Soul Bazaar


January 18th, 2008

Soul Statement                                                                                                                                               


It’s about giving the soul space and voice, a space wrapped up in the sheerness and gentleness of pastel muslin cloth of story telling VOICE… to calm our disquiet, to listen with the ears of the innocent child within.

It was you…and you…and you, who encountered my path, stayed long or short and remained for good, leaving me with the experience, the story, the legend.

It was that quote from Einstein that caught my attention so strongly many moons ago. “Knowledge is only experience”. A guiding compass to walk the path.

The ultimate human experience, an exchange of gifts.

It was you…and you…and you, who guarded my human dream with your stainless steel compassion shield, with blind faith in the soft but firm voice of my soul.

It was you… who could sense the soft voice of my soul better than me and could see when I was blind, letting me borrow your eyes with gentile kindness.

All of you who remain as a memory in the present. An eternal reminder of the acceptance of the past.

It was you… who seemed my enemy, when mirroring my traits with the reflex of my own pain, giving me the lantern to illuminate the tunnel into myself, awakening my eagerness to find the answers.

It was you…and you…and you, who resonated with my passion for hearing the soul’s voice and willing to discern her codes.

The sometimes imperceptible soul’s voice, nevertheless present all the time.

The voice who tells me to trust that I am not to be distracted from some unknown focus because not knowing opens more possibilities… the voice who knows that giving too much attention to the future, robs from the experience of the present.

The voice who knows that life is like a play where we are protagonists and understands that preparation means rehearsal. Repeating the scenes to own up to that unique role we are assigned. Deep enough. Familiar enough. For opening night.

The voice that used the art of repetition while respecting my free will.

It was you…, who echoed my words with the strength and acceptance of the mountains, without screen, just my words. Serving as generous ear, open to my burning passion monologues and nothing else at that moment. The string of echoes that gave me back the pieces of myself I was longing for. One by one.

It was you… who were not receptive to make the soul connection and inspired me to create a different language, a different code that would resonate with your code, the language of acknowledgment, play and humor, stripping away the futile drama of life.

It was you, my friends who somehow perceived that pain and fear are fertile soil to plant the seeds of acknowledgment and produce abundant crops of self acceptance.

It was you people who were open to set the table with the internal conversation and volunteered to sit around, comparing notes, honoring the sweet and sour of life, no exclusions. Sharing the weight of the baggage throughout the journey.

It was you, the younger generation, my sons, my daughter in law, my nieces, my sister, your friends, my friends, who whispered in my ear that you could recognize the soul’s language and you were already speaking it among yourselves.

It was you, the people of my generation, my brothers, my cousins, my friends, my husbands and lovers who showed me their scars and were willing to cherish them as trophies of the soul. You, who dared to question. You, who already have grandchildren or will soon.

It was you, the people of my parents generation who did all you could with what you had…and planted the seeds of belief in so many of us. Those seeds that grew in time, strong and steady. You, who teach us every day that we always have a choice.

It was my grandparents generation with their dreams and stories of creating a new world.

It is my grandchild’s generation, stirring the pot with the ingredients of all of us.

It’s the inside out conversation, the one that’s heard with the gut.The one that serves as juice of inspiration to document the soul’s mission in the present. The one that serves as a balm to transform the human scars in soul’s marks of knowledge. The acceptance of our humanity.

It was you all, who reminded me that I could not do it alone, because there was always a phrase, a gesture, a yelling that got frozen in my mind crystallizing a new belief in my own reality.

It was you all , who inspired me to create this blog, using the magnificent tools of the Internet to open the soul conversation we’ve been sharing in our tribe for years, and take it to the next level. The public manifesto of our tribe. The soul forum and the soul stories, the stories that make us laugh and cry in reverence to our shared humanity.

It was you all who inspired me to become the thought alignment coach, using conversation and storytelling. Because my story carries a piece of each one of you.

Because ultimately like in the masterful movie Matrix…
To go from thinking we are, to knowing we are, and finally walking it, is an endeavor worth sharing. Simply because as in team work more heads think more, see more and hear more.

Let’s create together the soul’s community. The group that closes the lip’s wound that separate the mind from the soul. The one that will attend to the restlessness of fear and the cravings for a better life for ourselves with the human touch of the soul’s acceptance.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez said :
“If God gave me the present of a piece of life, I would dress in a simple manner, I would through myself to the sun leaving uncovered not only my body but also my soul.”

Jacqueline Kennedy said something like this: In the end, it’s all good, the good and the bad, you can’t separate them.

Williams James said: “The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitude of mind”. Our thoughts create our reality. The key to our thoughts is in our hands. The choice to access them is ours.

Yesterday I had a conversation with my 90 year old father in Chile. I shared part of this post with him.
He said: “Talking about these things is finding oneself, with the good and the bad… it’s like having direct access to heaven.”

It’s about finding out about those voices inside, the one of the soul with the wisdom and the one of the child with the memories, it’s about finding out who they are, where they come from, and what they need, acknowledging them, naming them and developing a partnership with them. A partnership that works together for the common good, as a team. President Abraham Lincoln has that great quote that illustrates the idea. “A house divided against itself cannot stand”

Let’s pay attention to every human being that crosses our path along with the flowers, the birds, the mountains and the rivers. They come with a gift in their pocket…a sign…a message, a piece of us that we are longing for.

Drop by at, invite your soul, we’ll hang out and start the conversation. If it resonates with you, you found your tribe.

Thank you all for the conversations that got me here.


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