Soul Bazaar

Co-Creative Circles of Coherence are Born 4 days after 09~09~09

September 10th, 2009


Acquiring Self belief is pretty much like peeling an onion. You go layer by layer, get a little further, tear by tear, get a little further, laugh by laugh, until you get to the Center. That’s when you can create alchemy with the sucker! Only then. When you have peeled all the layers of belief.  The same happens with every project. Because with every new endeavor you build the belief in it layer by layer… brick by brick. Tear by tear, laugh by laugh. (with outbursts of terror in the middle, of course) …sustained by  an unequivocal vision in your mind, ready to manifest.   (Smile)

This video captures the reality of our journey together…very resonant with CCC. It is here to give you inspiration…

I chose to spend a week at Daphne’s house in the glorious woods of VA, hanging out with her two gorgeous black cats, Jade and Zephyr, the Hummingbirds, with their ultra propelled wings, crickets and  frogs in concerto, with the occasional mammal solo,  and the rainbow color stream of butterflies… to help me remember the oneness of the Universe and give me peace to peel the layers of this onion, to get to the center of it and be ready to  start the real fun! Doing  Alchemy with CCC… It was a fascinating week. It also had its outbursts of terror. (I will write about it sometime).

First of all, let me thank all my Facebook and twitter friends for the amazing support I have received, the feedback and invaluable insights, support, on the structure of the Soul Hang Out Mastermind Groups, Co-Creative Circles of Coherence. Every single person through their thoughts, support or a certain conversation, gave me a hint, a confirmation, a revelation. Their feedback. Their mirror… My kids and their friends, my beloved millennials in SF helped with the original wording. The same way they helped brainstorming about the Soul Hang Out domain name a few years ago in the Soul Hang Out House.


While I proposed 6 C’s, Shelli Blair said: “Why not 7, it is the Spiritual number.  Wasn’t she right on target, or what? 7 is the nr of spiritual alignment with the divine.  Thanks Shelli…! Barbara Reitz in Sweden asked the next question…how many people…? … now… 7 of course, the same nr of C’s… She contributed with the 7th “C”, the “Curry” the spice resonating with my passion for doing alchemy with food, which is very similar to doing alchemy with the onion of the soul, I tell you…

She tied the “Mrs. Fire” to it, surprisingly confirming an idea I had long thought of  and talked about with Steve Toth  from RCRN and many other people  early this year.  “Not knowing” about my passion for the alchemy of food… Incredible synchronicity. Or very credible…… She  also helped me  elaborate on the coherence of the groups, and their structure. That was incredible fun and pleasure. Building a team...CO-CREATING!

…It went a little further… to dreaming retreats in Nepal next year… but that is another story. For another day…Randall Alford helped with his powerful thoughts about ending the separation, and the INSPIRATIONAL IMPETUS  to just jumping into it…that was remarkable. One of his quotes dissipated all the terror I was having about launching this…Thanks Randall! I love the way you write, your vision and your mission.  And thanks to so many others.  Bob Fournier, with his playful and persistent adorable reinforcement…Phoenix, Lauren, Grace, Margaret…(too bad I can’t name everybody here). I could write a book with the stories, and probably will…with you guys…

Now let me go back to the WHAT…The CCC Circles, for the ones of you who have not yet been involved with the story.

It’s time for The Circles to come out of the womb of  preparation, co- creation and discovery to be manifested into a collective mission.(Smile)

We need to start establishing a Consciously Co-creative ROUTINE.

I looked at my calendar for the year, and found that can squeeze 6 weeks starting September… To launch  the Soul Hang Out Unique Mastermind Groups.

Are you ready? Here they are.

“Co-Creative Circles of Coherence”, Consciously Connecting & Combining Intelligence with a touch of “Curry”…(#@$&)  The 7 “C’s” for the 7 Condiments of Cooperation.

There you go, those are the (7) CCCCCCC (See? like pearls ready to knot with one another to create the pearl necklace of the Global Community)…

And you were wondering what was up with the pearls, huh? There are many more connections and stories coming from the pearls, and the pearl necklace. Stay tuned, will talk about them in time…so many fascinating symbol-isms. Great visuals.


What I love about CCCCCCC is that the title  and the header says
it all. It also represents a loyal and accurate reflection of my work. In every possible way.

Perry Marshall one of my mentors  says: “Individually we are nothing, Together we are mighty.”
A Mastermind Group has become a necessity to succeed in this new world we are choosing every minute to create with our heart vibration. We cannot afford not to be 100% conscious when we are choosing what we create every second of every day, every month, every year. Not any more.

What we are facing is unprecedented and completely new. Nobody is an expert. We need to figure out ourselves. Together. Planting the seeds of Co-Creative Leadership.

A Circle of 7 people consciously working on the heart frequency together is a great place to start.

We need self belief and sense of belonging. Soul Hang Out is dedicated to inspire both. These circles are going   to act as containers of   collective connectivity. They facilitate the alchemy with your own personal onion, and  build the self belief in community  while facilitating the sense of belonging.

These days the information we have to decipher is huge in an unprecedented way. There is no more room for islands. We need to be forming bridges. We need trusted people around us who did the research in their personal fields,  to consciously connect and combine the shared Intelligence. We need To finally put people to do what they are good at and do what they love to. What a concept huh? Just imagine the collective  energy coming from that mindset for a minute…How would reality look?  All of the Earth inhabitants walking their Soul Purpose…just think about it…

As many of you know, I was inspired to name SHO Mastermind Circles  CCC by Barbara Marx Hubbard.  In her own words,  the idea “is to be alert at   the rapid connectivity of that what is emerging,  to create it right now.”  In other words,  our Circles will be a vessel for acknowledging the rapid connectivity of that what is emerging… and co-create it right now…individually and collectively. At the same time…how about that…

The ones of you who know me personally are aware of my  compulsive urgency  about implementing ideas to expedite the paradigm shift. You also know I have been researching and studying for almost 3 years, to be able to contribute  in  a sustainable way to do this transition. On the other hand I have been preparing all my life for this…

The mission of Soul Hang Out is to help people confront the status quo, and  craft the actions of their thoughts into the arrows of their vision,  to Reclaim the Authority of their Soul.

With the purpose of contributing to  facilitate our evolutionary process into a change of consciousness.


Why? For one, we can’t keep BEING IMMERSED IN THE UNCONSCIOUS “Life Purpose” based on war, separation, competition and scarcity, or we are going to explode the planet. We certainly have created the technology to do so.

On the other hand, we also are privileged enough to also count on the  amazing technology and the knowledge emerged in the last 20 years…it is more than what was learned and created in the last 5,000 years!  Things like  the frequency of  our heart scientifically proven of  actually being able to make miracles when collectively holding the vision of Peace,  Cooperation,  Abundance  and Community. Is huge!

It is time to start dreaming a Co-Creative Action. It is time we acknowledge ourselves as Co-Creators of the Universe and take full responsibility for Our Own Story. It is time to create collective resonance based on the truth of who we really are, and how interconnected we really really are.

Let’s talk about purpose now. Scientists have come up with a formula. (This is what I love) If a 1% square root of any given population can implement the vision of an integrity and cooperation based new mindset, the entire population will do the mindset shift. Did you visualize those numbers in your head?  1% square root of any given population. The numbers in terms of the global community are around 8,000.00 people.   As soon as we hit the number, the collective awakening will take place. It is like the 100th monkeys study, and it will be like awakening from a bad dream…for everybody.

It is a no brainer. Soul Hang Out with CCC’s will be an active and large part of that 1% square root of the global population. We have to do it together. We’ll start with 7 at the time. When we master them, they will become our bridges of passion to co-create…and multiply…

Who do you know who would want to be a part of this… Or who do you know who wouldn’t want to be part of this.

Remember EMOTION, that awkward feeling that you were not supposed to feel but you felt sometimes or ALL THE TIME was bigger than you…? Well, IT WAS!  It turns out that your heart through EMOTION carries the codes of an unimaginable power that can actually change the world in yet completely unprecedented  ways.

It’s all inside of you… Actually, it is not difficult to see, if you look back & check what we created unconsciously with the status quo of  scarcity & competitive Emotion…can you see it…? Makes sense…?

Can you imagine what we can Co-create with Conscious Abundant Cooperative Thought Beaming from  Emotion?

The human heart is stronger than the brain electrically 100 times and magnetically 5,000 times. Just think of that for a moment! The power of emotion without the drama…(that is the key)   5,000 times STRONGER the message  from our brain. Can you imagine the power? That is all we have to do…GIVE OUR HEART ITS FULL ELECTROMAGNETIC POTENTIAL. It can heal us inside out and heal the planet. Inside out…Serious. We just have to strip away the drama of the past, and change the frequency of our Beliefs. Aligning our thoughts. Rehabilitate the heart to its full capacity!

I know, Easier Said than Done but very feasible. Especially in groups of 7 people, why? because nr seven symbolizes the alignment with the divine, remember? :)  and mainly because too many people are telling too many people what to do, and people learn much better by relating to fellow human beings,  acknowledging and naming the process in communion. In community. That is what connects the dots of separation.

OK. Let’s go back to the Circles, and How they will operate. I know you are eager to know more.

We are starting The first 3 Circles of 7 people each, very soon! Sorry about the short notice…I have been peeling the onion and is a large one. It was hard to get to the Center. It is kind of like enhancing the process of the ripe pear. When you believe the pear is going to ripe because you gave it the circumstance to ripe…and one day it is ripe. It just is going to take its time. (Smile)

The idea is to create an Inter- Generational  League of Acknowledgment to bridging the torch to the paradigm shift. Become the Namers. The ones who will fill the gaps of separation with the Art of Acknowledgment.


Yes, I know it sounds huge… It is…yes, yes… Ambitious too!!!

Furthermore, we are going to start inside your head…yes…we are going to enter the fascinating kingdom of your thoughts & will create together your own personal Co-Creative Circle of Coherence, that one that will stay with you for the rest of your life, that one that will hold all the parts of you together, that will  be able to Consciously Connect  and Combine  your own Intelligence ,  with the touch of “Curry” , the spice that will identify your own Unique Selling Proposition, or Identity Branding. I love how David Tyreman defines it. “Your  kick ass Identity Branding.”

Somebody said this the other day…Now it is about being in communion with subjects, not collecting objects any more. I love that.

So you will wire The 7 C’s of the 7 Condiments of Cooperation first within , to wave the polarity, embracing your wholeness and guess what, this internal sacred circle  will begin to run  your life under Your Own Supervision.

Now, just imagine that for a moment. A CCC circle within yourself. With you as an adult, your soul, and your inner child as the Visionary Team. Close your eyes and imagine how would it feel to stop having any more division, separation and doubt…inside…for ever.

How would it feel to convey magnetically that unity from your heart,  to your brain to the outside world.

You see… it is important to understand  sequence. The sequence of the pearl necklace is a great visual.

You don’t want to miss the pearls that are presented to you… because they are the ones that will bridge in sequence to connect your internal pearl necklace to the global  community’s  pearl necklace  to develop and expand the Circles and  Alliances you need, to walk with you into your Soul Purpose.

Berny Dohrmann, Chair of  the Board of CEO Space talks about the Pearl Necklace of the Global Community in his book “Super Achievers Mindset.” A must read. He also emphasizes Sequence Coaching as one of the keys to success.  It is a beautiful metaphor. I couldn’t believe that I was using the same metaphor for my “Thought Connectors” project I was working on, when I read his book … Super Achievers Mastermind” except that mine was  proposing  to start within first, creating your own  Circle in your mind…  a pearl necklace sequencing all the pearls you need inside. Somehow is like once you have your internal fullness will be always be easier  to connect  with the Pearl Necklace of the Global Community.So, I am uniting the two. His  Global Community pearl necklace and my Chamber of the Mindset pearl necklace…It starts within

Your frequency will be aligned. We are all one, we might as well start visualizing and acting on it to completely believe it…streaming pearls!. From your mind to the global community.

7 of us at the time can create those Co-creative Circles of Coherence inside to serve you and put you on the driver’s seat… plus, give you the opportunity to establish an instant actual Advisory Team that may be there for you 4 the rest of your life. Pretty cool, ah?

Remember? As many of you know, my work is based on the conviction of the Galileo
Galilei quote of all times: “Man cannot teach man anything. Only help him find the answers inside.

The Circles are  a Safe Space for the Soul to Hang Out…A safe space to  find  those answers and restore the Authority of your Soul. We will take care of that together. Then you will have a mechanism to get the answers from where they always were. Inside you. The one and only. On automatic pilot. Working for you. How do you imagine it would  feel…?

I estimate We need 6 weeks for achieving this purpose..

Every Circle will be formed of 6 people, plus one facilitator. 7  People total.


Inner Child: September

Sales Entrepreneurs: September

Millennials: September

Dates to be determined. Once we have the right 6 people.

(Again, 7 the number of alignment with divinity). The number of diversity. Love it!

OK, we will be working together for 6 weeks, One hour per week on a conference call. It is scientifically proven that to change patterns of behavior you need more than 30 days applying the new behavior before it sinks in your body, or is re-wired in your brain.

So. in terms of the logistics, we need 4 consecutive weeks to create the blueprint of the new patterns together. Then, some time for discovery and application in between, maybe a couple of weeks before using the last 2 sessions  to reinforce, compare notes and resume.  We can decide together if we’ll do them consecutively or not in the first Conversation…The calls are going to be recorded for you to keep them...for the ones of  you who are thinking…what happens afterwords?


Afterwords  I am planning to launch  the  Soul Hang Out  Membership site with one monthly call for  questions and answers. Podcast video and print material weekly. For maintenance, Networking and much much more…

The other cool part is that you are directly participating in the product testing and evaluating of CCCCCCC. If you choose, you can cooperate in the hyper growth of SHO and CCCCCCC.

The sky is the limit of where the CCC Mastermind groups are going to go as a community effort. can let your imagination wild. Plus… this is only the beginning of many exciting adventures and Joined Ventures. Soul Hang Out will become a source of information and networking….start  envisioning …

I estimate that After the first 6 weeks we will have changed the frequency inside out the group and we’ll be able to help others do the same.

I envision CCCCCCC all over the world. One of the benefits of the groups as I mentioned is that besides staying with you for ever as a mechanism inside your head that will  guide you for the rest of your life, you can also decide to recreate more CCC’s with people around you and make an extra stream of revenue, while you evolve.  Doing what you love, spreading the antidote for the virus of the mind. Helping people in business and their  personal life. (This days the two go together as never before…we are entering the era of Integrity.)

Because once we have awaken our intuition, amassed consensus and have the first 3 Circles going, you can become a facilitator, and keep spreading the word if you so choose.

Do you think it is an idea worth spreading?

You bet it is!


OK, not there yet (here I am going ADD again, with the excitement of  the vision for the future) Well, not before having the experience, any way.

Now, bear in mind, this is an experiment and a joined effort. Consciously Co-creating is the way of the future. Life is an experiment…We all will cooperate in this project…It comes with a lifetime Sense of Belonging and Purpose…

You probably are asking Why 3 groups and What is the content involved in the 3, you may ask.

There is a huge Why in each of the  3 groups I chose to focus in the beginning. They combine a lifetime of active and conscious  research in areas I first  mastered with myself and are my passion.   It is my believe that working with those issues and segments massively would simply accomplish my goal of contributing to expedite the paradigm shift… or better, CO-CREATING the FUTURE IN THE NOW WITH THE PORTAL EMOTIONAL FRAME OF OUR THOUGHTS CLEAR OF DRAMA. It is like art. Sculpting the vision you imagine with the clay of your heart. All you have to do is practice, while you believe in your vision to master it… really.

These are the most fascinating times in perhaps 5,000,00  years, arn’t they? . The most important challenge these days , is to help people believe it is more than OK to listen to themselves, nobody else. It’s more than OK to be transparent and truthful, and it is more than OK demanding INTEGRITY for a culture in general, and the collective mindset, It is so more than OK that THE UNPARALLELED  progress we will achieve understanding only that, opens up unprecedented possibilities within our lifetime ,

and bottom line, we can choose whatever we want as long as we are truthful to ourselves and each other. The alternative is too painful. It would be like having a pot of gold under your bed and refusing to see it. The story would read “It was there all the time and I noticed it the day I died…yes, breath, it doesn’t have to get there.

You have a responsibility to yourself and others, to fulfill your life purpose within your lifetime. If you don’t, you are  literally ignoring you are wealthy…You have to admit… i’t is a huge waste going through life thinking you are poor when you have a pot of gold under your bed… think about it.

Of course I chose each of the 3 based on my research,  experience and the identification of important needs. Believing from the bottom of my “onion” heart we can collectively do alchemy with our circles….(So much fun. (Smile)…. first inside, and in the process make a lot of people more happy, more productive in a powerful new way, and more ready for the co-creation of our planetary evolution to consciousness.  It doesn’t get better than that!

Now, you are asking what are the first 3 Circles about, right? What audience? What subject? Why 3? Here are the 3 . At some level the Why can  be read in the titles… Here are the titles…makes sense?

Inner Child~~~Millennials~~~ Sales Professionals & Entrepreneurs.

Inner Child:


My friend Mary Bogdan created this remarkable piece, inspired by her own Inner Child and her process to Re-Parenting her own Inner Child.

1) Re-Parent your Inner Child and Harness her Creativity Circle.

I am an Advocate for the Inner Child too. She is  a very real and a very powerful voice in your life.  Believe it or not your life  depends so many times on the EMOTION SHE IS FEELING…AND YOU CAN CHOOSE WHAT EMOTION IS SHE GOING TO HAVE NEXT… NOW.  In other words, you can change  her behavior. Actually you are the only one who has the power to do it.  To fully take responsibility for your actions you have to start working with  the obsolete emotions that are being acted out from  the Inner Child.:)

Do you feel sometimes this person inside takes over and makes you feel helpless and scared? Like everything is going to fall apart…?

Are you aware of the impact your Inner Child has in your life and would love to understand why and reverse it?

This is for anybody who is aware of their Inner Child and want to understand the process to achieve an internal balance and  healing . Anybody who is aware of the impact a victimized Inner Child can have in your life. In your loved ones.

Pablo Neruda says: “A child who does not play is not a child, but the man who doesn’t play has lost forever the child who lived in him and who he will miss terribly.”

I couldn’t agree more. I know you do too… It is about bringing that child back, because that way,  she will be able to play againcreate again...experience again, and you will be able to accept responsibility for your actions as co-creator of your life… archiving  the past for good… Letting it become the data  contained in  your story. A beautiful story of the past, with the good and the bad…(in the end you cannot separate them). Far from your present reality.

That’s it. An emotionally conditioned memory of the past. So that you can start shifting  your  feeling from the Emotion  of  Lack, Fear and Competition to the Emotion of Cooperation, Abundance and Community  and become empowered  to explore your full potential. With a new ally, the Innocent child the Inner Child was missing and needs. The Innocent child you were missing and needed to strip off the vestiges of separation. Full circle.


(My friend Mary Bogdan is the artist who co-created this deeply endearing piece through the process of Reparenting her own Inner Child.)

Another reason  is that there are way too many 2, 5, 12, 16, year old kids in the actions of too many adults walking around in their 40’s, 50’s or  60 year old adults who are making decisions  too many times of hurting or killing thousands of people,  because their EMOTIONS are frozen  in the drama of some scene in the past that has nothing to do with the thousands of people that are being killed Now in the present,  or nothing to do with  themselves  in the present for that matter.

Insane. It is time to pay attention to the Inner Child. It has been  acting out for too long with her terrified fantasy of needing to be  rescued, feeling victimized,  separated from the rest of the world  or being paralyzed with fear.:(:

The acting out of that Inner Child we all carry is a price too high to pay. It has to be addressed and overcomeit can be done  in 6 weeks…:)…while having funwhile learning to play again.

I could go on and on about how important it is ACKNOWLEDGING THE INNER CHILD, and how in the bottom of my heart I believe that’s  where the root  cause of so much unhappiness is. I am sure many of you  believe it too…we are all in the process of actually needing to understand and explore this persona who has such an impact in our life…and set the record straight,  for good. It is not to be postponed.

Therefore, since it will be time to have that discussion together, later in the groups, I am going to continue with the next group… In the meantime here is an article I wrote about the Inner Child, that will give you a deeper picture.

I know this resonates with you. I am pretty sure You have been asking that question for a long time. “I know the Inner Child is there…but What do I do with her? Well there are a lot of things you can do when you restore the Authority of your Soul back into  your life. Your Inner Child restores all her creative Spirit and invades your life with joy, inspiration and action.

(If children grew up according to early indications, we should have nothing but geniuses.  ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)

I hope this answers part of  WHY the Inner Child.

Sales Professionals & Entrepreneurs


2) SalesPreneurs Mindset Chamber Circle.

The truth is Sales Professionals and Entrepreneurs are very close to my heart and my journey because I am both and have been both alternatively for the last 40 years. I am an Advocate for Sales Professionals, because I know how it feels  to be a sales person walking around with a hole in your stomach acting like a robot wearing the logo of your company in your forehead…does that give you an idea?    Carrying around  a perennial  question that  excludes your humanity from the entire business process…

The good news is fortunately this old acquisition mindset  finally is dying  of unsustainable exhaustion…a natural cause….

I know how destructive to the soul and the body can be to deny your identity, the human element and the truth when you are a people’s person. Right? It doesn’t make any sense.

I am forever grateful  to Ari Galper and his Visionary  Unlock the game Mindset,  I was honored and privileged to work with his UTG Members. This gave me a fantastically remarkable  opportunity to learn the Mindset and complement  it with my work with  Thoughts,  Feelings, Beliefs and Emotions. The deeper part of the mindset. (The keywords that change your life).  Thoughts, Feelings, Beliefs and Emotions are so attached to Cold Calling. While my program is going deeper into the Mindset with Sales-Preneurs,  I Always reccommend  Ulock The Game as the very first important step into Sales Professionals’ Recovery.  (Serious, you and I know is a recovery.) Ari is the antidote. He will give you the Language and the blueprint. I will give you the same, except internally to align what is happening outside if you need it.  It is fundamental to go deeper into your thoughts…your thoughts create your reality, right?

Ari very early on wrote an article in his newsletter giving me the name of the “Poet of the Mindset”. Today I own up to that name…actually, what I do best is Inspire people to bring back the Authority of their Soul back into their Lives, and of course only a Poet knows the language of the Soul. Thank you Ari!  I could not have done it without you.  It was a great  far…and what is yet to come. Here Ari’s  endorsement.

“Luz is a precious gift to the world. She has single handly changed hundreds of lives of our Unlock The Game Inner Circle members.
She has an effortless and natural ability to help people see the truth of why they are struggling and then provide a logical path to happiness, authenticity and success. If you get the chance to work with Luz (I know she has a long waiting list of clients), then grab it while you can!”

Being neutralizing fear the focus of my work, I help people in  transition to the new Mindset, become their own Unique Selling Proposition, transmute  fear and assist them in claiming the Integrity of their profession back...Because honestly,  for me it is a Cause. No question about it. That is why  is one of my passions. We owe it to ourselves as Sales Professionals to claim the Integrity of our profession back, and truly, it only depends on each one of us, and each one of our actions.

It also is a need. There is a huge responsibility and task for Sales Professionals and Entrepreneurs in the new Economy. They are  the glue that is going to shape the new economy. The Sales and Business Mindset  of the 21st C. are part of the same equation. An economy based on Cooperation, Community, and the principles  of Abundance, not scarcity….(perhaps we could add a touch of Sense of Humor too: ) ?and we will)

They are  the ones to adopt  the same Mindset in their mind first, to Co-Create the Mindset of the future,  from their heart~to their brain first today,~ and from there brain to the prospect’s brain~ leading gently to his or her  heart tomorrow.

The beauty is that the Market Place is demanding it…People these days are responding only to the human touch that comes from the heart…and of course provides value. The value of the grain of sand of the collective contribution. Therefore there is a huge need in understanding how to craft the new conversation taking place in the sales process. From our Thoughts to the Prospect’s thoughts. How to connect at the human level and change the old behaviors and thoughts.

Sales Professionals  need help to do the transition from the old way  to the new world of doing business, (although by the way, the so called new is very old if you read Napoleon Hill and the geniuses Entrepreneurs of his generation). The Sales Preneurs conscious involvement to the  transition and the impact of that collective understanding will be  a very valuable contribution to the evolutionary process.

We will go on a  Journey to the Prospect’s mind for Sales Professionals and Entrepreneurs who want to explore the 21st C. Mindset in terms of the real conversation in the prospect’s mind, the real conversation in your mind and how to string those pearls together in a pearl necklace  incorporating the human thread of the truth that will open the friendly dialogue.

These days if you are a Sales Professional you need to think like an  Entrepreneur and if you are an Entrepreneur you need to think like a Sales Professional. There is no way around it. Then you become a Problem Solver.

My Entrepreneur spirit feels enticed while  working with them.  They are my own tribe and we want the same thing. Our partner to succeed as much as he wants us to succeed. It is very rewarding for me,  the exchange is healing and enriching.

Here is what some of  my clients had to say after one session:

“I met you at the right time in my life. I felt I had the right puzzle’s pieces but I couldn’t find the matching pieces to put the puzzle together on my own”. ~John Talbitzer~

caring, thoughtful questions seem to be bringing me to the point where I don’t have to work at building true – true just happens.  From here, only time will tell how well I do, but I do feel a lot more comfortable about how I present my information and the interaction with the prospect”.

Bruce Chantra

“I was thinking about you over the weekend and about how passionate you are about what you do.  I truly believe that you are a success because you have taken your passion and made it your life” ~Ross Welte~

Here is another testimonial  from Terrance Collins

I especially want to single out Luz Aguirrebena. I’ve only spent a couple
sessions with her on the mindset chat forums but can say that these two
hours have been worth the price of the entire system. Her suggestions and
coaching have adjusted my approach to one of a much more confident, calm,
and serving cold caller.

Luz is a true jewel: compassionate, direct, loving, and ever so

In the meantime, if you want to read more, here is an article I wrote on the subject of sales.…-professionals/

Here are some testimonials from a few of my clients, colleagues and friends…if you want to know more about my work.



3) Millennials Life Purpose Live.

I am an advocate for Millennials. I am committed to this cause too… I am committed to dedicate as much energy as I can to help Millennials ignite their Live Purpose,  and Fund their Dreams. They also need the Authority of their Soul back into their lives.

Are you a Millennial? Were you  born after 1982 and before 2,001?  Are you sick and tired of receiving the hammering message that something is wrong with you? It’s not true!  Do you feel dissociated?  No need.

You owe it to yourself to take your destiny in your own hands.  There is  scientific fascinating facts about the generation born after 1982. About how your brain is wired differently and you are using both sides of the brain, by virtue of the explosion of technology in the last 20 years...unprecedented to any other previous generation.

This is cause for celebration, deeper exploration and study.

We need to explore together how does it feel for you…today, this world, our choices…only from that conversation we can exchange the needed information and the vision to co-create the future together…How does it feel for you…How do you see it…what are your thoughts on this…I want to hear. Your perspective is very important to me because you are the one living in this world when I am long gone…

Fear plays with your emotions because of lack of information.If you know the why, or the cause, you can rewire the whole thing.  If you are a Millennial, society and the future need you. Don’t let anybody tell you differently. Learn the facts about your  brain.

I believe  Millennials are to be acknowledged as the magnificent spiritual being having a human experience who are to , pass the torch to the next paradigm shift. They need all the support they can get!!! It is no small task!!!

Now, are you ready for a surprise? I want to introduce to you one of the most important elements of the Circles.


A Letter!!!  Well, 3 Letters

A letter….?   3 Letters? To whom?

To the Inner Child… who else?

The 2nd  one?

To the Prospect…OK, I see…

and the third one?

The Millennial letter… addressed   to themselves 20 years from now…

Each one of you  will write the relevant letter of his or her life…the letter that marks the beginning of your new mindset. The document of agreement to the commitment with yourself…

I love this quote. Is very relevant.

“What is the source of our first suffering? It lies in the fact that we hesitated to speak. It was born in the moment when we accumulated silent things within us.” Gaston Bachlard

Studies have revealed  that letters and writing can be remarkably powerful healing tools  to do what… to remove all that accumulated silent suffering by … opening the channel to speak again.(sing again)~~~

Here is an article by my friend Phoenix from facebook ,  and SHO Community fellow member, wrote regarding the scientific aspect of it.

So, each group will walk away with the letter of commitment in their left pocket. The letter of your life. It is the letter that is going to reflect your new CCCCCCC (pearl necklace inside),  Define your intentions and help you define your own uniqueness. You don’t have to send the letter…it will stay with you…as a reminder of how it all started when you embarked your intentions to become the mindset.

Hary Galpert said: There is no problem in life that cannot be solved with a good sales letter.

I say there is no problem in life that cannot be solved with the 50/50  Letter.

Now, the last question you probably have for now, would be

How much… right?

Each call is  $39.99 per person. The entire 6 weeks come up to  a total of

$239.94.  per person.

Now,  bear with me…here you have 2 options.

  1. to get your 6 sessions for $239.94

  2. OR GET A BONUS OFFER… You get the same six sessions AND for only $ 66.00 more…you get one extra one on one Exploratory Session with me.


  3. If you don’t want this offer there is a pay button without the Bons below.

    Bonus Offer Inner Child

    Bonus Offer Sales Entrepreneur

    Bonus Offer Millennials

Sorry guys, this is the first phase. We can’t accommodate more than 18. The beauty is we will be able to come up with our own Co-Creative Coherent formula. And hyper grow it by choice.  We’ll sequence it together.

I also want to talk about the Guarantee. As a policy, I don’t want anybody in the program who is not 100% happy to participate. Anybody who is not a fit, with my most profound respect  will  be given the money back. If you don’t experience the value, you haven’t purchased anything…


Inner Child: September

Sales Entrepreneurs: September

Millennials: September

Dates to be determined. I have already some people getting involved and we are coordinating until we get the 6 persons who will participate.

Thanks so much for being here. I am looking forward to our first conversation…to start making history in the present…I look forward to know you  more, and exchange the experience of being a Spiritual Beings in a Human Body together. To know what is on your mind. What are you thinking…does it make sense?

See you on the other side.  Once you have paid you will receive an email with information about the   call on the call dates. Again, the calls will be recorded.

A big hug …and here is to you!

PS Let’s do it. It’s your choice.

PPS For the ones of you who want to know more about myself and my work, please stop by by the Testimonials section of the site. My friends, colleagues and clients were kind enough to send their letters expressing their experience with me and their perception of that experience. Here is the link.

CCC Inner Child Regular Offer

CCC Sales Regular Offer

Millennials Regular Offer
PS For co-creative masterminds,  mutant masterminds, soulman, soulwoman, visionaries who want to become the co creative drivers of their soullife  purpose of co-creative coherence in a frequency that you and others know your why! Find the soul quotes that resonate with the highest frequency of your heart!
If any of these sounds like you and you need more information, please call me. My telephone is in my contacts page
Here is to you!

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