Soul Bazaar

Soul Bazaar

January 22nd, 2008

I love the word Bazaar. It carries the legendary power of transcendence .

It evokes the origins  of commerce, when people gathered on the streets to exchange crafts and goods they made with their hands. In a symphony of colors. Diverse colors brought and made by diverse people coming from afar. Wikipedia defines it like this: “A bazaar (Persian: ?????) is a permanent merchandising area, marketplace, or street of shops where goods and services are exchanged or sold.
The word derives from the Persian word bazaar, the etymology of which goes back to the Pahlavi word baha-char (??????) meaning “the place of prices.”

When faced with the reality that I had to sell products and services while I developed my own, I realized that I was confronted with a great opportunity… the opportunity to sell products and services that I am passionate about. The products and services I learned to be passionate about, because of the abundant value they gave me. Business people who walked with me, sharing generously their experience with the passion of their learned lessons. Sharing the real keywords of their success. The proven fact. Throughout 1 year. That’s consistency.

It’s going to be a pleasure to spread the word around from afar about their crafts and goods. And exchange their products and services here, at Soul Bazaar.

I also realized that the marketing strategy I was going to use was the stories around the products and services.

So , wait for the stories. They will come with the products and services as a string of valued information .

I suspect though, that I will start articulating my own sooner than I expected.

In the meantime, check out some insightful videos… Napoleon Hill and Seth Godin in community/videos



We all have one way or another a relationship with sales. On both ends of sales, as consumers and providers.  I did sales all my life. It was a good way to make a living at the time if you had not graduated from college. When I was not selling somebody else’s product I had my own business.

There was an awkward vague feeling of cheating, bugging me throughout the transactions I did over the years. Especially when the product I was selling was something I would not have bought. Yeah, they say you have to love your product and they are right. The productivity of love… I had to make a living.

On the other hand I loved connecting with  people. Soul to soul. Human to human. It’s been my secret addiction. (Not so secret).  There was an implicit code in the business world that the human connection didn’t belong with them for some reason. Somehow,  you had to park your humanity with your car in the parking lot before entering the office. Weird. Like dissociated people would be more productive.

Compared to that, it was always fascinating to me to watch those mom and pap’s stores who count with senior satisfied employees who have a serious relationship with their clients and bosses. They have been doing it for 30 years. In their community. They seem pretty contented to me. Their clients  and  bosses too.

At some level, this unwritten agreement, prayed that human beings had to revere product and become robots. Robots coded with rapture and heaviness. Resisting their humanity to sustain the pretension it’s not there and the illusion that a robotized puppet can be more effective than an actual human being. Who in the world had that idea???

Ironically,  humans are the consumers of those products and services! Are you going to tell me that for them to buy from us we have to pretend they are robots too? Not very appealing. Think about it… However, we are all somehow playing the same game. Deep down we hate it. Deep down we wish there was another way… there is another way…we can do our part.

It’s like they are on a contest. The more dehumanized, the more powerful. They walk around with the illusion of power in pursuit of a foggy far away reign completely foreign to their reality. So, when I indulged my junkie soul connection habit in the business world, even though sometimes it worked, I felt awkward and out of place. No wonder. I was out of place. I was not following the rules. I still managed to sell, though. It seemed like it was the only way of doing things. One way or the hard way. Becoming a robot  representing a brand name  was not my cup of tea and I saw a lot of room for fun, change and improvement in the business world.

One day about 3 years ago, I was having dinner at my house with 2 friends. We were conversing  about change, investments and plans for the future. I’ll never forget it, we were having Alaskan snow crab legs, salad, bread, butter and wine.

Then I said: “I have to confess that this year I sold 1 million dollars and I only did it with a 10% of my focus and attention. I am dedicating the rest of the time in my head to this project of making myself happy with what I do and provide the value of my experience to other people, at a human level”. She said:” Can you imagine how much money you could make if you dedicated all your time to that 90% , given the fact that you sold a million with only a 10% focus and attention?”

When I was frustrated with the making of Soul Hang Out, I heard her voice. It helped put things in perspective.

The rest is history… Following the candle that shed light to my destiny,  I was pleasantly surprised to find  many people who were reinventing the wheel to a respectful, human, soulful way to do marketing, sales and business. Therefore naturally effective. Everybody wins. The buyer, the seller and the product.

I can’t begin to tell you how happy I was to find Ari Galper, introduced to me by Perry Marshall, both redefining sales and marketing in a way that’s simply revolutionary, creative, real and effective. They unveil the truth that sets us all free. Don’t miss these videos on Ari Galper unlocking the game of sales. Get his 10 free lessons here. Enjoy!

Ari Galper, founder of Unlock The Game, makes cold calling painless and simple. Learn his free cold calling secrets even the sales gurus don’t know. To receive your 10 free audio mini-lessons visit



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