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Presenting The Hawk Mindset in Masterminds: Co-Creative Circles of Coherence, Inspiring Entrepreneurs to become Black Belt Thought Masters

January 4th, 2011

Transformative Thought Experience Course.

Incorporating the exercise of the Thinking Muscle to harness  Thoughts to work for us instead of against us.  Inspiring Millennials Entrepreneurs Master the Art of the Entrepreneurial Mindset, discover their Purpose, re-frame their own Mental Model, create their Visionary Team & design their business blueprint while applying optimal innovative technologies in the process.

Studies show that the vast majority of Millennials, the generation born between 1982 and 2001, envision a world of sustainable, straight forward coherent co-creative cooperation, based on  transparency and abundance for all.

Help me inspire  millennials inspire themselves to consciously receive the torch of sustainability with passion and purpose.

The older people of the new generation, the ones that are in their mid twenties,  will become the 50% of the workforce in the year 2015. Recent Studies show, that 13% of them are unemployed and 14% are not even looking for a job. That means approximately 24,000.000 of youth one way or another are frustrated with the status quo, demonstrating no motivation to move forward.

On another note, Millennials second cause of death is suicide. Followed by the first place which is car accidents. 45% of the college population is medicated. There is not a very hopeful picture for the future in their thinking. Incidentally, the Millennials are the largest generation ever in the USA . Around 90,000.000 people.  A 40% of the total population.

Late studies lead to believe the workforce is facing an unprecedented challenge with the new generation. A reality which  might very well show a deep need on the youth part to be inspired with  fresh, human meaningful ways to make a living. Ways without separation and competition. Ways where there is no overpowering people with fear.

With the hopeless and  helpless state of the Economy we are confronted with a real need for innovation.  Cooperative Entrepreneurship and Tribe Business models are the emerging trend for the future, and very effective vehicles to carry a life purpose while at the same time contributing on a more sustainable society.

On the other hand, studies also show that 80% of small businesses don’t make it beyond the first 5 years. One thing is to be an Entrepreneur, and another very different is to think like an Entrepreneur. It is scientifically proven that our thoughts create our reality. With the huge changes we are facing, it is crucial to dedicate time and attention to our thoughts. Our brain takes approximately 1 month in incorporating a new behavior if you persistently repeat the message during that time. Changing behaviors is easier than it appears. It means changing your thinking. The root cause of the problem is in the way you think.

This is why after extensive research,  and long experience coaching Entrepreneurs and Sales Professionals, I have come to the conclusion that if you are an Entrepreneur manifesting your life purpose it makes sense to prepare yourself and align your thinking to the task. Your  internal dialogue, or subtext  is manifesting your reality. As an Entrepreneur you don’t want the interference of misplaced obsolete thoughts  from the past, obstructing the flow of your present thoughts creating your future.

I Inspire Millennials  Master the Art of the Entrepreneurial Mindset and find meaningful,  lucrative and creative ways to expand their thinking and  weave the future of Cooperation, Unity and Abundance. Become active parts of  The Conscious Evolution. The future of more effective and sustainable productivity for all. Millennials are in a state of  vibrant need  to be inspired to propel a passion to create and contribute.

At the same time, I am a CEO Space Graduate and at CEO Space, with the leadership of Berny  Dohrmann, we are, CEO Space Graduates committed to cooperate in providing or helping provide 20.000.000 million jobs by the year 2020. This is where I choose to focus my own passion to create and contribute, using my life experience. In this sensible endeavor.

As for the suicide rate and what to do with it?  Once you start  tampering  into the creativity, making it emerge in its full potential, you are creating an antidote for suicide. A meaningful life doesn’t enhance suicidal thoughts!

We have 5 years ahead  to turn the 24,000.000 of  Millennials that are not looking for a job, or are unemployed now, into an army of motivated individuals who are capable of mastering  the art of the entrepreneurial mindset, igniting their passion to contribute and create,  while receiving the torch of sustainability from the previous generation.  There is not one minute to be wasted.

Co-Creative Circles of Coherence, are mastermind groups designed to consciously connect and combine Intelligence  aligning  your thoughts with your own purpose.

6 Participants, 1 facilitator.

6 /2 hr sessions:

  1. First hour: Introduction to the Historic Perspective. The Discovery of America. Second Hour: Thought Masters Mechanism. The actual Method to align your Thoughts. Start applying it by practicing it.
  2. 7  Pillars of Thought, The Foundation of your Mindset discussion in depth about Acknowledgment, Truth, Errors. Using around 40 minutes in each one.
  3. 7 Pillars of Thought, The Foundation of your Mindset, discussion in depth about  Judgment, Fear, Clarity. Using around 40 minutes in each one.
  4. 7 Pillars of Thought, Conclusion. Self Responsibility. First 40 minutes or so. Next 120 min, : Introducing the right brain and the left brain attributes and power. Attributes of the Right Brain and Attributes of the Left Brain. How to associate the dissociated. Both Attributes to work in resonance with the help of your thoughts. Establishing wholeness inside out.  Inner Child, its needed attributes to rely on to ignite your passion and your purpose.  Awaken the memory. Your Inner Child and why he/she is the optimal partner and head of each subject’s  Visionary Team.
  5. Open discussion, 30 minutes dedicated to brainstorm and co-create about each individual. We’ll cover 4 participants in this session.
  6. First hour, continuing with the two remaining sessions with the last participants Sponsors presentation and bonding. 45 min and 15 minutes of  Questions and answers in the last hour.
  7. Outlining and planning foundation for next step for each individual. Held on the telephone.

The 7 pillars of Thought, the Foundation of your Mindset.


We’ll spend the second , third and beginning of the fourth sessions discussing the pillars.

It is scientifically proven that when you work with your thoughts,  and want to incorporate a new behavior,  by sending  your brain a new message,  for a new architecture in your thinking process, it takes around one month or four weeks for your brain to incorporate the new message you are trying to insert  into a new behavior pattern. We learn by repetition and we unlearn by repetition. It is very simple. No mystery to it. Just clarity of thought, and consistency.

There are a few conditions to doing this program. A commitment to understanding the vital need to change your thinking is important.  The 7 pillars to Master the Art of the Entrepreneurial Mindset have to make complete sense to you. It is a serious and important commitment with yourself.  Nothing wrong if it doesn’t resonate with you, though. In that case you might want to find another tribe that fits you.  Having said all that,  below are the pillars concepts to be reviewed.

First Session

1st Hour

Introduction to the Historic Perspective.

It’s important to go back and revisit history.

In order to understand our own  personal thinking we will go back 500 years and examine the thinking behind the discovery of America.  The collective thinking,that is. If changing your thinking is so important,  it is important to revisit the collective consciousness thinking.  Revisit the Historical Perspective, in order to create a fresh new thinking architecture.  How did we end up thinking what we think any way. The moment in history I have chosen is the discovery of America. It marks a clear behavior of disregard for the tribes of the South. It marks a clear behavior of the virus of the mind. Separation, competition, scarcity, and fear. The Thinking we are transcending to Community, cooperation, abundance and passion to contribute.

2nd Hour

Presenting Thought Masters. A training in an  actual  mechanism to use in order to help align your thoughts.

Your Thoughts create your reality. You can change your thoughts and therefore change your reality. It is scientifically proven that when you want to change a behavior,  you have to treat it as an advertising campaign sort to speak. Consistently repeat the message for at least 4 weeks. After that time, approximately a month,  the brain incorporates the idea and starts thinking feeling and acting accordingly. You become the new behavior. There is not much mystery to the process. It is mostly about dedication and repetition.  You will learn a mechanism to monitor, archive and align thoughts that will be the foundation of your soul purpose.

Second Session

Now,  if you are asking what thoughts are we talking about?  The answer is,  we have identified an inventory of Thoughts to act as the Foundation of your new perception of  thinking. This Foundation of Thoughts will act as your map, your guide.

The 7 pillars of Thought, the Foundation of your Mindset. The Entrepreneurial Mindset will become  the foundation of your new thinking. We are going to visit and review an inventory of  thoughts  inside out.   7 core principles, to  align your thinking  and keep active only the thoughts that will  act as the new compasses of your life,  the ones that are not carrying the drama to the present time any more.


.40 min.

If somebody asked me to write one word that would have all the elements of a magic keyword, the kind that if applied to our thinking has the power to transform, heal, clean, ultimately erase a lot of the nonsense that we humans engage in.  Save time, enhance contentment and productivity, avoid pain, a keyword with so much power that if incorporated in our daily thinking, would change the world…what would I say? I would probably say the with joy and excitement there  is one word that comes to mind first. Acknowledgment. There is too much lack of acknowledgment in the world. There is too little acknowledgment in our human behavior. In every dispute there is, somebody didn’t acknowledge somebody or something, kept a grudge over something of no importance at all. The thought Acknowledgment is to be active in the present, at all times


40 min.

Truth, the second pillar,  is not a moral issue. Truth is who you are, and every time you are not truthful to who you really are, are falling into the trap of competition and separation.  How?  Because when you try to hide something about yourself you are not honoring that something that is part of who you really are. You need to know you do every day the best you can with what you have. Yes! The best you can with what you have! We have to expand your knowledge to have more of what you need. The value is always in the experience and experiences are not good or bad. They are just experiences and sources of knowledge. Truth helps understand and identify the lessons. Truth heals and Truth is your best ally for targeted thorough focus and peace of mind.


40 min.

Judgment, the third pillar  is a trap. When you judge somebody else,  what you are really doing is judging your own self,  by comparing that the subject of judgment to you,  because deep down you bought the idea of competition and separation. In oneness there is no judgment, just support and coherence. We are talking about prejudgment here. The one that interferes and tampers with the sacred flow for each persons journey, with disrespect for their Soul Sovereignty. We are aligning your perception of Judgment to avoid emotional attachment to facts of life.


40 min.

With Error, the forth pillar you will learn how to read the perfection in your errors Yes you are reading correctly. P-E-R-F-E-C-T-I-O-N in your errors.  Seems crazy, huh? Again, in order to learn reading the perfection in your errors, you have to treat errors as data. Part of your unique life path data. Train yourself to look for the light underneath the ashes of your errors. In that light is your way to wholeness.  Treating errors as data is an important part of the process.

Here is a link to a pillar article in Soul Hangout,

Think about it, if you believe to some extent, the concept of “your thoughts create your reality” is somewhat true…You, only you are the creator of your story.  Errors included. They actually are your compass.


40 min.

Now that you re-visited Errors, we can talk about Fear, the fifth pillar. Fear has two legs. One in the recondite corner of your childhood, an acquired perception, and the other one in the genuine hesitation of starting something new. Stumbling baby steps. The uncertainty of “unknown territory my captain!” It’s a natural part of the process. With that leg of the fear of the new, we can partner. Every time we challenge the fear of not knowing with knowing, we feel more confident until we don’t have the fear any more because we are mastering our craft. The other leg of fear, the one in the recondite corner of your childhood you have to make peace. Then, store it in the Archives of the past. It doesn’t belong to the present. Fear is to be embraced  and accepted in its full humanity in order to be conquered.


40 min

You become clear when you conquer fear, errors, judgment and truth. You become clear when you are acknowledging life in front of you.  It is an empowering feeling. The veil of the big picture falls and you begin to be aware of things around you and your own actions. The trick with clarity is that the same clarity you see in other people as to be applied to you too on regular basis. It is easy to fall in the trap of   “Clarity applies to others but not to me. I am above and beyond”.  Clarity requires humility, humanity and also constant monitoring of  your own thoughts. No matter how clear we can be with others, the clarity will be effective and disperse more light  only when there is complete clarity at home, within.

Third Session

Self Responsibility

40 min.

Once you have conquered truth, errors, judgment, fear, and clarity, you can take the step of complete self responsibility.  You already know what it is like to be self responsible. Meaning you are the only person responsible for what is happening in your life because you are the creator of your actions. Your actions create your behavior and your behavior shows your character. You understand that your thoughts create your reality, therefore you become the captain of your own ship. Delegating responsibilities at the same time you are in charge of the whole ship. Without a strong sense of self responsibility you cannot succeed as an entrepreneur.

Open Discussion.

Hands on sharing the experience  at personal level. Developing empathy and co-creative coherence.

1.5 Hours

Fourth Session

First Hour

The Right Brain versus the Left Brain.

Second Hour

Introduction to the Inner Child, the Head of your Visionary Team.

Genius is childhood recalled at will. ~Charles Baudelaire~ This is what we are doing. recalling genius at our will in our childhood.

Inner child traits and memories Creativity.  Big Picture, Critical Thinking. Community, Passion to Contribute.

Fifth   Session

30 min Group discussion focused on  each participant, regarding his or her   vision for their  purpose and contribution. We will cover 4 participants today.

Open discussion about personal purpose mastermind sessions.

Sixth Session

1st hour, continued open discussion with the last two participants.

2nd hour 45 min presentation by your Sponsor/s to Mentor and Model their strength and perspective as an Entrepreneur. 15 minutes of Q & A. An opportunity for the sponsor to become part of the group not only by  financially sponsoring it but also in terms of sharing their own experience and secrets to the group of millannials. Featuring the elements of the evolution from competition- separation thinking versus cooperation community collaboration thinking.

Don Juan Teachings,



“Think and Grow rich”  Napoleon Hill
“Tribes” Seth Godin


Galileo Galilei “You cannot tell man what to do. Only guide him to find the answers inside”.

Albert Einstein. “Knowledge is only experience”

The definition of insanity is doing things over and over again, expecting different results.

Open Letter to participants:

Dear Friend. Thanks for participating in this experiential experiment to train yourself how to think like an Entrepreneur, and make the difference in the world. I am thrilled you are here.

Congratulations for your commitment to Co-Create in Coherent Cooperation. To consciously create your vision, you need to have all your thoughts aware of your intention, cooperating with you.

The Buddah discovered that the direct causes of suffering are desire or craving and ignorance. This is the truth of  the cause of suffering, which is the Second  Noble Truth.

I want to elaborate on ignorance, as one important  root cause of pain.   Sometimes pain keeps you in a resistant mode that doesn’t allow for understanding there is a root cause creating that unbearable feeling, keeping you in the dark about the solution too. It turns out that many thinkers and philosophers throughout History would agree  with Buddah,  that the root cause of pain is ignorance in a major way.

I couldn’t agree more. Ignorance represents darkness and knowledge represents light.  Knowledge alleviates the pain of Ignorance.  Like light alleviates the sense of darkness, by  revealing what is.

So, if  KNOWLEDGE  is the ANTIDOTE FOR  PAIN, when you  think about it,  being ignorant about your own power makes you feel  a major pain. Doesn’t it?  Most likely makes you feel powerless.  Because deep down inside you know you have it and your are betraying your integrity when you pretend your power is not there. This is in part what we are going to talk about during these 6 sessions in order to become Masters in the Art of the Entrepreneurial Mindset. We’ll talk about how to eradicate  the emotional attachment to pain. How to eradicate the drama from your life, by paying attention to your thoughts first, and the root cause of your pain.

Why? You may ask.  Because that way we will be able to focus with the laser beam of your enormously magnetic heart to take action co-creating coherence and purpose in your life as an Entrepreneur. We will do this because it is necessary for you to align your thoughts, in order  to succeed.

We will do that to make sure we start using all of our energy into things that support your purpose. Not things that will keep you stuck. We need thorough emotional detachment and crystal clear thought process.

I am not going to lie to you. This whole process will require a fundamental change in the way you think and perceive things. That change will encounter resistance.  We’ll walk through it together. One step at the time. This is why it is important to operate in co-creative circles of coherence. The process of thought is expedited, supported and multiplied when shared.  It will require your full attention for sometime. Let’s say we are learning to ride a bicycle all over again. You will embark in that kind of a learning process. Until you learn.

Remember  how it seemed eternal when you were going through the trial period, until you learned how to ride your first bike?

Remember the feeling when you finally rode that bike without extra wheels, or your loved one’s help? It was the feeling of freedom. You went from not knowing to knowing. From the pain of ignorance to the joy of knowledge.  From dark to light. This  experience will stay for ever in your mind. You will create an automatic pilot helping you stay in the center of things at all times. Exactly as with your knowledge of how to ride a bicycle. You will never have to relearn it.  Renew it yes, but not relearn it.  And to renew it you will count on the tools you will have.

To do this work you have to understand what Albert Einstein really meant when  he stated “Knowldge is only experience” . We have to start aligning your thoughts to the idea that there are not good or bad experiences. Just experiences to live fully,  created by us and open to be recreated with the same mechanisms they were created. Repetition and information. In other words, the repetition of knowledge.

So, since we need to change the way we think,  and you need guidance with that, I identified 7 pillars of thought that need to be reviewed, re invented and aligned in the inventory of your thoughts to your purpose. The foundation of your thinking.

The 7 pillars, the antidotes to the virus of the  mind.  Competition, separation, scarcity and fear. The foundation to the new Mindset. Cooperation, community, abundance and passion.

Looking forward to know you in person.

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