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What is sad for women of my generation is that they weren’t supposed to work if they had families. What were they going to do when the children are grown – watch the raindrops coming down the window pane?

~Jackie Kennedy ~

You may ask why this quote is relevant to the Inner Child. Let me elaborate. This quote marks a moment in history that changed the life of many children  for ever.  Jackie has a great point about the well deserved  woman’s fulfillment as a professional at the same time that she is  a satisfied mother.

We, the Baby Boomers were not going to stay at home and become the domestic type, no matter how glamorous they may have looked  from the outside. It was too painful to see how unhappy our mothers had been. We had more to give to society than “just” changing diapers, cooking, cleaning and driving back and fort  kids from one activity to the next. We believed in it and trusted we could do both well. That was  how we fell in the trap.

We didn’t stop and think how sustainable the professional development of ourselves  was going to be for  our children. We didn’t stop an think if society had a support system that would make up for the change. We jumped to the opportunity of following the carrot hanging from a stick in front of our nose. We didn’t ask any questions. We did what women do most of the time. We gave ourselves completely to the two worlds. Unconditionally.

How much trade in human capital we were exchanging, was the question.  It was a trap. We ended up doing double and of course not really succeeding at neither. No matter how much money we were making.

The truth is, we were writing a contract with the workforce namely corporations, where work was first, second and third. Our children came after.  We ended up with 50 working  hours per week and our children grew up by themselves home alone, with the company of their peers,  the  TV and their  video games.

The corporation was everything. I will remind everybody that the family leave act was only signed in 1992. Before that, there was always a Damocles sword hanging on your head that said “if you are pregnant you could be fired without impunity any minute”.  Think about it for a moment.  Your salary or your kid. What message were those kids e receiving from the moment of  their creation.

For those of you that are shaking your head, I will remind you how the hole in the stomach felt when our child was sick, on a rainy day in the middle of the winter. Honestly how did it feel. Let me help here. It felt like an inconvenience, because he or she was interrupting the work flow.

The truth is they were an inconvenience. We had already settled for that kind mindless mindset.   So, what is the message we were giving to our children.  Very clear, right? They were an inconvenience in this bizarre  new social equation we had created where money ruled everything. It was swallowing us all.

We gave our loyalty to the corporation. We also gave them our sweat our blood,  our children’ precious time and our peace of mind. Most of our children grew up with a lot  of stuff, in a very lonely place.

When we spent time with them we were too absent  or exhausted to be present. Then, we praised them and enable them because deep down we felt so guilty. Those children of yesterday are the beautiful generation of today that grew up after that decision we made when Jackie Kennedy was  through the experience of her generation championing for us.

This is a “little detail”  about millennials that everybody is forgetting. They experienced our hole in the stomach when they were sick, and the panic in our eyes many times not because they were sick but it was a disruption  for our workforce.

Now, can you blame millennials for refusing to conform to our model? They are the direct result of that.  It wasn’t good growing up with absent parents running around like maniacs, pretending to be big shots of something they even didn’t know what it was about,  an illusion  only in their heads.

They experienced the  very clear  abandonment from every aspect of society.  Honestly don’t deceive yourself,   they didn’t matter. We were busy with more important things. Now, did we do the best we could with what we had?  Sure we did.  But it wasn’t a good contract for us, nor our children.  We got the short side of the stick,  and it didn’t even make us happy in the end.

This is what millennials refuse to compromise today. Their solid principles.They put family, relationships and friends first. They want to be good parents  but are not interested in giving their children  a large empty house.  They understand their time and attention will be critical for their children. We taught them that. They will not settle for any less than the quality of life they envision.  Who can blame them.  It was too painful for them to watch us too.

…And yes, it is relevant to the collective consciousness of the Inner Child. It is up to each of us to raise it.  Millennials are leading the way. Good for them!


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