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Sticky: That’s Amore Dean Martin Nostalgia – Soul Hang Out

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Teach Yourself to Believe only that which is True to Yourself

April 12th, 2009 2 Comments » Filed under Video

Teach Yourself to Believe only that which is True to Yourself

Because you will be more productive than you ever imagined. Because your passion and your
contribution will give you more contentment than you ever imagined.

Because the source of your future incomes is within, with your wealth. Teach yourself only to believe what is true to yourself, and keep going…you deserve to be happy and manifest your dream….

Have a Happy Spring.


The Thought Provoking Pearl Necklace of the 21st Century Poet and Marketer. Mrs. Fire

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It’s not about the Money, it really is about Your Passion.

April 5th, 2009 1 Comment » Filed under Video

Yeah…it took me a long time to completely understand it… It’s a tough one… Here is the way it works. The money manifests as the happy result of applying your passion to the service of others.

We are living fascinating times. The old parameters  about  money are falling apart. They don’t have  the foundation of value and contribution to sustain them.

The old unilateral business model of competition, non cooperation is becoming rapidly obsolete.

Especially because things are changing so fast. It’s not about a few ruling heads telling people what to do any more.  It’s about the 3 C’s. Cooperation, Community, and Caring…Yes…

This is the great opportunity to carefully reinvent  our thoughts about that green piece of paper or silver coin, that has seduced  the masses for longer than we want to remember.

It’s not any more  about any means to an end, in the sense that so many of us  have been willing to completely compromise our creativity and happiness for a salary, and a life without real sense. Living in the lethargic inadequacy of not performing at our full potential.

That’s what we settled for.  All our life. You see the cruelty towards yourself?  And the cruelty towards others… It’s pretty Machiavelic huh?

So, these days it just makes more sense to focus in the means as the service .  So the money is attached to the  contribution to a better world.  Is  the result of cooperation. Not control.

Seems it is time to change the focus in the means as to contribution to the end. Not the other way around.

See, instead of any means to an end, it is only one mean to many ends. VALUE of CONTRIBUTION.

Einstein said: “Success without value is not Success”… Look around.He was right on target once more…

Enjoy the video. Is uplifting and revealing.


The Thought Provoking Irreverent Pearl Necklace Grandmother of the 21st Century- Mrs. Fire.

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