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February 12th, 2009
50 50 Coaching The Magic Of The Middle Line
The Middle Line between the 50’s is the zero zone. Where two souls encounter and acknowledge their individual brilliance, teaming up to create something remarkable together.

Craft the  Thoughtful Targeted  Letter to engage the Prospect in the compelling conversation about what  most matters to him or her the most in the moment .

Create your own Portrait  Equity Branding, manifesting your Fearless Unique Selling Proposition.  By becoming completely comfortable to bring yourself  and your humanity back into the Business Equation.

Connect with your Prospect’s thoughts at the human level in the first 30 seconds.

Think like an Entrepreneur if you are a Sales Professional and Think like a Sales Professional if you are an Entrepreneur. Elaborate your sales plan and position yourself  for you and/or  your product to solve a real problem.

Demonstrate with every cell of your body your genuine  commitment to solve Mr. Prospect’s problem if you are a fit. Be able to convey the message that you walk your talk every step of the way.

In other words, I’ll say it the way my client John Talbitzer says it. Let me help you by becoming your business partner.


It’s about you and the keywords to access the unlimited knowledge stored in your hard drive.The keys to unlock the Ultimate You. “A man cannot be taught anything, only helped to find the answers inside himself” said Galileo Galilei , the Renaissance man.

The truth is, You and Only You have the answers to the secrets stored In your hard drive. You  are the one who has the vision of your business. Nobody else.  And You know It. Deep down inside.That’s your 50%. You only have to find the words to communicate it.

My 50% ? You see, the only difference between you and me, besides each other’s.  Uniqueness is that
I believe in you and your passionate contribution more than you believe in yourself. I believe in you with blind faith. Yes, you read correctly. And I intend to invest my time and capitalize on that.

Dan Kennedy says that if you don’t have somebody who believes in you, you better go out and get that person. Presto.

I know there is a hard drive full of information inside you. It’s a matter of looking for the keywords to access it. Brainstorming conversations about your vision go a long way. A share of aligning your thoughts go even further. We’ll align your thoughts together. Then you can connect with your client with the language of the heart.  I will serve as a silver bridge of words that will send the message from your heart to your client’s heart.

There is one condition. I  fall in love with your project.  We have to be a clear fit. That way I will  immerse myself and roll up my sleeves for your business, like it was mine, like a language extension of your passion.

Are you up to the challenge? I am here. 50/50.

We’ll meet on the phone and by email.  We will craft together that letter that will convey the  crystal clear  message , maximizing the power of the word. Meeting the conversation in your prospect’s head.

We’ll decide together how long it is going to take. 50/50.

Call me or email. We’ll set up time for a free consultation call. We’ll decide if we are a fit for each other and we’ll go from there.

Tel: 202-236-6042

The 50/50 Letter

Gary Halbert said: “There is no proplem in life that cannot be solved with a Sales Letter.”

I couldn’t agree more.

I say there is no problem in life that cannot be solved with  The 50/50 Letter.

Letters are extraordinary  healing and communication tools.

In business, most people get stuck with the Copywriting. It is difficult to communicate the written word from your heart. We are not used to it. It requires  thinking out of the box.  You and I working together 50/50 can come up with the letter that will open the doors for your clients to come in.

In our personal lives, everybody has the secret desire of setting the record straight with somebody. Somebody far, somebody near, somebody dead or somebody alive. Or simply with that somebody called you. Writing a crucial letter to that person, can act as a balm to the soul.

A letter not necessarily mailed or emailed to achieve its purpose.

A letter destined to restore both sides, the equidistant terrain to the middle line between the 50’s.

I can help you write that letter.

I’ll coach you to write the letter that will set you free from that episode in your life.

Here is what I want you to do. Send me an email. and we’ll go from there.

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