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January 17th, 2008

Conversation and Story telling aiming at contentment.

I am a human being, experiencing life mostly in the present time, By Choice.
Somewhere along the road I realized I was a spiritual being in a human body.
I celebrate both and let them manifest in resonance.
The awareness makes me enjoy the Soul – Human connection more than any thing in life .
They are Part of the Same.
When I connect to another human being and we exchange the human experience,
I remember that even though I was born alone and I will die alone, I am not alone.

This site is about you, and the keywords to access the unlimited knowledge stored in your hard drive.

The keys to unlock the Ultimate You.

“A man cannot be taught anything, only helped to find the answers inside himself” said Galileo Galilei , the Renaissance man.

The truth is, You and Only You have the answers to the secrets stored In your hard drive.

Nobody else.

And You know It. Deep down inside.

So, why are you not looking for the keywords to access your hard drive? After all, they are at your disposal, waiting
to be used to unleash your burning desire in pursuit of the knowledge locked in with the ultimate you.

The part of you that will be able to make your dreams come through.


Let’s elaborate.

  1. Maybe, Because although it makes sense, it is still a foreign idea in your head and you don’t know where to start.
  2. Maybe, Because the conversation going on in your head is focusing on something else that speaks louder.
  3. Maybe, Because ultimately you need to believe and feel in your head, and your gut that those answers are inside, within your reach. To take Action.

I want to enter the conversation in your head, and help you align those thoughts.
Assist you in connecting them with pro-activity and choice.

In order to access that knowledge inside and blend it with the wisdom of your unique experience.

You see, it’s like having a whole committee of voices buzzing inside you, all at the same time, many embedded in the past. In the irrelevant past. Identifying them and listening to them one at the time is not a bad idea.

You can quiet those voices by giving them their identity, their moment in history. By honoring their diversity and their time, inviting them to participate in the common good. After all, nobody in there is working in unity for that. The common good meaning you, of course.

I know, it is very distressing to live with all that division and crossed messages inside… present and obsolete information, swarming in your head, crying for discern. Discern between the useful and the useless.
It perpetrates a feeling of helplessness and loneliness. Doesn’t it?

When I say align those thoughts, I mean something like executing your authority as master of your destiny and call for a mandatory meeting…a mandatory meeting to put all your experience and those voices to work for the common good. You.

“The most powerful incentive known to humankind is our own evaluation of our behavior and accomplishments”
write Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, David Maxfield, Ron McMillan and Al Switzler in their amazing book about the power to change called “Influencer.”

I know,…it’s hard, because the noise up there is confusing and mutes the voice of unlimited knowledge in your hard drive. But you can turn the volume down. It’s just an exercise in sorting what is worth paying attention to.

Once you start, before you know, it becomes a habit, and eventually it’s running on automatic pilot. Like a solid on line marketing business. One with a good foundation.

But you see? This whole thing starts with one simple step. Believing in yourself. Believing that you actually have a hard drive full of information.

Believing in oneself is a long process. Full of bumps on the road. Full of layers.
It can be expedited, though…

Beneficial habits and detrimental habits use the same energy. The power of thought.

One thing is for sure. You cannot do it Alone.

To achieve the success that comes from the soul, the success that will truly bring you happiness,

(Because puts your True Self on the driver’s seat,)

I’ll give you three keywords I want to share that helped me on the path.

  1. Blind Faith (in the existence of the knowledge and the ultimate you locked in your hard drive.)
  2. A Burning Desire, (a desire bigger than you that sounds like a broken record of what’s beneficial for you. A Desire which more than anything in the world wants You to guide You through the path to unlock the ultimate you. That part of you that you are longing for.)
  3. An Open Minded Courage to take action. Open mind to face the fear…the courage is the added value of facing the fear.

Dan Kennedy says that if you don’t have at least One Person in your life who believes in you more than yourself, you need to go out and get it. PRESTO.

Dan Kennedy is right. I know that first hand…

“I don’t believe for a minute that you cannot make a great living for you and the kids without your husband.”
said my good friend, while she looked at me in the eye, preparing herself for my resistance dagger.

If looks could kill… when we talk about it now, she says I gave her THAT evil eye…
The moment is vivid in my mind, we were both standing in my kitchen. She sustained my defiant look with her bright green eyes…there was not one iota of doubt in her gaze… Nevertheless, the statement annoyed the hell out of the comfortable victim character that had invaded my reality.

Somehow though, I chew on it and held on to her vision of myself.

When I bought my beautiful home, a few years back, She was the person I chose to share the first Walk Through the house with.

I am not sure how it happened, somewhere along the way I started attracting into my life sympathetic and objective human beings who believed in me more than I believed myself. They were persistent, eventually I started believing them… maybe they were right…it makes sense, right?

It was a choice. One of those thoughts that make it through the confusion. When I look back I have a vague idea of the moment. It was in my thirties… I noticed most people in my life were recreating the same dramas of my family of origin. I wanted to move on, I guess it was one of the first times that in an organic and subconscious way I called a mandatory meeting…a meeting to align my thoughts and give the clear message that I wanted friends who supported me in a more profound way . New friends started materializing… and God knows how much I needed them.

You see, the only difference between you and me, besides each other’s Uniqueness is that
I believe in you more than you believe in yourself. I believe in you with blind faith. Yes, you read correctly.

And I intend to invest and capitalize on that.

I know there is a hard drive full of information inside you. It’s a matter of looking for the keywords to access it. A brainstorming conversation goes a long way.

I love the Blind Faith,

The beauty of the blindness part is that most of the time you don’t know you know.
That’s why it needs to be blind, teaching us to see in the dark.
The beauty of the faith part is it’s persistence within the blindness.

“Faith is the eternal elixir which gives life power and action to the impulse of thought” says Napoleon Hill in his must read book “Think and grow rich.”

It starts with faith.

Obvious, before action, you have to believe that what you are looking for is there inside anyway… Otherwise, if it doesn’t exist… Why bother, Right?

It was in the experiences of my life and the people I knew where I found the foundation for the blind faith.

It’s the human connection with others that will remind you that even though you were born alone and will die alone, you are not alone. It will give you back the connection with yourself. Your True Self.

Paul Hartunian says that we have moved from being a “Credential Society” to being a “Celebrity Society.”

It’s so true! If not, look at the mass media chasing and hunting Britney with the obsession of the roadrunner.
The story sells. She is a “Celebrity.”

I am among the minority that doesn’t follow that stuff, and it spills to me anyway… the younger generation, a magazine stand, a tv preview or any other type of media…even though the time I dedicate to tv is very limited. The story is everywhere.

Anyhow, you see…think about it. You are the One and Only. There is nobody in the world exactly like you.

Every person’s life is a story worth telling with one celebrity in the center. You. Like the bonfire. Equidistant from everybody. With enough space to see clearly from the center, or around the circle seeing clearly towards the center.

Unlocking the (hero in) (out.)

The celebrity who knows is a celebrity, stored deep down in your hard drive.

The hero in your own story.

That’s my Burning Desire.

I want more than anything in the world to start the conversation with you. Share the stories. See before my eyes the ultimate you materialize, as I have imagined.

Alice Miller, the polish/Swiss psychologist, philosopher and sociologist who was an advocate for children during most of the 20th Century, uses a beautiful term: After years of studying serious criminal offenders and serial killers’ childhoods, comparing them with people in general who had similar experiences in the first years of their lives, they found that those children who endured acute abusive and neglected behaviors in childhood and in spite of it didn’t become criminals as a result of their traumatic experiences, invariably had somebody in their lives, a relative, a teacher, a neighbor a friend, or another child, who looked at them in the eye with acknowledgement. Facilitating the perception that they could believe in themselves, because somebody was already believing in them. That made the difference in their lives. She calls those people “Enlightened Witnesses.”

You see, when you are certain, you can make the difference with a small conversation, a look, or a phrase. You don’t have to have a PhD in psychology.

Yesterday I was watching a great Spanish movie. “Princesas.” This young woman in her soul searching dialogue with a friend, says: “My mother told me that we exist only because people thinks of us. At least one person, other wise we wouldn’t exist. We only exist because we are in the thoughts of other people…if nobody thinks of us we would die.”

I invite you to create an army of “Enlightened Witnesses” with the task of making the difference in people’s lives. With a phrase, a look or a shared story. A thought.

The beauty of the conversation and sharing the stories is that You become an active participant.

Not a subject.

The blue print is in your possession. You just need sympathetic and objective human beings along the path. To compare notes.

And share those keywords. Blind Faith, Burning Desire, Open Minded Courage, the keywords to start aligning your thoughts.

Once we start the conversation it will be available to you 24/7. From anywhere in the world you are staying. All you need is a computer and we are one click away, like an active reference guide that needs your information to be complete.

If these ideas resonate with you, and I assume they do if you kept reading so far, kindly

Click on our Soulhangout Community and become a member. Or send me a comment. You are the celebrity we are waiting for.

In the meantime I’ll continue to tell you the stories that got me here.

It will be so much fun. I promise.


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