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Bionic Golf Funding

April 29th, 2009

Hey Joe,

Have you ever played in a golf tournament before?


Have you ever played in a 100 hole golf-a-thon before?

HUH?  NO!!!

Me neither…
Do you know what you want to do when you grow up?  Have you already
started or are you just waiting to have the funding to do what you want in

The most exciting thing has just come my way!  I am part of a tribe called
“Soul Hang Out” and we are “Funding Millennials’ Dreams.”  We have joined
forces with B.I.O.N.I.C. Golf and we are launching our first Annual
Golf-a-thon to bring about fun and fearless funding for the Millennials.  Whether
the Millennials have found their purpose or not … they can come into this
program and begin to manifest their life purpose as entrepreneurs, artists,
inventors, anything their heart desires and start the process to become a
for-profit or nonprofit entity so they can begin to enjoy life with passion
and purpose!

This is going to be more fun than I ever dreamed possible in one day.

More golf … more golf balls, more food … more prizes … more incentives …
and OH … did I say … MORE FUN … than any golfer ever had before in
one day of golf.  Actually they tell me that it will be about the same as
playing a month’s worth of golf in one day.

I am looking for a team of eighteen (18) Millennials who will become

Tournament Sponsors as Team Leaders to work together and to recruit four (4)
golfers each who will play and seek incremental pledges for them as in the
Breast Cancer Walk.  The difference is that we don’t walk 100 miles … we
play golf for 100 holes to make a statement about your passion.

We only have room for eighteen (18) Millennials to be part of this pilot
program.  Each of you will make a commitment to find four (4) golfers to
play “in person” and four (4) virtual golfers who will play the game with us
“in spirit!”  Each of the eighteen (18) Tournament Sponsors will OWN one
golf hole and its four golfers and OWN one Virtual Golf Team and its four
virtual golfers.  You will each have one (1) golf hole that will be yours
in the tournament and have your Tournament Sponsor Sign on YOUR hole.  Your
golfers will be people who know you, trust you, believe in you, want you to
succeed more than anything, and will send out email letters to their
friends, family and business connections to seek incremental pledges for
your cause.  This is about a lot of people coming together to do a little
bit to help!

When I made my list of Millennials, I immediately thought of you!  Can I
count on you to be one of the eighteen?

This Team of eighteen (18) Millennials will receive coaching and mentoring
in our Discovery Roundtable meetings to ignite their burning desire and take
action to launch their funding through this B.I.O.N.I.C. Golf Extreme Golf
Challenge and secure their blueprint of their life purpose. They will also
be a part of “Thought Connection” a program to help them align their
thoughts to success. The best part is this … 18 Millennials will form
their Mastermind Groups through the Roundtables and will have one
another for brainstorming support for as long as they want!


TOURNAMENT SPONSORS pay an Enrollment Fee of $350 each to cover the upfront
expenses of this event including the Discovery Roundtable meetings.  This
fee provides each of the Millennial Sponsors a Tee Box Sign for everyone to
see and three (3) one hour Discovery Roundtable meetings so that each
Millennial is truly secure in their vision and mission.


We will work together as a Millennial Alliance and we will divide 80% of
the net proceeds of the tournament.  If each of the eighteen (18)
Millennials is successful with a Team of golfers and a Team of virtual
golfers who reach their pledge goal, we could raise $360,000.  After the
expenses of the tournament, we could divide somewhere between $295,000 and
$305,000.  Therefore, if the work was done evenly in successful
sponsorships, then each of the Millennials would divide 80% of this amount.
That would be somewhere between $244,000 and $236,000 (all depending on the
expenses of the event).  In this case with an even distribution to the
eighteen (18) Millennials, it would bring a return of between $13,111 and
$13,556.  What a return on a $350 investment!

The even better part is the Virtual PR Campaign that will be created about
each of your passions.  You will have working capital to start your
business and exposure so that people know what you are doing and are looking
forward to your success!


Reply to my letter with a “COUNT ME IN … LUZ!”

I will call you next week to set up a Conference call with Martha Sue of

B.I.O.N.I.C. Golf and start the scheduling for our Discovery Rountables that
will start in May.

All my best,

Luz Aguirrebena

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