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Divinity and Physical Love

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This is a beautiful piece written by an anonymous source. Enjoy!

I once found and fell in love with my soul mate. We made love and broke all defenses, he took my heart and also my soul. It was the most ecstatic experience of my life. When we touched souls, we saw the divine in one another. This is a frightening experience. It was painful to separate and we were almost always separated.

I believe this happens between people a lot. This feeling of having found ones other half. It is such a strong and profound feeling, but vulnerable, to fear and circumstance. Often we hear of the obstacles to being with one’s beloved. There are so many stories, so many heartbreaks. When togetherness is not possible, the pain of separation is unbearable. Yet it happens all the time.

Women I have known who have lost their love will retreat from life, become hardened to their hearts, substitute someone they don’t really feel happy with and hate him for not being her one. As I’m not a man, I can only guess, that men also suffer very much. The true tragedy is that the face of the soul mate and the desire for the god you held in your arms never fades, you carry it to your end.

Thirty years later…When I allow myself to think of my soul mate, I still feel the pain as if we were separated yesterday. I also feel deep remorse for his pain. I honestly have hoped for years that he didn’t feel the same as I do, that he escaped the pain I’ve felt. I’ve told myself; he probably doesn’t think of you anymore, he has a mate that brings him happiness and fulfillment. There is a part of my heart that can’t believe this, because that would mean I imagined we were both experiencing the divine. Unbearable.

Men need women and chase them, I think they have very little choice in this. Women hope and wait for someone to love them. Sex is not predictable, one can be altered permanently. You can never know how deeply another can affect you, usually until it’s too late. I was married and already had a child when I was lucky enough to find my soul mate. I am always grateful for the gift he gave, himself.

The fear that separated us was mine; I didn’t want to hurt other people. I sent him away. I was in so much pain for 5 years that I hurt my husband anyway. Eventually I could put him out of my thoughts, for the most part. I raised 2 children and kept my family together. How could I not; if I had failed at this I would not have been able to forgive myself for my cowardice. However, I must take responsibility for keeping my husband from the possibility, that he might have found the woman for him. How selfish it seems to me now.

I write this not as a confession, but as a plea. Casual sex hardens hearts and leaves all of us inhabiting a loveless world. I’ve seen so many mangled hearts, so many lonely people scanning the world for the one they seek. I believe that the connection of souls is necessary for us all. Sex in the divine is a joy not just for the two people who see the god and goddess in one another, but a solace for the whole world. The world needs us to be connected and to create more and more and more love from these unions.

When with someone who is not right for you, please be kind and honest. Be supportive of those couples struggling to find a way to be together. Find the courage to fight for your happiness, life is short. Be mindful of your self when making love, be tender with your partner, for your body is a temple and your work is love.

Thank you for reading everyone.

I love you, I miss you. S.


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