max  immediately started participating  in the discussion of what dolls would fit with the project.

It was very relaxing, we stayed for a while, drank a couple of glasses of pink champagne, and left.

In between the jumps,  screaming and laughter celebrating the amazing experience we just had, including the new doll that was in Max’s hands as a souvenir, somebody asked. Dad, how did you do it? What did you say? to make it happen.

He said he wouldn’t tell us. We actually never again asked the question. We never found out.

My father had that talent of knowing the language that opened doors. It always was like deep down he knew we are all one and he didn’t compromise his authenticity with the status quo.  Why wouldn’t you ask if you think about it, right? There were no barriers for him. That is one of the things I loved the most about him.

I think that is the most beautiful legacy that he left me. The coherence in consciously connecting with people.

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Inner Child Inspirational quote of the day

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My mother protected me from the world and my father threatened me with it.

~Quentin Crisp~, The Naked Civil Servant, 1968

How true that can be,  huh? The threat was intended to make you stronger.  To prepare you. The book by Victo Hugo, “Les Miserables” comes to mind.  So relevant, portraying  the viciousness of human misery.

Although to prepare you is  actually the excuse. The real in depth reason is because he is perpetrating the terrified little kid he carries  inside himself. Not being able to see differently for himself, much less for his son.

Mind you, that behavior of threatening with the world  is not exclusive of men.  Women do it pretty good too.

So,  If that is your case,  give attention to that unsatisfied, unacknowledged and unhappy little buddy inside of you, and change your view of the world. The world is what you create with your thoughts.  Stop now believing it is a threatening place. Otherwise,  you will simply attract it, and create it.  It really is your choice.

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Inner Child Inspirational quote of the day

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“You have to be able to put yourself psychologically and emotionally back to your childhood to understand its fears and joys,”

~Jim Henson~.

“That was the key to Henson’s success – he reached back to his childhood and tried to establish a connection to it. He then shared this connection with the rest of the world. ” Henson’s childlike energy for his work and life is perhaps his greatest legacy and is what pushed him to the heights of success that he reached.

“The enthusiasm that you have when you’re an adolescent stays with you,” he said. By bringing a unique mixture of childlike wonder and adult reflection to his work, Henson was able to find success across a vast audience.”

The above are excerpts from an article @ ~Evan Carmichael~

I love Jim Henson’s story. It totally personifies the Inner Child actively being in charge of  his Visionary Team.

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Inner Child Inspirational quote of the day.

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A parent who has never apologized to his children is a monster. If he’s always apologizing, his children are monsters.

~Mignon McLaughlin~,

I love this. The fundamental importance of the acknowledgment to a child is precious. It will eventually  the difference between believing in him/herself  and seeing herself or  not.

If the apology comes with the  pervasive tail of ” guilt” attached,  is not an apology. It is a guilt trip.

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Inner Child Inspirational quote of the day.

June 25th, 2010 5 Comments » Filed under Acknowledgement

Too often we give children answers to remember rather than problems to solve.

~Roger Lewin~

Yes, because we didn’t know better. Think  about it.  In the last 20 years,  there has been revealed more information than in the last 5,000 years. What did we know!

What did we know in terms of the true mystery of human nature, with our mind as a species. We had forgotten what we really knew. How it really felt to each of us. Inside. Nobody stopped to think that maybe, just maybe that is why we cannot connect with what our children actually need to grow is because we want to forget we were ever children, and  refuse to honor our  own need because our parents taught us so. You are not supposed to have needs. You are a silent child. It is the way it has always been.

But Stop! Wait a minute.

Our grandparents did what their parents did, and our parents did the same. Now is our turn. What are we going to do:

More of the same?

Or we are going to start treating our children the real way we would have loved to be treated as children.  If we can only go back there, to our Inner Child and have a real conversation. Your Inner Child doesn’t want you to pass the same nonsense to your children.  Really!

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Inner Child Inspirational quote of the day.

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Parents often talk about the younger generation as if they didn’t have anything to do with it.

~Haim Ginott~

This is the big black joke and fat irony that I am sure frustrates in a major way most Inner Children within adults in the world. Especially the Millennial generation who likes to walk their talk.

I ask, how we as parents, in our generation in the historical context we are living, can even have that type of thinking, when within the last 20 years has been scientifically demonstrated that the specific behaviors that our children are showing, and may I add, most likely bother us, are the behaviors they leaned from us, yes from us, the same behavior in turn we learned from our parents.

It is the truth, and it is nobody’s fault.

We need all of us, both generations to start the conversation of acknowledgment, and discernment. So that we make sure to stop carrying destructive behaviors that have nothing to do with any of us in the present, to the next generation into the future. Is our responsibility.

First step is to consciously start perceiving the behaviors as data, not drama,
to do that we have to start eradicating “Judgment” from our thoughts. Whatever the behavior of the next generation, they are not disconnected from us, they are not foreign to us, they are not to be judged. They are to be acknowledged and evaluated for change. For real.We shouldn’t be deceiving ourselves at that level. It is painful.

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Today my FB friend Hafiz asked me a meaningful question in the chat window.

June 22nd, 2010 2 Comments » Filed under Acknowledgement

“mom what an old woman likes ~ respect ~ honor ~ grace” ?

I had to chose between the three. Three important virtues .

I looked at the question with full attention, stopping in each of the meaningful words, feeling each sound in the characters of the music of its own verb. The song of the flow of time. Savoring my 61 year old capacity to chose who I am and who I am not.

After a thorough reflection on the three virtues and in the process of  choosing the one  that personifies  most profoundly my walk, I respond with complete certainty.

“Grace”, because Respect and Honor she already gave to herself.

His answer was: ” WOW” Then he said:  “Grace is much much much more for a respectable lady” -.

We kept chatting and suddenly it hit me. Grace is my middle name. Grace is my Inner Child’s name.  Tears came to my eyes. After all is said and done, at 61, I am left with the most important thing.  Grace. The personality of my own Inner child who wears the same name.

Thank you Hafiz! A very beautiful question!

My Inner Child. Grace, singing the song of gracefulness and gratefulness.  She survived all the ungraceful attempts to shatter her spirit. She is standing tall, this time holding the unbearable lightness of being,  after stripping away all the judgment, doubts, and fear, from her own system,   Grace is happy to be just her. Grace. She was my partner in co-creating the coherence inside.

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Inner Child Inspirational quote of the day.

June 22nd, 2010 9 Comments » Filed under Inner Child Quote

Your children need your presence more than your presents. ~Jesse Jackson~

Yes, that is why I always say that love simply means attention. No matter how many times you say to somebody you love them, if there is not attention accompanying the words, it will not be felt as love by the recipient of your love.

Children tend to act out when they don’t get the attention they need. That is exactly what applies to the Inner Child. Many times our Inner Child didn’t get the attention it needed and is still acting out the drama of childhood, whatever it is.

This is why is so important to first give your attention and your Presence, like Jesse Jackson says, to your own Inner Child. He/she will become satisfied, happy and will stop acting out on the stage of your life.

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Inner Child Inspirational quote of the day.

June 20th, 2010 12 Comments » Filed under Acknowledgement

“The real magic wand is the child’s own mind”

~Jose Ortega y Gasset~

Ortega y Gasset is one of my favorite philosophers of all times. He is the one who taught me “I am I, plus my circumstances” He clarified for me that we as children are helpless to the circumstances around us. We somewhat can’t help to become them. It made sense. It resonated with my DNA.

So eventually I had the choice when I understood that concept, not to be a victim of that. Not to be a victim of the past. Not to be the victim of a drama that simply didn’t belong to me. It had nothing to do with my source. With the real me.

I love the way he still thinks among us. I couldn’t agree more. The magic wand is in the Inner Child, he/she remembers better than you your purpose. He/she remembers what it was like to feel life before the “circumstances” vanished your connection to divinity. Your own divinity. Your own purpose.

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Inner Child Inspirational quote of the day

June 20th, 2010 4 Comments » Filed under Acknowledgement

Don’t worry that children never listen to you; worry that they are always watching you.

~Robert Fulghum~

I know, we want them to listen. When what they are really doing is copying our own modeling. Like we copied our own parents modeling. Therefore, You want to mind your children? Mind what you do. Not what you say. That is who they will become. That is why I am saying: “Mind you, not your parents” We need more people thinking with their own mind and feeling with their own heart.. That is what the paradigm shift is all about.

…And your Inner Child is ready to learn more happy and satisfied ways…

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