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Presenting the first draft to the first Soul Hangout Business Venture. Paul’s Cakes.

January 3rd, 2011

Studies show that the vast majority of Millennials, the generation born between 1982 and 2001, envision a world of sustainable, straight forward coherent co-creative cooperation, based on transparency and abundance for all.

Help me help Millennials help themselves to consciously receive the torch of sustainability with passion and purpose.

The reality is, the older group of people of the new generation, the ones that are in their mid twenties. will become the 50% of the workforce in the year 2015. Recent Studies show, that 13% of them are unemployed and 14% are not even looking for a job.

On another note, sadly, Millennials second cause of death is suicide. Followed by the first place which is car accidents. 45% of the college population is medicated. There is not a very hopeful picture for the future in their thinking. Incidentally, the Millennials are the largest generation ever in the USA . Around 90,000.000 people. A 40% of the total population.

That means approximately 24,000.000 of youth one way or another are frustrated with the status quo, demonstrating no motivation to move forward. The late studies lead to believe the workforce is facing an unprecedented reality with the new generation.

A reality which might very well show a deep need on the youth part to be inspired with fresh, human meaningful ways to make a living. Ways without separation and competition. Ways where there is no overpowering people with fear.

With the hopeless helpless state of the Economy we are confronted with a real need for innovation. Cooperative Entrepreneurship and Tribe Business models are the emerging trend for the future, and very effective vehicles to carry a life purpose while at the same time contributing on a more sustainable society.

On the other hand, studies also show that 80% of small businesses don’t make it beyond the first 5 years. One thing is to be an Entrepreneur, and another very different is to think like an Entrepreneur. It is scientifically proven that our thoughts create our reality. With the huge changes we are facing, it is crucial to dedicate time and attention to our thoughts.

The scientific truth is that our brain takes approximately 1 month in incorporating a new behavior if you persistently repeat the message during that time. Changing behaviors is easier than it appears. It means changing your thinking. The root cause of the problem is in the way you think.

This is why after extensive research, and and experience coaching Entrepreneurs and Sales Professionals, I have come to the conclusion that if you are an Entrepreneur manifesting your life purpose it makes sense to prepare yourself and align your thinking to the task. Your internal dialogue, or subtext is manifesting your reality. As an Entrepreneur you don’t want the interference of misplaced thoughts.

I Inspire Millennials Master the Art of the Entrepreneurial Mindset and find meaningful, lucrative and creative ways to expand their thinking and weave the future of Cooperation, Unity and Abundance. Become active parts of The Conscious Evolution. The future of more effective and sustainable productivity for all. Millennials are in a state of vibrant need to be able to be inspired to propel a passion to create and contribute.

At the same time, I am a CEO Space Graduate and at CEO Space, with the leadership of Berny Dohrmann, we are committed to cooperate in providing or helping provide 20.000.000 million jobs by the year 2020. This is where I choose to focus my own passion to create. In this sensible endeavor.

As for the suicide rate and what to do with it? Once you start tampering into the creativity, making it emerge in its full potential, you are creating an antidote for suicide. A meaningful life doesn’t enhance suicidal thoughts!

We have  5 years ahead to turn the 24,000.000 of Millennials that are not looking for a job, or are unemployed now, into an army of motivated individuals who are capable of mastering the art of the entrepreneurial mindset, igniting their passion to contribute and create, while receiving the torch of sustainability from the previous generation. It is not too much time but we can do it. There is not one minute to be wasted.

Now, let’s go to the point of the matter. Soul Hangout first Tribe Business Venture for Millennials, but first let me tell you the story .

The story of a Millennial’s dream, my son Paul’s dream.
This is the first business venture we are going to build. Like all the business ventures we will develop at Soul Hangout, this one is related to my story and my experience. But let me go straight to the point and let you be the judge of that. I know you are getting curious.
The first SHO Venture is called Paul’s Cakes.

Here is the story.!/pages/Pauls-Twenty-Layers-Cake/145297022191171?v=wall

Let’s go to the Business Model now. A Soul Hangout Venture. We need all your ideas! Paul’s Cakes. The first Soul Hangout tribe business venture.

The idea is to start making money with little funding. We will have two ways to distribute the cake. One Wholesale and the second one Retail.

  1. Facility. Find a community kitchen to operate.  Negotiate a % of the cake’s profit to use their space. I am working on a few options with people I know in Washington DC and Maryland.
  2. We need 3 more co-creative partners to start. Two for the Retail part and two for the Wholesale operation.
  3. I Calculate with 1 convection oven, we can make 4 cakes every 15 minutes. 1 hour prep, 1 hour application, and one hour assembling. That gives us around 45 hours per week of labor. Our goal should be to  sell 50 cakes per week withing the first three months.  Wholesale price at $80.00 per cake, we would make $, 216,000.00 per year gross.
  4. Select 30 Restaurants in town to buy the cake and become a proud member of the program. “Passing the Torch of Sustainability to Millennials”. The Restaurant owner becomes part of a movement and a cross promotion.
  5. Open a fan page in fb to promote Paul’s Cakes List all the restaurants that carry the cake in town.. Every promotion goes to all the Social Networks, through Posterous. We bring traffic to each restaurant to try the cake.
  6. Retail sales. Set up an 800 number , it will be promoted for people who want the cake for their own parties or birthdays. An extra service from the restaurant. A little card attached to the menu, with a short description of the project and the phone nr.
  7. Take order and deliver in the metro area. Charge for the delivery.
  8. Promote cake through social media. The whole team is in charge of the promotions. The whole team make the cakes, deliver, promote and sell. Mastermind meetings held every week.
  9. Need funding for Paul and his team to do the Food and Beverage Course in Washington DC.
  10. We’ll need funding to secure the recipe and the trademark in the patent office.
  11. Determine who are the Millennials who will start with this joint venture as soon as possible.

Benefits for the Restaurant owner

  • To have a product that is unique and delicious in their menu.
  • They are part of a meaningful community effort to help Millennials, and benefit themselves at the same time. We’ll feature them,  personalize their business, plus promote them in social media, increasing awareness about them and revenue.
  • It is a project to put Millennials to work, a pilot program that can be reproduced in every large city in the United States.
  • You will be part of something meaningful and will contribute to the future, to help the new generation. And above it all, we will bring more people to your restaurant to try the cake and your food. A cross promotion. We need a place to display our cake and you need more clients. A win win.

This is only a first draft. An initial road map for the project.

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