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Personal Responsibility is a requirement for growth

February 2nd, 2010 5 Comments » Filed under Acknowledgement

“Personal Responsibility is a requirement for freedom” wrote my fb friend Denny Gene Huevos.

“Personal Responsibility is also a requirement for growth”.

Freedom to be ourselves and growth to behave like real adults. It occurs to me it actually is in the difference between a childlike behavior and an adult like behavior. When you are a child the responsibility lies with your parents, you can blame them sort to speak.

When you are an adult the responsibility lies with yourself, you have nobody to blame but yourself, sort to speak.  Even though I don’t like to use the term blame, I prefer “take responsibility” instead, the truth is if we collectively harnessed personal responsibility, there would be no more room for blaming in the landscape of human interaction.

Think about it. Life without blaming…wouldn’t it be great? Blaming is rooted in the mindset of separation and competition. There is a huge difference between the two behaviors. The one we want is cooperation and community, starting with Personal Responsibility.

Thanks for hanging out.


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5 Responses to “Personal Responsibility is a requirement for growth”

  1. Maia Says:

    Lovely thoughts, leaving without blaming..? I hope you don’t blame me for not visiting you more often,

    just blogcatalog friend.

  2. Luz Says:

    Thanks for visiting Maia! I appreciate the feedback. There is no blaming. Only experiencing. :::)))

  3. Luz Says:

    Thanks for hanging out Ilias, Big hug my friend!

  4. Luz Says:

    Thanks so much for your comment Maia! Lovely feedback. No, I will not blame you for not coming more often. I am so happy you are here and benefiting from what I love the most. Touch people’s soul to help them attain the Authority of their own soul. Big hug my friend!

  5. Gregory Despain Says:

    Dude, I think there is a mistake in the first paragraph, but I have to say very interesting article. Thanks, rva Bloodworth

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