Soul Bazaar

How to harness the Power of your Inner Child to achieve your Soul Purpose

January 8th, 2010

Finally, a Way You Can Take the Drama,

Self-Judgment, and Self-Doubt Away From Your Life

and Become Clear, Centered, and Able To Make


Free from the Fear of “Made Up” Consequences.

Harnessing  your Thoughts

Dear Friend Ready to Discover Your Life Purpose And Powerfully Live It,

I want to tell you a story about a little girl. Grace is her name. It really fits, for if there is one thing about her that stands out, it’s her gracefulness. She is 9 years old, the eldest of 3 children, and she loves to love. She loves to give. It seems to her, people respond better towards her deep need of love and acceptance when she loves, when she gives, and when she loves some more. Her family broke up recently, shattered in a thousand pieces, destroying her sense of self and security.

Suffice it to say, Luz, that you are on my “Top 10 List of Love & Power-filled Women Role Models”. You delightfully epitomize a woman who seamlessly blends ’spirituality’ with Divine power and fun humor…a far cry from the dour, pious saint of yesterday-century! A new breed of spiritual personification is permeating our present century, and she wears a huuuuuuuuge smile! Thanks so much for being one of her faces!

Sheila Robinson

At some deep level, she feels the need, bigger than herself, to take the load of responsibility for the entire family on her tiny shoulders. When the adults in her life suddenly start behaving like children, it seems a natural course of events. She is the next in line by seniority. Funny thinking about seniority at 9, but that is the way things are.

She builds and carves an ivory tower and sits on it, pretending she is above all things, pretending she is beyond all feelings. The ivory tower disguises her emotions, like the tusk of the elephant, extirpated first and crafted as an ornament later… as if there was a need to conceal the memory of its organic origin.

Close to others, yet distant to herself, she continues her crusade. Ignoring her needs. Confusing her role, feeding the false comfort of the ornamented tusk to compensate for the detachment from its source. Longing for the oneness, in a long-forgotten thought that still exists in her DNA

She learned from the master. She saw her mother build a beautifully crafted ivory tower.

Little does she know, no amount of love she gives to others will bring back the love and approval she hopelessly longs to receive. Little does she know, she must come out of the ivory tower and learn the art of receiving. Little does she know, she has to relinquish the ivory tower to remember she is connected to the oneness of all things.



My Adventurous Luz, your emotionally Accurate Intellect is a Golden Discriminating Judicious Scale that firmly Balances the power of Universal love and Unprejudiced law, and transforms you into a Dauntless Rational image of Self-reliance and humanism, therefore, you constantly give Confidence to mankind to follow your Non-Violent Righteous actions of universal Empathy and Inner self-progress. May you continue speedily Self-sculpting in real time. You Rock my Persevering Leader and Advocate of Illuminating Introspection !


Feels familiar? Think about it, somehow, did you build a beautifully crafted ivory tower with the purpose of enclosing what you feel, and soon you were believing some borrowed script that you were reciting automatically…without a thought because it was the only thing you saw? The only thing you learned…the only reality you knew?

And you wonder why you feel empty?

Perhaps your soul is longing for wholeness? Your soul wants you to return the elephant tusk back to the elephant? They belong together?

Yet you keep reciting the script. Before you know, you have a hole in your stomach, a hole in your heart, a hole in your being.

Nothing feels real any more.

I will ask you point-blank. Is there a little girl or a little boy inside you who, like Grace, want to find his or her way back home to wholeness and oneness?

If the answer is yes, what can we do about it…Yes, you and I.


Let’s acknowledge first…

How an Unhappy Inner Child Sabotages Your Life


and What to Do About It.


I especially want to single out Luz Aguirrebena. I’ve only spent a couple sessions with her on the mindset chat forums but can say that these two hours have been worth the price of the entire system. Her suggestions and and serving cold caller coaching have adjusted my approach to one of a much more confident, calm, Luz is a true jewel: compassionate, direct, loving, and ever so knowledgeable. Terrance Collins

Look at yourself and the people around you. See the ones that show hopelessly child-like behaviors. You can quickly determine if their emotional state is stuck at age 3 or 12. For example… Does a part of you think in terms of competing for 1st place? No need to compete. All you do is carve your own Unique Selling Proposition. Let me clarify. Remember in the olden days you had to have a “Unique Selling Proposition” a unique product? Today the only left unique thing is You, the one and only. Not the only one. With your Unique self nobody can compete. That is the truth. Why not capitalize on that. Today, we do business at a human level, with truthful contribution. Again, carve in that. Your own USP. Does a part of you seem to take things personal, like feeling the world is against you some times? No need to do it. Most of the time things are not about you and if they were, it still is about them. Not you. So it’ s never personal. The other people  may be fighting with you the battle they would fight with their mother in law, or anybody else, for that matter. Take your part of the responsibility and move on. Does a part of you seem to have a need for over acquiring or over eating? It is the fear of scarcity and the craving to fill the hole in your stomach. Not in your soul. It is the child’s craving. Not yours. You can change that. The Result? You experience not only separation inside. You also feel it outside. Sometimes it is excruciating. You are fragmented into pieces, and most likely those pieces have little to do with who you really are. They don’t even belong to you. I am here to tell you Separation is an Illusion…I know… sounds impossible when you think of how much it hurts, and how REAL it feels.

I met you at the right time in my life. I felt I had the right puzzle’s pieces but I couldn’t find the matching pieces to put the puzzle together on my own. Your soft touch and gentle suggestions helped me put my puzzle together. I entsjoyed working with you on solving my sticking point. John Talbitzer

Wouldn’t you agree with me that the most difficult part of being human is that helpless hopeless feeling of SEPARATION… ignited by the fearful vision of eternal abandonment and loneliness, like being stuck in a black hole where there is only you. Feeding the illusion of separation…adding a perennial or intermittent sensation of despair that feels pretty much like destitution, right? A deep sense of not belonging? Would that be an accurate description? I know, sounds pretty dramatic, however, it still feels like that, right? Let me go a step further, that accurate description, believe it or not is aLie you chose to start believing at the moment you began accumulating silent things within youat the moment that you had no choice but to abandon yourself because you were a powerless child. That is why you feel so divided. What is the source of our first suffering?” Gaston Bachlard asks. “It lies in the fact that we hesitated to speak. It was born in the moment when we accumulated silent things within us.” And THAT confinement of losing your voice is what you are feeling right now. The unresolved emotional needs of the inner child has you enslaved, making you feel more and more confused and powerless. She is running your life, and because you are not running your own show, you don’t have much say. Your inner child is having a temper tantrum, demanding to have her emotional needs me, and she won’t stop until she is acknowledged and heard. A healthy relationship with your inner child makes the difference between being a full-grown adult and one carrying a resentful, rebellious inner child who is not capable of seeing the good in others because she can’t see it in herself.

You Can Reclaim Your Life



The good news is, a befriended inner child can become your Greatest Resource.

There. Within that person inside, your inner child lies the truth Your Authentic Self, the one you were before your voice was silenced. How about that? Then why are you ignoring her then? Why are you treating her like she is the drawing of some kind of postcard that was sent from somebody else, when she is actually having a serious impact in your adult behavior every day? Why are you pretending she is not there? Why sometimes you only recognize her briefly, superficially dismissing her presence as if she doesn’t matter at all?

Have you Noticed that Children Respond to Attention More Than Anything Else?


What was most exciting about our time together was that Luz is an acute listener and clearly articulates what can be difficult and nebulous ideas or theories in a way that I could understand and take away with me. Anyone who senses that he or she has some kind of barrier or confusion around an issue would benefit from a session with Luz who quickly and painlessly escorts you through the Mystery in which you find yourself, shows you the highlights and helps you move on. Barbara Bitondo

I believe that what we call love is simply attention. Being present with that person when you are together as if she were the only person in the planet. That is love. And it is not counted in linear modes of all or nothing. Every minute and opportunity counts. And minutes become eternal, spinning in connected spirals. Therefore why not give attention to this person who is acting out inside of you causing unnecessary turmoil in your present reality? Why not embrace her and re-parent her? Yes, that is what I said: “Re-parent her.” They say that the most important relationship is the one with yourself. To me, that means with my inner child and my soul… We have these trinities and dualities inside. They need to be in harmony and acknowledged! Not divided. The problem is that many times we only flirt with the idea of the inner child, but very few of us go deeper or choose to give serious attention to this actual entity whose presence in our life is very real. Part is because We Don’t Know How… The problem is that many times we choose to repeat the familiar scenes of the past in the hopeless wish that maybe this time will be different, and you know what? It rarely is. One of the best quotes of all times is “the definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again expecting different results.” That is frozen inner child thinking. The frozen inner child repeats itself, avoiding growth. When you acknowledge the inner child, there is born a huge difference. Your thinking is transformed. What happens is that somehow when you, yourself, give your inner child the attention she craves, it is reassuring for her. Why? Because it gives her the message that you are willing to acknowledge her in a way she was never acknowledged before by you. You are consciously choosing to go back to that moment when she had to abandon herself, the moment the perennial silence began. Remember? The moment you became silent. You are going to go there and tell her you are all ears and will celebrate her exactly as she is.

Luz is a keen and perceptive coach, an honest partner and resilient manager. She is ably and ideally suited to focus her cohorts and clients on the important things in business, in a relationship, in life and in our hearts. She is valued and cherished by those around her as a person full of love, sympathy, concern and a practical nature that values simple, compassionate, common sense based solutions to the most intimate wrenching problems we face. I know this because she helped me through difficult and daunting times. Jose Sueiro

She can start speaking the words of her life-purpose that were never spoken! , that were truncated somewhere along the way. It is like welcoming her to this life all over again…and this time it is You welcoming You, awakening from the dream, the way you and she would have always wanted. It shows her you are no longer willing to BELIEVE those limiting thoughts that say she is lacking worth in any shape or form. It tells her what she feels is important and you are willing to hear. To back her up. And guess what, for your Inner Child the only authority that really matters is you. When you take your inner child on your lap and start molding your parenting skills with her, the illusion of separation within begins to subside. It comes from you, the only important adult in her life, the one who is choosing to grow. You can say to her what I said to my son years back: I am so sorry for your pain. I acknowledge your sorrow in that situation. If I could change the past I would go back and do it. But I can’t. I can only change the present and the future. And I am and I will, by taking responsibility for my part in it. That is all I can do. I am so sorry.” And she may answer how my son, a millennial, answered. “And when you do that, Mom, when you acknowledge the past in the present, you not only change the present and the future, you also change the past…” Yes… you can breathe for a moment… It is very deep, very true, one of the most valuable gifts I received in my life.

How to Harness the Power of Your Inner Child, So It Works with You. Create your Internal Visionary Team and put your Inner Child in charge!

There are a couple of things you most need from the inner child. She is the only one who has the codes of yourCREATIVITY. And of course your god-given creativity needs to be reactivated. So you both can move on, you and your inner child as one, and tap into the most important part of yourself buried in the inner child’s psyche, your CREATIVITY, the pillar of your god-given capacity to play and dream your life purpose, your SUCCESS, your CONTRIBUTION.

That connection with life that one achieves conversing with you is a wonderful feeling!…times stops and one minute becomes an eternity…Difficult to express it in words…You have a gift to connect the other person with with his or her most profound being and revive situations that come back to clarify themes of the past and position them back in a more balanced and sane place in our lives.

My personal experience by your side has been very strong and I believe you have given me many tools to work in my personal development!!!

Silvana Escuder

To get that creativity flowing again, you need to make peace with the drama and accept full responsibility for your life. In other words, “strip the drama away.” File it in the archives of the past. The idea is to harness your inner child’s power. Behind the pain there is the innocence of your inner child.

You will borrow her eyes to look at your life through the innocence and sense of unlimited potential that only a child can have. Behind the pain and the fear there is courage, the knight and shining armor who will protect your own creativity. Your own forgotten courage. When you do all that, you accept your destiny and connect the dots again. One of the great benefits is that you will find that there is nothing to forgive anymore. Only memories that enlightened the way.

After that, your life starts to propel forward on automatic pilot towards your life purpose. Now, what does this mean? What is the core benefit of harnessing the power of your inner child by re-parenting her? It means peace of mind. No more sense of separation. No more doubts. No more grief sitting in your stomach or your heart. Or your being. No more despair. No more fear.

Instead, a sense of purpose, a new perception that anything is possible… A new certainty garnished with an innocent curiosity and the courage to embrace the unknown that starts to propel the action to make it happen…Why?

Because you are the master or your own journey, and, united, you and your inner child are UNSTOPPABLE. I know that. I remembered…

I am not going to lie to you. It takes time, attention and commitment. Like a good internet business, it takes some time to put the pieces together. But after your brain grasps the new , it gradually starts taking form in your thinking, implementing the new patterns, running on automatic pilot, and you begin to enjoy the benefits. The benefits of your own creation…Your peace of mind.

…Breathe for a moment and start imagining what it is like to feel whole and one with the universe…every minute…

I’ll repeat: It means peace of mind. No more sense of separation. No more doubts. No more grief sitting in your stomach or your heart, or your being. No more despair. No more fear.

From my earliest memories of Luzma’s guidance, to my most recent, she has always been confident in her insights, but equally confident in my ability to determine what I need. I’ve known Luzma as long as I’ve known myself because she has taught me how to learn and embrace who I am.

I could think of no better way for Luzma to spend her time than as a life coach. She has always provoked a natural exchange, often by those who are in need of support most but unlikely to share it with friends or family. By Luzma being so sure in her own skin, the apprehensive gravitate toward her and they too lose all inhibition—I’ve seen it! If given the opportunity to expand her coaching, she will help countless more people reach their potential.

Shanna Devine

I did this journey sharing it out loud with everybody who was willing to listen. After more than a half of a century of research, I am convinced that what helps the most is to have a group of people experiencing and acknowledging together, people who are motivated to change, helping each other, sharing the stories, a Soul Mastermind Group.

A Soul Mastermind Group gives you an instant sense of belonging and communion. It sets the stage for oneness awareness and conscious collective co-creative action. The best part: Coherencestarts blooming inside out.Coherence starts resonating in each and every one of your cells. A Coherent conversation among all those pieces inside begins. Helping you take full responsibility as a Co-creator. Helping you understand the oneness of all things.

As for me, I am not here to teach you anything. In fact, already you know it all. It is Your Journey. Only you can experience it. I can only help you Remember, remember who you are…so you can believe again with the eyes and ears of your revived inner child. You don’t have to follow anybody. Only listen to the ones who know they know, the ones who remember themselves. They will say things that will resonate with the longings of your soul and help you peel back the veils of the status quo.

Then you will remember, and as you remember you will start to believe. When you believe, you will start to feel…It is from your feeling where you can start manifesting a new reality initiated through your tender heart. Yes, your heart, the center of your being.


Take Back Your Power and Reclaim The Authority of Your Soul

That is why I don’t believe in seminars. Because there is the danger and temptation of depositing your power in the teacher instead of cultivating your belief in yourself, and that delays the process sometimes…It is about reclaiming one authority only, the Authority of Your Soul. So after a lot of thinking, I have come up with a proposition to help create the needed harmony inside. By helping you remember, you can harness the power of your inner child. Therefore you can say I am in the REMEMBRANCE BUSINESS…Here’s the deal.

SHO Mastermind Groups

Co-Creative Cycles of Coherence. Consciously Connecting and Combining Intelligence with a touch of Curry The 7 “C”’s for the 7 Condiments of Cooperation. “The Hawk Mindset” in the form of a A Mastermind group, I don’t have to explain what the branding of the circles means. Many of you have already read the Circles Mission. They define my philosophy. Also the content of the Circles in a big way will be filled by you. It is a 50/50 proposition, an experiential experiment. ( This is vital to understand in order to attain FULL self responsibility). Through my research, I have found that there is a broad awareness of the reality of the Inner Child. Seems people are trying to figure out what to do with that awareness. Here is one answer.

“You can Harness Your Inner Child’s Power”

I am very thankful for everything you did for me during my divorce. It was difficult and painful to accept. You taught me how to express my emotions without drama.

Teresa Ghiglino

My ideal participant, or my fit, is one who is aware… he or she is:

  1. A spiritual being having the human experience, who is sick and tired of being sick and tired and has the urgency to start applying anything new that will help him or her to overcome the pain of separation.


  1. It’s someone who already knows and remembers that his or her thoughts create their reality and are willing to find out how.
  2. It’s somebody who wants to start a new partnership with his or her Inner Child because it makes sense to them.
  3. Somebody who is motivated to change, because is sick and tired of  being sick and tired of carrying a pain that doesn’t belong in the present.
  4. Somebody who understands that the future will emerge from the individual into the communities.
  5. Somebody who want to actively participate in the paradigm shift.

    So… how does it work?


    • 6 members + one facilitator, me…the “Curry” (Smile). I will contribute my unique, spicy experience in the beginning. As a facilitator. (You will be able to become your own group facilitator in the near future  after you graduate from the Program  if you choose to)


    • Masterminds last about 9 weeks.


    • They take place by phone once a week. Two hour sessions.

    Each participant receives a one on one session with me  before the group calls begin to create a preparation period.Throughout the 9 weeks you will write a letter to your inner child. Letters are powerful healing tools. The written word shows you are serious. It seals the deal.

    • You can have email contact with me throughout, and I am available to answer questions.


    • The group is encouraged to participate in open conversation, as well as questions and answers, among themselves.


    • You will receive weekly email and contact updates.




    I’m in awe of her abilities and effect as a counselor or coach. When Luz articulates her insights about psychological or spiritual concepts that I’m already familiar with, she does it with such a lightness and a clarity that these concepts become new for me and, somewhat ironically, bring on a relieving stillness. Following her train of thought has often enabled the transformation in me that I was struggling for but could barely imagine. It’s very much like Dante describes the effect Beatrice has on him in The Paradiso. Without any emotional or intellectual struggle or physical sensation, by following Luz’s train of thought, my perception of the world and myself is suddenly . . . different. . . . and easier. Felicia Nestor

    This is it, my dear friend. If all of the above makes sense to you, nobody else, but you, and you are still reading this letter, there is a reason. Honestly, there is no time to waste. If you belong to the tribe of Paradigm Shifters or Change Agents, Soul Hang Out is your tribe and together we are going to change the world 7 people at the time. Inside out while courageously confronting the status quo. The new paradigm will be planted as a seed first in our hearts and then in our communities. We’ll hold the co- creative vision until we reach enough people to penetrate the 100% of the collective consciousness. We’ll start with the nucleus. Your Inner Child. Now, I know, your head is spinning right this minute. That is pretty normal. It would help to stop and focus in this thought. Do you want to become one of the pilgrims of the Soul Hangout CCCCCCC’s to change the world, starting with you? The fulfilled authentic you...? The question is if you really want to start remembering. The question is if you believe that this simple step will change everything in your daily life. Now, you know my mission is to confront the status quo.  If you want to dig into my testimonial page because you want to know more about me, feel free to go to my testimonial page. Here is the link


    For starters, Here is one of my Mentors’ testimonial, Ari Galper. Unlock the Game Founder.

    “Luz is a precious gift to the world. She has single handedly changed hundreds of lives of our Unlock The Game Inner Circle members. She has an effortless and natural ability to help people see the truth of why they are struggling and then provide a logical path to happiness, authenticity and success. If you get the chance to work with Luz (I know she has a long waiting list of clients), then grab it while you can!” Ari Galper – Unlock The Game Founder

    Are you a 21st C Entrepreneur?  Do you feel like your thinking is getting in the way of  your actions choices and decisions? Do you feel like you are you stuck with your thinking and need help right now?

    Call me:



    Here is to you! And your Inner Child. The Head of your Visionary Team. Your Partner.



    The Thought Provoking, Irreverent Pearl Necklace Grandmother of the 21st Century. Poet/Marketer, Paradigm Shifter, Storyteller.Experience Coach






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