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ODD Radio show going live soon Talking about knowledge is only experience and much more

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Hi  my endearing ODD friends! Oppositional Defiant people modeling truth and co creating solutions!

Join us today 11/3/13   for our

ODD group radio show  from 1pm to 3 pm Pacific time. Our  hosts as always  will be  myself Cindy Shippy Evans  and Nancy Hopkins

We will be having a conversation about the Einstein quote “Knowledge is only experience. There are no good or bad experiences there are ony experiences and the value is there, not in what we call knowledge based on lectures.

All roads lead to Rome and why!

We all are doing the best we can with what we have…and why is important to add from what you have than substract

Why is important to acknowledge the experience of our ancestors before us and why this is important to attain wholeness.

We’ll comment about the progress of Nancy’s book Cosmic Reality and touch base with Cindy’s cause leaving Walmart and the establishment applied to her every day life.

We’ll talk about The Mountain Book Project to acknowledge the voice of the Inner Child and much more




Join us  today Sunday 11/3/2013 from 1 pm to 3 pm


in Wolf Spirit Radio and please call  us with your questions and thoughts.


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ODD Radio show going live at 1 pm Pacific

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Hi  my endearing ODD friends! Oppositional Defiant people modeling truth and co creating solutions!

Join us today 10/20/13   for our

ODD group radio show  from 1pm to 3 pm Pacific time. Our  hosts as always  will be  Cindy Shippy Evans  and Nancy Hopkins.

We will be having a conversation with  my dear friend and partner Michelle Finnegan Nixon. Michelle is one of the real sales coaches of the 21st C.  Her program is called The Sales Practice Place and what she really does is help social entrepreneurs re – think Sales by raising the vibration of the words and frequencies. Why is this important ? Because people who are fulfilling their life purpose by creating a product or service that we’ll have to sell to a determined audience therefore we need to rethink the way we think about sales. The sales of the 20th C were based on deceit and pressure and in the 20th C they are based on truth and trust.

Michelle Finnegan Nixon

Here is what I wrote about Michelle recently when she gave me the honor to be my partner in the Mountain Project

“OK my fb tribe today is a good day…I am so happy to announce that I am finally and say finally because it is after 5 years of an extraordinary journey of through hours of conversations in co creative collaboration with Michelle Finnegan Nixon, we are joining forces to come together and put our thinking together on two specific projects…”The Mountain Project” A book of the first ten years of humanity, and “The Interview Method” for sales professionals to assist them in recreating the conversation that builds trust talks truth with the vibration of the heart with their prospective clients.

I have had the vision of working with Michelle for so long. Goodness!!! So much to say about Michelle. She has a brilliant open mind, an amazing capacity to read the codes and vibration in the words and in the human thinking process. She is one of the most generous and loving people I know, one of the most honest transparent, with high level of emotional integrity best sense of humor and creative in multidimensional ways. She would be the perfect business coach for any cooperative entrepreneur resonant with her values who is stuck with his or her language and launching process…you and know that content is king and the most challenging work for start ups is to create their own language weaving it with the story that identifies the human being behind the offer and speaks directly to the problem they are solving. It takes time…Once you have the language automatising the elements of the story is the easiest part. Michelle is the woman… I couldn’t have asked for a better partner. woohoo!!! Thank you Michelle and thank you so much Ari Galper for the matchmaking suggesting we should talk because we had so much in common in 2008…you were right Thank you all ~Luz~

So we will be talking about rethinking sales by raising the vibration of words and frequencies of the voice, we are going to talk about the word discipline and its impact in our society. We’ll talk about Nancy’s book “Cosmic Reality” and we’ll enjoy the stories of Alora back in the nest.




Join us  today Sunday 10/20/2013 from 1 pm to 3 pm


in Wolf Spirit Radio and please call  us with your questions and thoughts.


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ODD people Radio Show in about one hour. Modeling truth and cocreating coherent solutions

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Hi  my endearing ODD friends!

Join us today 10/6/13   for our

ODD group radio show  from 1pm to 3 pm Pacific time. Our  hosts as always  will be  Cindy Shippy Evans  and Nancy Hopkins.

We will be having a conversation with  my dear friend and partner Will Spencer and his life and business partner Delanne Walts about the parasite nature of 3 dimensional life and the importance of reflecting on our ancestors. Trust and compassion.

This is very timely for Nancy whose father transitioned recently and losing your father is always a significant human experience. I haven’t had the chance to talk with her since it happened and have missed her a lot like all of us :)

Also, Delanne is expecting the arrival of her 11th grandchild. What a joy and what a great number :) Congratulations Delanne!!!

Plus we are celebrating Cindy’s victory with Alora !!! Congratulations Cindy!!! Woohoo for the grandmothers !!!

Below is Dr Spencer’s bio and here is the link to his Virtual Clinic:


167231_179515985414851_6650399_n (1)166116_1522256301916_7620370_n


Dr. Wil Spencer – Bio

Dr Wil Spencer, Naturopath, VMSP, Author and Researcher is an advocate for Nature. His work extends into multiple areas of investigative research and education regarding human and environmental health relative to identifying and restoring the degraded conditions of natural homeostasis, most often due to industrialization and the misunderstanding of the importance of microorganisms. Operating from the conviction that nature has evolved with an innate wisdom of energetic signatures that influence and interrelate with one another to form a natural, healthy terrain of existence and co-existence, Wil believes all conditions of illness and imbalance are correctible through restoring the elements of nature’s design. Wil has applied this conviction successfully in his work reversing and healing conditions of human health, animal health, plant health, including reversing the affects of genetic modification and increasing the nutritive values of food, reversing the many issues of honey bee health, restoring vitality to soils and compost, water purification and air quality.Wil is the resident clinic Naturopath at where he educates and supports his clients, worldwide, to reverse and heal all manner of disease and restore themselves to Vibrant Health. Wil’s approach to sustaining vibrant health is based on a paradigm of dietary lifestyle along with nature based supplements. He provides the unique proprietary supplements he recommends through his online product store at, where he also makes available his supplements for plants and soils, animals, honey bees and remediation.Current endeavors include a committed outreach to the Gulf of Mexico coastal residents for whom Wil has contributed countless hours, consulting with victims of severe chemical poisoning, and products, for some who are financially devastated. His program for recovery has shown verifiable benefit to the health challenges presented by open bacterial wounds, abnormal bleeding, respiratory conditions, fatigue, neuropathy, mental confusion and depression. Wil has an abiding personal mission to make a difference for the innocent victims of the Gulf Coast disaster to regain their compromised health.

Likewise, Wil has a passionate concern for the victims of Morgellons. While his work with clients has only just begun, he is researching the possible connection between this condition and geo-engineering practices as well as GMO’s (genetically modified organisms), and, his therapies have already achieved some intriguing and promising results.

Wil’s associate membership in the Carnicom Institute is aligned with his interests in air quality and geo-engineering as well as human and environmental protection and planetary health.

Wil speaks at seminars, on webinars, youtube, web radio interviews and holds classes throughout North America on topics of Genetically Modified Food and Organisms, Pesticide use, Soil and Environmental Health, Diet and Food, Sustainable Farming Practices, Green Building Techniques, How to Be Healthy in This Chemical Soup of an Environment, Spirituality, Consciousness, etc. He has a long history of humanitarian involvement, having served as a member, lobbyist and officer for several environmental groups, namely Minnesota Pesticide Awareness (MnPA), Pesticide Action Network North America (PANNA), Minnesota Natural Health Coalition, Healthy Legacy, Organic Consumers Association, Food Alliance, Institute for Responsible Technology, and Natural Solutions Foundation. Wil has served in air and water quality testing and monitoring and has been certified as an Air Quality Sampler. Additionally he is a long standing member in the Weston A Price Foundation.

Wil has accomplished several studies successfully working with commercial honey bees, restoring them from near collapse to full recovery, accomplishing pollination and producing a honey crop in the same season treatment began.

Wil’s background and training began with an intimate understanding of agricultural practices and the industries associated with food processing and distribution. Having severe personal health challenges as a result of being raised in a conventional agricultural environment, Wil’s quest for self cure resulted in an extensive, unconventional educational process producing in him a deep understanding and appreciation for nature and the ability to assist others in their own quest for wellness.

Discovering the medicinal qualities in plants, Wil became a Master Herbalist. He went on to learn Endorphin Therapy and then a progression of alternate healing modalities. Among them are; Reiki Master, Photonic Therapist, Touch for Health, Quantum Touch, 5 specialized Massage Therapies, Emotional Freedom Technique, Trigger Point Therapy, Accupressure, Reflexoogy and Shiatsu. Wil has earned diplomas from the International Institute of Vibrational Medicine in; Energy Awareness, Emotional/Mental Mastership, Energy Kinesiology and Vibrational Medical Science Practitioner. As a member of the International Assembly of Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewards, Wil is; a Diplomat of Earth Stewardship, a Certified Spiritual Healer, and Ordained Minister. He has received Native American shamanic apprenticeship. Wil is a contributing writer for the Genesis 2 Church of Health and Healing.

Wil is also a gifted and innovative healer, using his hands to release and correct the flow of electrical energy along the body meridians, where embedded traumatic interruption can hold pain, illness, disease and emotional upset within the being.

Wil lives and breathes his quest for truth in the endless inquiry, “why?”. Distinguishing between symptom relief and real sustainable, natural cure is his primary avocation.


Born in the grass roots country of northern Minnesota, Wil Spencer grew up on the family farm through the farming industry’s transition from traditional family farming to mass, industrialized operations. Once the family farm was sold to corporate holders Wil and his family worked for the new style owners in many capacities, affording him an insiders’ view of what was really occurring in the food chain.

Contrary to what might be commonly thought of a Midwest farming district, illness ran rampant throughout Wil’s community, including his own severe chronic conditions. Wil eventually connected the dots between the rapid increases in chemical applications on the land, on the crops, in the animal feed, injected into the animals, on the way to the factories, in every stage of processing and storage, on the way to market, all the way to the store shelves, and then to the dramatic and steady decline in the health of not only farming communities, but people in general.

A unique opportunity of experience took Will, by chance, from the farm to transporting agricultural crops and farm animals from the farmland to the factories, slaughter houses and markets. He developed a practice of asking for a tour wherever he was delivering, whenever there was an extended wait for unloading. This was a practice he learned from his father and the request was usually granted. The many and varied tours were usually casually conducted by a supervisor or a dock worker who knew the warehouse or plant well and was glad for a small distraction. Little did they realize that these friendly, behind the scene, visits were providing a wide base of understanding and a firsthand education and overview of the food chain from the soil to the table. Additionally, an even more obscure aspect of the agricultural industry, in which Wil found himself participating, was in the many surprising uses of industrial waste products. Many of them being the byproducts of agriculture and many returning to be used within the food chain in food supplements, as well as in animal foods and many other human uses, such as cosmetics and personal care products.

Wil’s early lifestyle quickly became a thing of his past once he connected those dots of toxicity and ventured onto the path of personal recovery via alternate modalities of health care and wellness. Wil’s own body became his experimental laboratory, beginning with the study of herbs and wild foods. With improvement, Wil became hungry for the quest for workable, sustainable solutions to the growing list of maladies among the people of the industrialized world.

Over the next 16 years, Wil recreated himself as an unconventional master of alternate healing modalities and is continually investigating new methods and discoveries as they are presented. His training has taken him to many places around the globe and covered a plethora of alternate sciences from all aspects of vibrant health and well-being. Ever in the inquiry of “why,” Wil has painstakingly driven himself to understand the balance of real benefit versus symptom relief in every venue, adding only those that make a lasting contribution to his particular approach to vibrancy.

Understanding how the complexity of the human being requires a balance of body, mind and spirit to be well, Wil has received training and gained expertise in all three of these areas. Above all, Wil lives a deep knowing that vibrant health is available to all who are willing to look beyond traditional paradigms to the underlying causes of nature, nurture and health – to those willing to create for themselves and others an intention to live in a clean environment of harmonious energies, nourishing their bodies with natural foodstuffs and enjoying the value of life as a part of a greater whole in a spirit of a loving community.




Join us  today Sunday 10/6/2013 from 1 pm to 3 pm


in Wolf Spirit Radio and please call  us with your questions and thoughts.


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ODD Radio Show on 9/15/13

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Hi  my endearing ODD friends!

Join us tomorrow 9/15/13   for our

ODD group radio show  from 1pm to 3 pm Pacific time. Our  hosts this

week, will be  Cindy Shippy Evans  and myself.

We will be having a conversation with Luella May, on alternative medicine, and colloidal gold and silver as body and mental health.

Luella May is a natural health advocate, health researcher and freelance writer. She contributes to various publications which include Natural News and Align Life. Luella uses her experience in healing from various chronic and debilitating health conditions to help others realize their own wellness implementing Body, Mind, and Spirit, In healing, all three are necessary. Luella has a weekly radio show on Wolf Spirit Radio that she co-hosts with Tony Isaccs which focuses, of course, on Natural Health. The Best Years in Life Radio airs every Wednesday from 4:00 to 6:00 pm Pacific Time, 5:00 to 7:00 pm Mountain, 6:00 to 8:00 pm Central, and 7:00 to 9:00 pm Eastern Time


Luella hosts two yahoo health groups, “Our Best Years” which focuses on health and emotional wellbeing encompassing body, mind, and spirit, and a yahoo group which focuses on the natural wellbeing of pets, “The Best Years in Life Natural Health for Pets”.

Luella also co-moderates the CureZone “Ask Tony Isaacs featuring Luella May” forum as well as the Yahoo Health Group “Oleander Soup”.




Join us  tomorrow Sunday 9/15/2013 from 1 pm to 3 pm


in Wolf Spirit Radio and call us with your questions and thoughts.

We’ll also talk about the current events. Especially American exceptionalism and colonialism.

ODD People for CHANGE modeling truth and co-creating coherent solutions

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The great barometer of America’s exceptionalism

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Thank you Mr Obama for touching on America’s Aquiles heel. “That’s what makes America exceptional”

Thank you Mr Putin for acknowledging in such a clear way America’s Aquiles heel. Nothing like a vortex of empirical truth being verbalized  in the bully like cowboy political arena of this bizarre world’s stage we have all created.

The truth is, this story is  such a good barometer. It makes the deniers scream bloody murder and ressist to the bone. It makes the truthers see the light of peace at the end of the tunnel.

Let’s elaborate.

I am not in the business of denying that American people are exceptional. They are indeed an exceptional group of people. That is undeniable… I have been hanging out with them for 30 years…. I love them with all my heart at the micro level too.

Nevertheless I am in the business of acknowledging that also Syrians,  for that matter, and Iranians, Russians, Chileans Lybians Bolivians, Japanese, Chinese and all other members of the global community each one of them through their experience from their unique corner of this beautiful mountain we call world are equally exceptional too. That’s all. Each one exceptional in its own personal way. Whether individuals or what we call countries or nations.

The “danger” is, as Mr Putin puts it  when through propaganda you  convince a group of people they are the exception…meaning better than others. Not different. Better. That creates division. If you go further and  isolate them from the rest of the world, you conquered their minds. They have no way to relate to the rest of humanity as their brothers and sisters outside their territory.

When that happens you have a group of people without a real understanding of reality outside of themselves. When that happens is easy to suppress empathy community and cooperation with the rest of the world. that way the rest of the world becomes  a potential enemy… That way you can claim at any given moment without question that any president of your given choice  in the world is subject to become the demonic tyrant we will invade next. Because is not even about oil…it’s about ALL the countries resources.

Iran, Cuba and North Korea are the only countries in the world not complying with the Fed fiat money…the last ones to get there were Irak, Afghanistan, Lybia, Suddan and Syriastill fighting to avoid it…see the root of the problem? The thing is that those countries have courageously withstood the most cruel punishment for their non compliance…30 years global embargoes and lethal sanctions. Plus constant external contamination in terms of insertion. Dont’t forget that. Is that democratic?

The new global community  pearl necklace will be made stringing one pearl at the time…each pearl of equal importance in honoring her free will with their contribution to the good of all.


Back to our exceptionalism, and Putin, see the pattern? We have one specific tool of the divide and conquer modus operandi right there. In front of our eyes. We can use it to our advantage to lift one more veil of deception. Here are Mr. Putin’s words…

“And I would rather disagree with a case he made on American exceptionalism, stating that the United States’ policy is “what makes America different. It’s what makes us exceptional.” It is extremely dangerous to encourage people to see themselves as exceptional, whatever the motivation. There are big countries and small countries, rich and poor, those with long democratic traditions and those still finding their way to democracy. Their policies differ, too. We are all different, but when we ask for the Lord’s blessings, we must not forget that God created us equal.”

The technique of convincing Americans that they are the only exceptional ones. That is the danger. Right on Mr Putin. Why? Because it falls right there into the root of  fear thinking, separation, competition, exclusion scarcity and secrecy which is the virus of the mind. Divide and conquer is a pervasive strategy orchestrated at many levels  to keep us separated and afraid from each other.

When we all start seeing ourselves personally and nationally as the one and only part of the global community instead of the only one we’ll have remembered our real roots. We’d be able to create the antidote to the virus of the mind…The  thinking based on love, cooperation, community, inclusion abundance and transparence.

This is the message Mr Putin is puting on the table. In one word,  equality. Does equality resonate with you? It sure feels like a breath of fresh air for me.

To enable that kind of thinking, that one group of people are the exceptional ones is the root of the virus of separation. It doesn’t belong in the 21st Century thinking. This is why I salute Mr Putin for setting the tone for the language in the shift in consciousness.

Sometimes I see America as the old decadent Rome..The Capitol Capital, the Roman Forum replaced by the “Red Skin”  football stadium The Capitol and the Washington Memorial with all its falic symbols…the belly of the beast…not much difference between then and now when you think we have been abiding by the Roman Curia and Admirall Law…but that is another story.

It’s fascinating to me to see the reaction of the bully like  cowboys in power…we all know they are not used to a dialogue. They have been the masters of monologue for too long. You are with me or you are my enemy. If you are with me you keep quiet.

Unexplored territory my captain!!!

Funny how truth impacts truthless deniers, the draggers of the status quo. They are all very offended by Mr Putin’s remarks. From my corner of the mountain they are still behaving like 12 year old  bullies in shock  with the idea of a world based on equality where their privileges to overpower others go away…what then…

That’s all it is…the new kids on the block finally thrown out of the neigborhood due to repetitive  abuse…and guess what ! They don’t believe it…it worked forever why shouldn’t work now?

It’s a cronic case of the emperor has no clothes and has obviously not noticed yet…otherwise hopefully in this 3 dimensional irreality some changes would have been implemented in the language. It’s what you can call Tunnel vision on the verge of a wreck.

The beauty is that the debate is on the table and you can use it as a barometer. You will find that people thinking in love will understand the message even if it came from an ex KGB Agent…lol.


Part of the scheme is to convince Americans once they are isolated from the rest of the world that all governments are corrupt when the powers that be  are  the actual seed of corruption by selling their weapons to sovereign countries in order to  keep the industrial war complex going…But America has waken up. Americans are not willing to play any more. This is a grand day!!!

They see the corruption all over. Now is only about getting through the details really.

The next question would be who is going to go next after Syria, because you and I know it will not work if all countries don’t follow Syria surrendering their chemical weaponry to the City Council of the UN. What is really unacceptable is that the US and Israel get to keep them…who gives them the moral authority.

America is not willing to tolerate the double standard any more. Nor the entire world…it’s time to lead by example. Again, who is the next country that gets to be so exceptional  to stand for equality  and second Syria…for the rest of the other countries in the global community  to follow and show with their actions to be really serious about completely  eliminating  the most remote possibility of hundreds of thousands of deaths around the world.

Time for all of us to take full responsibility for it. Starting with the global governments.

After all we went along with the emperor’s clothes for a long while. We were directly complicit. Our money as been subsidising this lethal behavior.

Time to grow up. All of us.




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ODD People Radio show Join us!!!

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Hi  my endearing ODD friends!

Join us today  for our radio

ODD group radio show  from 1pm to 3 pm Pacific time. Our  hosts this

week, Nancy Hopkins ,  Cindy Shippy Evans  and myself.

We’ll talk about

  • Why pushovers attract bullies and and viceversa and how to stop the cycle of anger.
  • My own personal experience as a pushover learning to acknowledge and transmute anger to  assert myself. Learning to incorporate wholeness while modeling others.
  • Why there is nothing to forgive once you discover the value of the experience.
  • MODELING. We’ll also talk about the Mountain Project.
  • Your Enemy is your Master and why.

We’ll get updates from Nancy about her Community Project and upcoming book.  Kudos!!

We’ll get updates from Nancy and her journey leaving Walmart in the macro and adjusting her thoughts in the micro…what a great journey Cindy!!! So beautiful to watch!!!

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ODD people radio show Join us today

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Hi  my endearing ODD friends!

Join us today  for our radio

ODD group radio show  from 1pm to 3 pm Pacific time. Our  hosts this

week, Nancy Hopkins ,  Cindy Shippy Evans  and myself.

We’ll talk about MODELING. We’ll also talk about the Mountain Project.

We’ll also discuss the Russian study that sudied the 90% so called junk DNA and came up with the amazing result that the  DNA can be reprogrammed by the vibration and frequency of words!!!

Here is the link for the DNA article
please read
Here is the Mountain Project in progress…




Join us  today Sunday 8/8/2013 from 1 pm to 3 pm


in Wolf Spirit Radio and call us with your questions and thoughts.

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ODD Radio show today Don’t miss it

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Hi  my endearing ODD friends!

Today is a joyous day in our community! A new soul has crossed the bridge to our world. Cindy’s brand new grand daughter Alora !!! Welcome her Spirit and may she grow up in a world without fear and without war. May she be guided to never forget her source.

Welcome Alora !!!

Join us today  for our radio

ODD group radio show  from 1pm to 3 pm Pacific time. Our  hosts this

week, Nancy Hopkins ,  Cindy Shippy Evans  and myself.

We’ll talk about  Alice Miller and “The Gifter Child”,  why  human

compassion is the most damaged feeling in 3d hologram thinking

designed to perpetrate separation and how it’s done by breaking trust ties

with the mother,   enlightened witnesses and their impact in humanity,

why Hitler couldn’t have done it alone.

We will also tie that conversation with Walmart as a representative of

the corporate world and the  movie Walmart High Cost Low Price

portraying  the ultimate uncompassionate corporation. Many of you know

already that Cindy is championing the cause of Leaving Walmart.

we can’t wait to hear more  about her journey. .




Join us  today Sunday 7/7/2013 from 1 pm to 3 pm


in Wolf Spirit Radio and call us with your questions and thoughts.

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ODD Group Radio Show. Exploring Community Activism in a couple of innovative ways

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Great News my endearing ODD friends! Join us tomorrow  for our radio

ODD group radio show  from 1pm to 3 pm Pacific time. Our  hosts this

week, Nancy Hopkins ready to present a spectacular idea to harness the

internet in order to unite neighborhoods and communities to empower

one another to organize unite and take action on important issues.

An amazing tool…


The Neighborhood Online Network evolved out of a neighborhood


A developer claiming to be a “Religious Retreat” is attempting to get a

zoning change in a bedroom community of One Family Homes.

To get all the relevant documents available to the neighbors,

we started a website. That demonstrated the Internet is even more than

a way to bring the world together. We need to use the Internet to bring

neighborhoods together. The radio program on June 16 will explain

how to create your own Neighborhood Online Network and why it is

imperative that we do so.

Our other host  is Cindy Shippy Evans who also has a fantastic idea to

eliminate certain corporation’s power …

Cindy  has been blogging under From Cocoon to Butterfly has a new

blog. She is taking a courageous and unbelievable step. She is going to take

you thru her journey on her new blog. Here is the link and again,

Join us Sunday 6/16/2013 from 1 pm to 3 pm Pacific 

in Wolf Spirit Radio

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A conversation with an old friend

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Anger is a Gift from Divinity to Voice your Right to  Demand Better  

Wolf Spirit Radio


Namaste my beautiful Soul Partners on both sides of the sun.

I am pleased to invite you to listen to our next Sunday conversation with one of my best friends in the world. Sharon.

Many years ago a common friend said to us sitting in my living room that we should record our conversations.  She had her hands making the square of a TV screen while she was saying it. She was right I wish I had recorded. Sharon is one of my heroes in part because she never bought the rat race BS for women and chose to stay home to raise her children while she educated herself in the process like a pro. She has one of the most brilliant minds I have known.

An intimate thought provoking conversation and the story support to each others brilliance

  • Co dependency  passive aggression and the roots of anger in those behaviors.
  • How to acknowledge anger and use it as a gift to defend yourself transmuting it to a tool rather than a weapon against you.
  • Why pushover like  behavior attract bully like behavior and how to stop the cycle of anger.
  • My own personal experience as a pushover learning to acknowledge and transmute anger to  assert myself.
  • Why there is nothing to forgive once you discover the value of the experience.

We’ll be there from 1 pm to 3 pm Pacific time.

April 7  2012 from  1 PM to 3 PM Pacific…bring your questions and your thoughts  through the phone or the chat of  WOLF SPIRIT RADIO

 Here is an article on anger to introduce my views on that powerful energetic frequency we call anger.



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