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December 27th, 2007

Coaching Services.

I set up a few coaching programs  the way I envisioned them and most resonated with my program a couple of years ago with their price tags.

Today I have decided to join the Gift Economy and treat my products and services in more alignment with the process of co creative coherence.

I believe once the new technologies take form on our planet we are going to transition to a world without money or what you call currency even though it may seem impossible for so many people. The thing is, those people are not aware of the new technologies that are not so new and have been obstructed for decades being released to the public right now.

So it only makes sense to think of revaluing not only the way we do business and sales in the 21st C  but also the way we price goods or services.

Having said all that there were always a couple of things that bothered me with the price tag. It is that if you cannot afford it I cannot serve you. That doesn’t seem so organic to me. I want to be able to serve different people with different pockets.

The other thing is that when I price something I am evaluating my goods or services instead of letting the client evaluate it according to the value received. Again, it seems much more organic to give back those decisions to the client because a satisfied client in control of his or her decision to work with me is worth much more than we can imagine. It’s trust and a trusting client because he or she received the value according to his or her financial situation is priceless.

In the end it evens it up and money doesn’t get in the way of building truth and trust. Seems like a more sensible and respectful approach





“The Hawk Mindset” To Master the Art of the Entrepreneurial Mindset.

One On One

3  One on One sessions,   Two hours  each.

This is designed for  you, the Entrepreneur  who seriously realize it is vital to change your Thinking before or while you  are venturing into your Life Purpose through Entrepreneurship, to succeed.  For you, who understand that the  Entrepreneurial   Mindset is an Art to be Mastered.

Hawk Mindset One on One $ 497

Value: $997.00

One on One Signature Coaching Program

Half hour per week, plus a Mindset monthly call.   We need a commitment of 6 months for this program. So much can get done if we both are  100% focused. We can actually multiply  the work done 6 times. You are already  in the mindset,  but need some feedback and clarity.  Take advantage of the One on One sessions, they will not last too long.

6 Months $997.00

$1,800.00 Value


Signature 6 mos $150 per month

50/50 Letter

This is for you, the  Entrepreneur who is   grappling  with trying to put together the  words that will convert into the crystal clear message and vision  that you  want desperately to convey to your audience, the foundation of your business.  You, who want to imagine the conversation you are having with each of your prospects to connect with his or her thoughts and the problem you passionately are ready to solve for them.

50/50 Letter $500 as needed

Interview Method for cold callers

3 Sessions. This is for you, the Entrepreneur or the Sales Person who understands it is necessary to spend time crafting, sequencing and connecting the keywords that will convey your authentic crystal clear message to your future client, in a conversation  to engage  him or her in the situation that matters to them, and help your intention to help them solve their  problem with your expertise, and passion to contribute.

3 Interview Sessions $299.00

Value: $599.00

Co-Creative Circles of Coherence,Consciously Connecting and Combining Intelligence

The 7 “C’s with a touch of Curry.  The 7 Condiments of Cooperation

1)  The Hawk Mindset. Master the  Art of the Entrepreneurial  Mindset Circle.

Become a “Thought Master”, learning how to align your thoughts with the keen vision of a hawk.

Meet your playful fearless Entrepreneur by acknowledging  your Inner Child, and connect to  your own resources. The 3 C’s of 21st C Leadership. Creativity,  Critical Thinking and Community Collaboration, stored in the memories of your childhood.

This is an experiential experiment designed to help  start up Entrepreneurs propel the motor of their passion and  purpose.   Galileo Galilei  said “Man Cannot teach man anything except guide him to find the answers inside”.  An open hands on forum.

A 6 week program.  6  participants  at the time,  plus one facilitator.  We meet on the phone once a week for 1.5 hours each time.

After completing the program you can use the same C CC structure for your business and or become a Facilitator for  CCC. Master the Entrepreneur Mindset Circles.

Pay it in full.

Hawk Mindset CCC $1,200

Value: $ 3,600.00

Your Inner Child in Charge of your Visionary Team.  Building your Business with the Hawk Mindset, Mastermind Group.

Big picture into action. Inner Child vision. You’ll be working  together with a team of bright, creative people, like yourself.  Cooperating  in coherence to achieve life balance and effective use of  your new mental model,  new emerging technologies, focusing on the fundamentals and design the blueprint of your business, applying the innovation needed to make the difference, while getting your business off the ground.

This is a 1 year program:

We will meet once a month by conference call. 1.5 hr per call.

You will have 4 one on one calls with me. 1 per quarter.

We will meet once a year for a 2 day Mastermind Round Table,  in situ most likely in Washington DC. If you want to do a

One time Payment

Mastermind VT $1,999.00 /Year

Pay it  monthly

Mastermind VT $166.65 /Month

Inner Child, head of your Visionary Team  One on One









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