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Open Letter to my Tribe Members.

March 24th, 2009 No Comments » Filed under Letters

Some of you have come to me lately, in the last months  and asked for the newsletter or the post notifications with surprise because  you  had not received any in  a long time,  trying to alert me at the same time to make sure the emails  were not lost in the immensity of the ciber space.

Thanks guys, for looking out. The truth is I haven’t been posting in the blog  since December. More likely slowed down dramatically after the summer.

This doesn’t mean that I have not been writing. As a matter of fact, I have been writing a lot. Mission concepts, sales letters, revenue projections, Business Plan elements. Equity branding.

So, for the ones of you who have been asking about the coaching and the services in Soul Hang Out, those of you who are in my tribe, have been in my tribe for years and those members to come, for years, I have great news.

I have come up with a plan to use Soul Hang Out as the platform of the Soul Hang Out Tribe.

I never imagined how long takes the process of weaving an idea into manifested reality. The study, the research, the focus and passion involved. It has been an amazing process, though. It was the time needed to craft the language that will convey the vision of the mission.

I have to admit, my dear friends, I have been feeling bad about not keeping the connection with you all, through the blog.  However, at the same time it was important  to go into creating the best systems and elements to get the word out and the most important one. Find the right language that will speak to my audience. So I figured since there is no two of me, I did not have a choice. I did miss you all a lot,  though!!!

So, now is the time to come out of the creative cave and voice out my mission. Coming out with my voice has been a whole process in itself. It was kind of comfortable to be in my mute  cave and just write.

Believe it or not,  2 years of research,  deep study of the masters, internet marketing, business and sales 21st century mindset, combined with a lifetime experience and study of the human mind, and human behavior starting with mine, and a lifetime as a sales person selling advertising, have positioned  me in an advantageous position.

My thinking is suddenly the new trend. it feels fantastic!

The irony is that at a time in history that the status quo is collapsing in front of our eyes,  and some people are paralyzed and panicking, on one side,  it has never been so easy to become an entrepreneur and attain financial freedom while being HAPPY at the same time, on the other side.

The result is that these days you have two kinds of conversations going on. “Oh my god what are we going to do,,, is so bad” and the other one that says “Oh my God, this is such an immense opportunity to create a new world where everybody wins. Because what  it is important after all is to do what you love to do for a living. For one thing is more productive. Because it makes people more happy ,  more creative and of course more productive.

So, I personally don’t engage in conversation about how bad things are. Because I think there has not been a better moment in history to make a difference to make a better world by our actions.  As Berny Dohrmann, the Chairman of the Board of CEO Space says, “this is not a cause any more It  is a cultural revolution.”

I couldn’t agree more.

The faster we understand the big picture here, the easier the process will be.  Change implies some reflection and effort, I am not going to deny it, but what is the alternative. Think about it.

In order to do the shift in a less painful manner, it is important to reconnect with History. It is important to acknowledge the past as the stepping stone from the present to the future. The Past is important, not to reminisce, or dwell, or get hooked without questioning. It needs to be questioned because it holds  the keys  for the future.

Throughout all this process, while building my equity branding, I came to the conclusion that there are too many gurus out there telling people what to do.

I like the idea of going  back to the “primitive” customs, recreate the circle around the bonfire, of those tribes who are connected to what it is. Today,  in spite of the technology. The  elder, passing the torch of wisdom to the next generation. The stories of their experience. The voice of the Grandmother, bringing the keys for the future, with the acknowledgment of the past. Integrating the Inter-Generational conversation.

Then I realized that I just had to embody that grandmother. I was that grandmother. I am 60 and have one grandson.I am that voice coming out of that grandmother. I was born in 1949.

So, here it goes, what I call my equity branding. Ready?

I am the Thought Provoking Irreverent Pearl Necklace Grandmother of the 21st Century. Poet and Marketer.

I hang out at  my Tribe,  Soul Hang Out and we help teenagers and millennials monetize their passion providing them with the tools and resources to manifest their dream.

This is the Entrepreneurial Era. Entrepreneurs inspired by their passion to contribute to make the global village of the future. A better world. Working in cooperative spirit to create abundance for everybody. No, I am not hallucinating. It is simply a new, progressive,  more productive and effective paradigm shift.

  • I am also coaching Sales People and Entrepreneurs with the Unlock the Game mindset, to craft the conversation that will help them become their own Fearless Unique Selling Proposition.

Helping Sales people to think like Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurs, to think like Sales people.

  • I am facilitating “The Peaceful Woman” Passages retreats in Hawaii, in September and October two separate weeks. 6 women per week, if somebody is attracted to the idea of revealing the Real You while connecting with the sacred places of the island, I will get you the details soon.
  • I’ll be celebrating Bionic Golf Tournaments to raise funding for millennials and teenagers. To help them manifest their dreams. Become entrepreneurs, authors, physicists, actors, farmers, musicians, artists, whatever they want. Soulhangout community, helping each other raise capital. Screw the banks.
  • In view of the situation with the economy, I have decided to create different mastermind groups with 4 people each, on a fixed time frame once a week. One specific subject. That way instead of paying $350 per person, you pay $85 and  you can benefit from the input of the group. It is a great way to get unstuck. Accessible and reliable. It expedites the process.
  • I have started a group  on facebook with Paul Meisman, an  expert in MLM’s or network marketing companies, where we are guiding people through attaining success in network marketing while at the same time serving as a resource for MLM’s that are designed for everybody to make money. Not just a few. You will have weekly podcast.
  • I have started a group on facebook with weekly podcast conversations with Natalie Stoltzfus, called The UTG Sales Mindset Chamber. Going deeper into the Ari Galper mindset. If you have trouble selling the old way, this is something you want to consider listening. It will have weekly podcasts.

So, as you see, there is a lot going on. Stay tuned for more.  Thank you guys. I couldn’t have done it without you. 50/50, remember?

A big hug to everybody. I am very happy to start the ACTION phase.


Look for me up in Facebook

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Thanks Seth Godin for Naming the Dream of the Future

November 22nd, 2008 20 Comments » Filed under Letters

I found this picture, as a tribute to “Tribes.” The kaki tree from my childhood.  Winter Fruits.  A warm fruit bearing its vitality in the naked tree of the winter. Photography by Antonio Bellon a 31 year old from Spain. Flickr.

Seth Godin published his latest book. Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us

Thanks Seth, so much for naming the dream of the future.

For validating the partnership between our right and left brain.

For joining the conversation in our minds and confirming  we are not alone…and we are on the right track.

It helps dissipate the fear and reinforce the blind faith.

It fuels the burning desire to continue its dedicated path.

It provides the balm of  awareness in transition to imminent change.

It acknowledges the scene of the consequences of our actions.

It invites to Step in the Present and  Make History…

It reminds us that as Albert Einstein said, success without value is not success.

It revives the quiet tribal wisdom of the past to close the circle of the future.

It shows us that being spiritual is nothing more and nothing less, than being human.

After all, Galileo Galilei was right when he said: “You cannot teach man anything, only help him find the answers within himself.

Who would have guessed that the very answers within ourselves, starting with our passion, can lead to a fulfilled life  of abundance. Pretty solid concept. Pretty enchanting scene for the future. It makes pretty darn sense.

I could go on with the the layers of wisdom  and the acute/ accurate historical and socio-economic analysis that your book delivers. However, due to  its  atemporal and perennial nature we can always revisit. This is only the beginning. There will be more revelations and more realizations along the way, In the meantime I want to take the moment to tell you a little newborn tribe story.

It all started perhaps 7 years ago. I was in my early 50’s and had declared to my tribe that after 50 I would celebrate my birthday if possible all year. So, it was around March, my birthday and I had different celebrations going on. Not all necessary on the exact date I was born… One day a year to celebrate you are born, started to seem not long enough to me  those days. So I had several gatherings going on. Non of them was going to take place in my house…

“Why don’t you do a women  party” -said Becca – “That’s a great idea, -I said – We’ll do it.” When we finally got around it was May, and we were 9 women. All of them my friends. Most of them didn’t know one another. Maybe 2 or 3 but not everybody. They were as diverse as it gets in terms of age, experience and ethnicity. Each one of them was an important part of my world.

We had a blast. I was so happy to have them all dispersed around the house. In many instances they  had heard about the other through my excited enthusiasm. (I speak my thoughts out loud). I  just got out of the way and alternated  my  focus between the joy of listening to the echo of the conversations going on, my passion for the food, attending  last touches  to the great meal I had prepared for them, and  conversing with the ones brought to the kitchen by their  own organic desire to be there and help.

The conversations were fascinating. The group asserted instant homogeny. You could “taste” the energy, and “feel” the meal. It felt like the ultimate pleasure of being.

Somebody said something along the lines of some studies showing that women getting together  help boost up their endorphins in a way that actually adds physical years to your life.

Somebody said “we have to repeat this.”

The next time we did it we were 14. I liked the idea of having a sit down dinner and there is no room for more around my table. I created a special dish for the occasion. They loved it. It was a white lasagna with hearts of artichokes, crab meat, fresh mozzarella, fetta, and a white sauce sprinkled with sherry.

We talked about the need to revive the rites. The wisdom of the ancient tribes. The circle around the bonfire. We called it the White Lasagna. We institutionalized the name of the dish and  came up with a name for our encounters. “The rite of the White Lasagna.” The tribe had started its incubating period.

We started having these reunions more often. In each one we had the same menu. A green salad, the white lasagna and a special cake to celebrate again the birthdays of those ones that fell around the date of the reunion. Their extra birthday celebration.

That’s where the seed was planted. The seed of leadership I needed, to grow, and take the tribe to the next level. Sharon said . “You lead, we’ll follow.” It’s true, it wasn’t easy. However, I always had wanted to take my ideas and the coaching I developed and tested with them all to a new level. My coaching career. I was selling TV and print advertisingduring those years. They couldn’t wait for me to start…

A lot has happened since the first “White Lasagna Rite” event.

Today,  I have a blog, Soul Hang Out, a hangout place for soul activists, of course males and females who  understand that living in the present is History in the Making, and are willing to talk about their thoughts, or listen to other people’s thoughts. Plus, they are intrigued  by  the assortment of ingredients in our White Lasagna.

Today, I have created a coaching concept called “50/50 Coaching,  The Magic of the Middle Line.” People in my tribe have been applying it for years. People in my tribe have encouraged and supported me to follow this path.

Today I have  developed a “Thought Champions” Coaching program. People in my tribe want to share those conversations we have been having for  years. I want to share them with the world because I wouldn’t be here without them. Their testimonials are coming. They are bringing tears to my eyes. Their words match my words.

As an example, here is one from Silvana in Madrid:

  • That connection with life that one achieves conversing with you is a wonderful feeling!…time stops and one minute becomes an eternity…Difficult to express it in words…You have a gift to connect the other person  with his or her most profound being and revive situations that come back to clarify issues of the past to position them back in a more balanced and sane place in our lives.
  • My personal experience by your side has been very strong and I believe you have given me many tools to work in my personal development!!! That doesn’t mean it’s all done…no, of course, on the contrary…There is still a long way to learn, grow, be a better person, and you have motivated me to not be satisfied with the obtained achievements…one always can make one more step. Thank you!!!

It’s time to invite other tables around our table. Anyhow, it doesn’t accommodate enough people any more.

Thanks again, Seth for an invaluable gift to the planet…remarkable…your word, not mine.

For everybody who wants to make a difference and challenge the status quo, Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us is not a choice to read. Is a must.


Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us

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Open Letter to my Ideal Client

August 20th, 2008 6 Comments » Filed under Letters

Dear Client:

You and I haven’t met yet. At least not in a person to person mode. I have been thinking about you for a year and a half now. Well, let’s put it this way, I have actually been waiting to meet you for the last 48 years… I know, it seems like a long time.

Now I understand why. I was busy gathering enough tools along the way to be able to share and assist you. I had to enable myself to speak with the voice of my experience.

Believe it or not, looking back, connecting the dots backwards, it all makes sense. There is wealth in every moment. Every moment gave me a new piece for the puzzle of our common human nature. Every moment helped me collect a new set of integers I can now put at your service.

If I wanted you to materialize in my life I had to prepare myself. I had to be able to walk my talk. Otherwise, my help would not be transformational…and what we need, you and I here, more than anything, is the power of transformation.

So, for the last year and a half I have been not only thinking about you but also focusing on your needs. Your sorrows, your joys. Your dreams.

Now, after learning further who you are and how to communicate with you, I visualize You are my fellow human being, open to work on the voyage of your life.

You are awakening to a new way of doing things.

You know somehow that being more spiritual only means being more human.

You are open to exploring in the most hidden corners of yourself to find the truth, even if it hurts.

You are open to acquire the courage to call a spade a spade, out loud.

You are willing to take action to change what’s necessary in your life because deep down you believe you do have the power to achieve it, provided you work with your thought process, aligning your thoughts. Taking responsibility for yourself.

You are open to devote time and energy into this burning desire that’s propelling you to change.

The power of humility and vulnerability makes sense to you.

You are ready to recognize and discard those elements in your life that are impeding your life purpose to manifest.

The concept of “living in the present is history in the making” appeals to you. You are the maker.

I am so thrilled you and I are going to meet at last.

All that said, you need a little help. A lot is very new for you. It’s true, you are the master of your own destiny, It’s about mastering it. What does it mean? you have to learn to discern. To put the pieces together. That’s no small task. That’s your part. Your 50%. Your responsibility.

My part?

logo-english-8-26-2250 50 Coaching The Magic Of The Middle Line


I will give you the other 50%. We’ll met in the middle. I will walk with you while you write your history in the present. The one you want to write. The one you need to write.

The one with the set of integers of your life purpose.

Let’s imagine you have to go on a journey to the bottom of the sea. You have a burning desire to do this, the certainty you have to embark on this journey because you will find important treasures that belong to you and you are looking for. You are very excited and humbled by the anticipation of the experience. You are also a little overwhelmed and scared.

The moment of truth. Perhaps it is, after all the most important decision of your life.

Unknown territory my captain!

You need a guide. A person who is familiar with the bottom of the sea.

Somebody who will help you become familiar with the bottom of the sea.

Somebody who knows the territory.

A great part of the process is what unites us as human beings. The shared passion for the journey. The human need to relating, naming and confirming the steps. Drawing the map together.

A great part of the process is to strip away the drama and exchange it for the enjoyment of what it is.

I commend you for the courage to take action. I commend you for your determination, by your blind faith to go through the unknown.

I love the bottom of the sea. I spent more than 40 years there, as my ex husband says, It is my favorite place. I used to hang out there most of the time in constant exploration, when most people were not interested in knowing anything about it. Now, things have changed. More people are interested in exploring that territory, and it turns out I it’s a familiar territory for me. I am an expert guide. You can hire me for the job.

There is nothing in the world I would rather be doing. Guiding you to the bottom of the sea is my passion. A repeated pilgrimage to find the treasures that will give you back the most valuable parts of yourself.

Now, where do we start? That place may be vast and confusing. We have to go slowly.

We’ll go together with one specific task.

I have come up with an idea to get you started. Something simple and concise that you are longing to resolve. Think of an issue that is bugging you enough to make you feel like walking with a hole in your stomach or a knot in your throat. Derived from your relationship with somebody or something. You want to get rid of it. PRESTO! It’s time for it to go away.

Maybe you regret something was left unsaid; Maybe you are angry or frustrated because you didn’t express yourself. Maybe you want to set the record straight. Maybe you need to assert yourself.

The issue whatever it is, can be resolved by simply writing a letter.

Letters are powerful healing tools. Gary Halbert the legendary copywriter said:

“There is no problem in life that cannot be resolved with a good sales letter.”

I say: “There is no problem in life that cannot be resolved with The 50/50 Letter.”


Well, this issue that’s bugging you is a relationship with somebody dead or alive, an institution in the past or the present. It involves other human beings. You want to resolve it. You want to set the record straight. Mainly in your mind. Take your 50% of the responsibility and leave the other 50% with the other part.

The 50/50 Letter

will be a letter addressed to one or more human beings with the purpose of meeting them in the middle line between the 50’s. That place has the magic of balance. You’ll decide if you want to mail it or not. The result of writing the letter will be not affected by that.

50/50. Just pay attention to the numbers. See the balance?

I’ll coach you to write that letter. We’ll meet once a week on the phone, we’ll exchange emails, until it is ready. You decide if you send it or not. By the time we are done with the letter, you will be free of that feeling.

  • The hole in your stomach will be filled, or the knot in your throat will be untied.
  • You are going to be able to move on from that episode of your life that’s interfering with your growth and progress.
  • Furthermore, we’ll utilize that episode to move on. We’ll find the light underneath the ashes of the conflict. The treasure that’s lying at the darkness of the bottom of the sea.

As a result, you will have a map to the bottom of the sea.

The best part is that next time you want to go back, you will be able to go by yourself. You will know your way.

You will have the tools you need for the journey. The territory will become familiar for you. .

In order to write the letter we’ll determine together how much time we’ll need to accomplish the task. I estimate we need a minimum of 4 weeks and a maximum of 8 weeks. Depending on the issue.

That’s why I am so thrilled to be able to walk this path with you. I know you are going to fall in love with the bottom of the sea. I know that on the way back, you will start taking charge of your own destiny.

To resume, I have to tell you that even though I am an expert at the bottom of the sea, this is unexplored territory for me. I have done the journey with numerous people throughout my life. However, this is my first time with you. I also am a little scared and overwhelmed. and at the same time very excited and humbled by the anticipation of the experience. I will share the gift of my own vulnerability. That’s the meeting point.

Our shared humanity. The middle line. 50/50

Here are some examples of letters that you may want to write:

To your ex spouse for the sake of the children.

To a parent.

To a child.

To a boss or a partner.

To a friend,

To your ideal client.

To your left brain.

To an institution.

You can add your own personal one to the list.

When you are ready to start your letter, contact me. We’ll chat for a few minutes to see if we are a fit for each other and we’ll go from there.

Here is to you.


P.S. I included the Steve Jobs commencement speech at the University of Stafford , because of its immensely inspirational value. The relevance to the idea of connecting the dots backwards and following your heart. Enjoy it.

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A Little Person’s Voice About Divorce, and the Hispanic Nannie, a Hero in the Shadows

March 25th, 2008 10 Comments » Filed under Letters


Last week, somebody very close and very dear called me and told me that she had written a letter – Letters are powerful healing tools, for the giver and the receiver – she told me the story. Her brother in law had separated from his wife 3 months ago, and is now considering going back to his marriage.

She said she had this urge, a feeling bigger than her, to sit down by the computer and start typing. She said she started typing and started crying. She said she couldn’t stop writing, neither crying, until she finished the letter.

The letter is about a stuck little person hiding in a room feeling he or she wants to crawl under a rock and never come out. Sometimes our childish human behavior even when we are way into adulthood is very clear, like watching the 5 year old child acting out in the 55 year old lady’s body, who monopolizes the moment, not being able to share conversation with the group. Acting out in the fifties what could not be acted out at five. Sometimes is more subtle. In any case, while we engage in our childish behavior as adults, we don’t think while we fight with our spouse that maybe, there is a scared little person hidden in a room hibernating. With a desperate need to talk to somebody that will reassure him or her that his or her feelings are valid, and he or she doesn’t have to be trapped in that reality for ever. Here is the letter.

We are not disclosing the real names, in order to protect the persons involved, especially the children. Enjoy! Perhaps you feel identified or know a child in the same situation.

Hey. I am emailing you because I figured it’s better than a phone call for me. It’s easier to express myself. However, if you want to talk about it, I am there for you.

As you know, my mom and dad did not have the most cordial relationship. Yes, they loved each other very much.

(Although, I am convinced that my dad loved my mom lots more because he was hooked to her mental games. I realised it in my adulthood). However, when they fought, it was very sad for me. As a matter of fact, here I am, 39 and I can’t even type about it without crying. When my dad and mom argued, I would literally lock myself in my room and hibernate.

I am thankful for having had a live-in nanny that was my rock. I could “hide” with her and she would tell me that “everything would be fine”. Like I said, I had an adult to talk to and let everything out. Your little boys need to be able to talk to someone other than you or Elizabeth or anyone else in the families (non-bias) and VENT!!!

You can tell that Derek has so much inside that he needs to let out, but he can’t, because he unknowingly can’t tell anyone in either family for fear of hurting the parents. I, personally, think it would be very good for them to see a therapist. I had a nanny that I could count on for that, and if she would not have been around, I would have become even more of an introvert. I see myself in Derek. A shy little person.

Anyway, back to me (Peter would probably say typical…me me me). One time, when my parents had a screaming match, my dad got so frustrated that he kicked the shower door and had to get 23 stitches on the arch of his foot. He never hurt my mother physically, but he had to take it out somehow. That was the first big fight that I can remember and we were still living on Belle-view Dr. I was 8, I think.

We moved to the house on 19th street, which you have been to many times. And the fights continued, but now, my mom started calling the cops. Jason, that was the worst thing ever.,, I was so mortified every time the cops came…and they were there often. My house was perfectly situated where the school buses would all come down Stark Street, (which is directly in front of the house). I had to come up with creative ideas as to why the cops were at my house AGAIN!…IT TOTALLY SUCKED!!!

They also would fight when I had friends over, therefore I did not have friends over that often. When they came, I would turn up the stereo or TV up really loud, so they would not hear my parents fighting (again, verbally, never physically). I tried to pretend that it was not happening, but it was…

All I wanted to do was crawl under a rock and never come out. Seriously, it got to the point that I did not want to invite my friends over for the fear of my parent’s fighting. Now, I did have one thing going for me. My dad was in the travel business, which meant that he traveled all the time. He would be gone 1/2 of the year total. I hate to say it, but I could not wait for my dad to leave. Not having my dad around was like living in paradise… not because I didn’t love him, but because I knew there weren’t going to be any fights…and I could have my friends over (that included Elizabeth, BTW).

Now, when I knew my dad was coming back, my stomach would turn, I would feel sick. Since he was usually coming back from Europe, that meant that he would arrive at home when I was at school. I didn’t want to go home. Actually, I didn’t want to go home A LOT!!!

Now, you tell me… is that the kind of household a kid should come home to? A kid’s home should be their sanctuary where they should always feel safe…which is what your brother and I have given Rachel. Whenever I pick her up from school and I have to run errands afterwards, she gets upset because she wants to go home. She loves her home, not just in the physical sense, but in the spiritual sense.

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