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Episode 8 Ari Galper Founder of Unlock the Game, with Luz / The thought provoking conversation behind cold calling
April 19, 2010 06:43 PM PDT

Hi my dear friends. I have been struggling to create a podcast in the last 2 weeks. The truth is I am literally doing a lot of projects at once. So, I was revising my blog, and realized there are several nuggets that even though were recorded time ago, have that quality of the perennial and are very valuable and helpful conversations. They are waiting to be listened to. So, while my schedule gets more flexible I can bring you all those conversations. A little bit of history. That way you can know me better and also go deeper into the process of aligning your thoughts and “Giving Birth to your Inner Child”

If anyone is involved in sales or is an entrepreneur, this is a must listen podcast. It is conversation between Ari Galper, one of my mentors and myself about the subtext and the thoughts in the new Mindset of Selling.

For the ones of you who don’t know Ari, he is the founder of Unlock The Game, he has created a a new Mindset and language for selling, based on the truth and connecting at the human level.
I have been a sales person for most of my life and was so happy to find Ari.

I found Ari after I quit my corporate job at The Washington Post. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I was with his philosophy and his program. Well, yes I can tell you because I called him and expressed from my soul how impressed I was with what he was doing, naming his magnificent program. He said “Nobody has talked about my business like that, not even myself”. The rest is history. I became one of his coaches and worked on developing products around the inner dialogue when it comes to sales.
Here is my program: The Chambers of the New Mindset in Sales. 2 Sessions to get rid of the fear of cold calling.

If you are a sales person and want to align your thoughts and your language to your relationship with the prospect, this is a great start.

Here is my affiliate link with UTG for your information if you feel compelled to know more about Ari’s program.



The Thought Provoking Irreverent Pearl Necklace Grandmother of the 21st C.Paradigm Shifter, Visionary,

This is great information for Sales people and Entrepreneurs. Enjoy!

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