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Announcement: Postcards for Inmates…How you can turn an ordinary postcard into an extraordinary message from the woods from your Soul to reach the frequency of your loved one’s Soul

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Yes, that is what I said : “How to turn an ordinary postcard into a message from the woods from your Soul to reach the frequency of your loved one’s Soul”

Looking Up

An Inspiring Card Collection

Postcards for Inmates

A message from the woods…

VAPHM Banner

You know the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words” right?…and if you sprinkle it with the resonant message, with the vibration of words and frequencies, where you can actually hear the voice of the wizard of the woods twirling through each character, conveying your thoughts to your loved one’s  thoughts like a silver thread soul to soul. Then, you get the added value of the Inspirational quotes that change lives. In that case you can make up a new concept…” An Inspirational quote is worth a thousand stories” It is only the beginning…because it is only the first steps to the whole story.

. A match made in heaven the image and the words

The quotes that change lives. The quotes that start meaningful conversations…

The images of the woods.

In one

The idea was simple, to match the magnificence of the image with the magnificence of the message to maximize its power.


  1. Being inspired and finding the coherent vehicle to express my feelings to somebody I love was always a treat!!!

  1. It is an invitation to express your feelings in the written word. Sometimes all you need is the entry thought to keep your hand moving and write the message your soul wants to articulate to connect with the frequency of your loved one.

  1. Sometimes you feel like taking action, thinking out loud and need the resonant entry message to create the conversation from soul to soul that you so much long for.

Now you have the opportunity to simply express it with  the first  Hawk Mindset Looking Up  Post Card Collection …a meaningful message from the Woods, from your Heart !

I am honored and ever so  excited to announce our  first 50/50 “The Magic of the Middle Line” Joint Venture with my Hawk Team Member Ellen Atkin and Pacific Digital Arts.

 It’s been an amazing experience!

A partnership between the magnificent visuals of Ellen’s photographic art and The Hawk Mindset’s Inspirational quotes. Helping to Raise  the vibration of words and frequencies of the planet one card at the time.  One Visual Message at the time.

Ellen is an aerial photographer. Her photograpic eye is adjusted to the view from the Hawk eyes. She makes a perfect partner for the Hawk Mindset.

How many cards in this first collection?

18 Images emanating Inspirational quotes to choose from.

So, here it is…the first Line of Hawk Mindset Inspirational Card Collection…

Looking UP!!! Postcards for Inmates 

 “Hawk Mindset” Card Collection

I always felt Trees were the message keepers and the silent witnesses in Gaia.

So…How did it all start?

It was my endearing friend from Facebook Holly, Lovett Sampson who inspired me to co create this project with Ellen Atkin and Vancouver Aerial Photography. Here is what she had to say about the “Hawk Mindset” Inspirational quotes that I have been posting regularly in Facebook for years now.

She helped me remember that the coherent quote said at the coherent  time can literally activate your DNA in unpredictable ways  Shifting the mindset in an organic manner. This is what she wrote on my wall:

“Luz I have been dealing with a bit of PTSD (not unusual) I Wanted you to know I’m here and Hearing all of your True Love and Beautiful Words. Thank You for Being There. The Universe will provide whatever is needed. It is My Personality dueling with My Soul, My Real self. I think you know me enough which side will win! I already feel Better “talking to You” I’ve also learned to Love the Part of myself that just Loves to be Just with myself. Just to Be. (well, never alone, 14 dogs, 5 cats and 40 acres of very Spiritual Land. Yes, I’m Very Blessed. OK Dr, what do I owe you! Just know you are truly Helping Me stay grounded and reminder of my Knowledge! Didn’t mean to ramble on. You are one Very cool Chick !!!”

I have had so many testimonials like this over the years. But this one says it all. Thank you so much Holly!!! I remember the first testimonial I received from a friend, in person when I first started blogging: “ I want to ask you a question…he said. “Sure” I answered. He asked: :How do you know exactly what I am feeling and thinking ? How do you do that?

We really do it through activating empathy!!! Quotes can change lives through empathy and compassion, turning into the glue to Oneness. Mark my words.

Now if you match the written word with the visual experience of magnificent creatures like trees, you get the ultimate Card Experience I would say. I am very satisfied with the result. Ellen is too.

But don’t let me hold you. See it for yourself and share it with your friends.

Click here.

Looking Up is a Collection of 18 pictures, each one with its own affirmation. within a click from you.

P.S. What if you have somebody in the for profit jail system or you want to send this Collection to your whistle blower heroes.

Bring to our heroes a piece of the woods!

Here is the story!

P.P.S. Did you know that we can reprogram our DNA with the vibrations of words and frequencies?

Don’t miss this unprecedented article!!! It will connect many dots!


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Sticky: My site has been hacked. What do I do.

September 6th, 2011 No Comments » Filed under Affiliates

It is one of those things that you think is never going to happen to you. Even thought you hear other people having the experience: One day you get up in the morning, open your site and instead panic, you get a burgundy sign that is even more scary than the the blue screen you occasionally encounter in your computer.

Your site has been hacked! Horror! All your work of more than 4 years in the hands of who knows what crazy person invading your privacy.  An intruder in your sacred space. The worst webmasters nightmare. Actually it had never happened before. I got a lot of spam but that, never.

If you are in the same situation now,  STOP, breath and stay calm.  Most likely it can be reversed.

When it happened to me I was lucky enough to find the solution to my devastating problem with not too much headache or hustle or a huge hole in my pocket. I found a site able to scan your website right away. How cool is that!

Not only that, but able to fix the problem at a very reasonable price. Plus it gives you peace of mind monitoring and back up for a year at 29.99 per month…

So please go to this site and scan your site immediately and test it.

The truth is, what I loved the most about sucuri is that they don’t do scare tactics.

When I was researching for help during the time my site was hacked I contacted other people. I got a call from somebody representing another company to solve my problem. I told her I was pretty comfortable about going with sucuri for $29.99 a month. She said she didn’t believe sucuri could solve my problem and I should keep her information to call her when that happened. She gave me a quote of $400 to start. I explained it was a trojan, a malware. She still assured me I would need her because my problem was not going to be completely solved.

The result was that sucuri not only could do the job but it will be monitoring my site and give me continuing service for a year.

I just have not much tolerance for  people talking against their competition without ground and adding scare tactics to situations that are already scary enough, don’t you?

This is the story why I decided to become an affiliate for sucuri. I am so grateful for the service from the sucuri team, and excited to share the crucial information at the same time I  create a little stream of revenue. Perhaps you could become an affiliate too and it would be a way to contribute the fight with virtual intruders or what we call hackers.

I just don’t want anybody to go through what I went through when my site was hacked. I have to say that I launched my blog on January 27 and never had an experience like that. Unfortunately seems there are more hacker attacks these days. If you don’t have protection, this is an optimal solution. If you have been attacked, this is the place to start.

I wish you the best of lucks :)



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Some thoughts on cold calling

April 18th, 2011 No Comments » Filed under Sales

I am working with a client on my “Interview cold calling Method” to craft his mission into his branding in 3 paragraphs. To find the keynotes to the melody of the conversation to engaging his prospect with empathy in the subject that matters to him or her without wasting time nor words. To sequence the conversation that takes place after the prospect is engaged, in exploration if you both are a fit. I love this work so much. To use the power of words to communicate from the Thoughts, and the Heart in unison, like a straight arrow.

It occurs to me that if you started a phrase within the first part of the conversation, after the opening phrase saying something like this “I am looking for MY “IDEAL PROSPECT”, would that be you?

…And inserted instead of MY “IDEAL PROSPECT” the words that would connect and identify with the core of the problem that your client needs to solve, showing your EMPATHY at hello, your life as a sales person would be much more simple. You would become a straight arrow respecting your prospect’s time and yours. Your Authenticity would be leading the way voicing your keywords.

So let’s say we inserted my own.

Here it goes:

I am looking for an entrepreneur who has the need to train his or her thoughts because he/she knows how crucial it is for the health of his/her business. Would that be you?

What if I approached you with those words…wouldn’t it be easier to identify your ideal client? It is clear, straight to the point and it would require one phrase to pre qualify your prospect.

What happens there is that is that most likely because we started with empathy, the response will be honest and and empathetic with your cause so showing the spirit of cooperation, (because that is the kind of spirit you are attracting any way) it can be transformed into something like this…”Actually not myself, but I know of somebody who would be a great fit for you.

The thing is we are really looking for our ideal client, the one that will benefit 100% with our product because him or her will apply it 100%. Because he or she sees 100% value in it.

On another note, something else to take into consideration is that we are ONE thinking we are separate of one another, when that is an illusion…thoughts supporting that perception need to be archived. They are not relevant anymore.

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How an actor and an Entrepreneur meet similar challenges to connect with their audience.

January 3rd, 2011 2 Comments » Filed under Sales

When I used to  coach  Unlock the Game Members, I loved to use the theater example with Hamlet and his “To be or not to be” so appropriate to the human soul. You don’t become Hamlet overnight. You prepare to become Hamlet. It is not the same to recite Hamlet as it is to “Become Hamlet”

If you are an actor,  most likely it is your purpose,  you love what you do, and you want to add your own magic to the character,  you have to find your way to undoubtedly  “become  Hamlet”, because otherwise, you will never make it to Opening Night.

The deeper his  soul blends with Hamlet’s soul in the process, the better job he is  going to do,  at interpreting the character in its own brilliance, and the more all audiences will be enchanted by him and his craft. Now, what is the science behind “Becoming Hamlet”, or being a master actor. The same science behind mastering the Art of the Entrepreneurial Mindset and being a master Entrepreneur.

It is hard to believe when you think about it. But one of the main elements to accomplish  success  in acting,  is repetition.   Rehearsal, right?   Inspiration needs Perspiration  at once and in unison with her. As a matter of fact we learn through repetition and unlearn through repetition. Repetition is key.

You get that concept,  right? Now, bear with me here. Believe it or not, his is the  same process you go through to become an Entrepreneur who actually masters the Art of the Entrepreneurial Mindset.  You prepare yourself  like an actor for Opening Night for your Audience. When all your thinking,  feeling and acting are  going to be aligned to become the Mindset that will manifest the Entrepreneur in its entire  potential.

How do you prepare ? You prepare by studying the character in depth, reflecting and researching on his or her personality, and life experience. Then, you start the repetition. Rehearsal. Until you master it. The same way an Entrepreneur prepares to meet his or her audience, by reflecting and researching their prospect’s thinking and  needs, and crafting the language to communicate the solution, in a process of repetition.

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