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Are you a Start Up Entrepreneur stuck with your Language & Marketing?

October 9th, 2010
50 50 Coaching The Magic Of The Middle Line

Are you grappling  with trying to put together the  words that will convert into the crystal clear message and vision  you want desperately to convey to your audience?

Are you frustrated trying to find the keywords that will actually be the foundation of your business? After all words have a vibrational power,  did you know? The carry the resonant vibration of your dream.

Are you having trouble imagining the conversation you are to have with each one of your prospects to connect with his or her thoughts and the problem you passionately are ready to solve for them?

If you answered YES to all of the above questions, you are at the right place and this is  the right time.

You are not alone. The linear language of the left brain talking about the product is not effective any more.  Actually is plainly narcissistic. Think about it. Each person is exposed to 2,000 advertising banners and messages every day. They are all saying more or less the same thing.  “Buy my product. Look how great I am and of course I am better than my competition”.  You tell me how are people  going to discern if  none of them are talking to them whatsoever.

So many years repressing the language of the right brain, makes it difficult to remember the tone and the words that will connect with your audience at the human level. On the other hand, too many years of performing as robots with a logo in our forehead pretending we don’t feel, are preventing us to be authentic and empathetic.

Yes, because those  keywords are the platform to create your own Portrait USP ( Your Unique Selling Proposition). Empathy and Authenticity.

This is why I created the 50/50 Letter.

So, this document is composed of three fundamental elements.

  1. My introduction to the Why and How the  Entrepreneur Mindset philosophy is so important to create the language of your vision, and a little bit of the story.
  2. Melissa Allison-Lee’s experience and testimonial about our work together,  her Why,  How and a little bit of the story.
  3. The result. The 50/50  letter we weaved together as the foundation of our marketing plan for HeartWings.

I have to confess. I am just tired of the old long sales letters. Okay, okay, I know, they work. However,  it seems to me, even though they are a necessary part of your marketing strategy, nevertheless, things in marketing and sales are evolving so rapidly that it feels like there is a major need for serious innovation.

Besides, since for me, thinking out of the box is the norm, and I don’t feel that comfortable using all the traditional marketing methods, I am attempting to do some thinking out of the box here.

I know what you may be thinking. Yes, there are some things that just work. I agree. I am not talking about throwing them away. I am just talking about injecting some fresh blood to the selling equation.  If content is king,  and you combine innovation with things that work, blending the best of both worlds, you may get something very different. Alchemy. As a matter of fact, storytelling,  poetry and sequencing  go a long way in your communication with your audience, aka your marketing.

Something like transforming a pillow into a movement and a vision, using the vibration of  a string of words.  Like a pearl necklace. This is why I am inspired to share with you how this experiment works.This is why I am  filling you on  the 50/50. The Magic of the Middle Line experience. The work my client Melissa Allison-Lee  and I did together to propel her start up business “HeartWings” to the next level.

Gary Halbert used to say: “There is no problem in the world that cannot be solved with a sales letter”. Yes,  he was referring to the traditional sales letter, although we all know his letters still are perennial storytelling and magical gems. Letters are powerful tools for deep communication and healing…The truth is that companies like  “The New York Times” were founded on one  single letter. The original story.

The Middle Line between the 50’s is the zero zone. The space where two souls encounter and acknowledge their individual brilliance, teaming up to create something remarkable together.

The Thoughtful Targeted  Letter to engage the Prospect in the compelling conversation about what most matters to him or her in the moment.  Creating your own Portrait Equity Branding, manifesting your Fearless Unique Selling Proposition, becoming completely comfortable to bring your authenticity and your humanity back into the Business Equation.

Connecting with your Prospect’s thoughts at the human level in the first 10 seconds. Elaborating your sales plan and positioning yourself for you and/or your product to solve a real problem.

…Demonstrating with every cell of your body your genuine commitment to contribute to  your audience’s need when they are a fit. Conveying the message that you walk your talk every step of the way.

My mentor Berny Dohrmann,  one of the most progressive thinkers and visionaries I know, Chairman of the Board of CEO Space, says in his book “The Super Achievers Mindsets”: “Teams create exponential results. Two people working together do six times the mental performance of one person working six times as hard”.

Berny also says: “Ask the best writer to help you phrase the idea. Dress your idea with words that convey the ideals and principals you empower into your dream, as well as the basic concept. Words are the clothing of ideals and dreams”. Your business and your vision have to come through in your message.

The 50/50 Letter was born in the belly of Unlock the Game, Ari Galper’s unprecedented and innovative sales movement. Yes, I call it a movement because it goes way deeper than a method.

It was when Ari who so generously gave me the gift of his trust with his Unlock the Game Members, to coach them, research and experiment at the same time. It was in that year, April  of 2008. One of the fascinating experiences of my life. It was then when things started to take form with regard to my vision, the need to address the Entrepreneurial Mindset. I will be forever grateful.

Here is a little bit of the story.  I fell in love with Ari’s program, his innovative, progressive philosophy and language to help sales and business people all over the world.

“Nobody has ever spoken about my product the way you do, not even myself” said Ari. Before you know, after a few exciting and  resonant telephone conversations, I was coaching his Unlock the Game Members. That is how I began my research.

I started using my copy writing abilities to help my clients go deeper into the Mindset, and as a tool for them to connect with their clients. I  found that the internal dialogue required more attention. An acknowledging space.

Unlock the Game was an ideology, a movement, not a technique and too many layers of the status quo with its linear thinking were interfering with Ari’s impeccable language and vision. Ari agreed with me. That is when he decided to interview me with the purpose of  expanding the conversation to the thinking process.  The need to address our thoughts because they do create our reality.

Here is the recording.

After all, the only Unique thing left in this nonsense world is yourself, and your own Uniqueness. Of course it is worth branding it. That is the place where cooperation starts and competition disappears. There is no room for competition in a world where you maximize your Uniqueness.

You are the one and only, the mold was actually broken when you were born. Remember that! You got to wrap your personality around your USP. Whatever it is.

Before you know, Ari called me the Poet of the Mindset. I accepted the honor with grace and joy.

The thing is, that to implement the fundamental changes in the 21st Century, and the  Entrepreneurship Mindset,  we have to start with the idea that being an Entrepreneur requires thinking like a pioneer 21st Century  Sales Professional and to be a Sales Professional requires thinking like Cooperative  Entrepreneur. They are not separate.

They are both evolving to community cooperation, big picture thinking,  passion to contribute, and transparency from the obsolete model of competition, separation, fear and secrecy. The old Mindset is proven to be unable  to endure  more cycles.  It is not sustainable. In other words is in decay.

All that said, now is about working the muscle of the right brain in unison with the left brain. So, the mindset goes deeper. The truth is that we keep thinking that educating people is telling them what to do, when in reality all we have to do is inspire them to remember what they already know, and most importantly, remember who they  really are.

As Ari puts it, the purpose of the first contact with the prospect is finding your fit and the truth by joining the conversation your prospect is having in his or her head. How marvelous and refreshing. After that it is a matter of creating the optimal sequence.

I recommend Ari for anybody who is a sales professional struggling with the old script. He will change your life.

If you are your authentic self, you’ll be able to create a thoughtful conversation,  sequenced like  a string of words, the pearls of wisdom of your humanity connecting word by word to engage the prospects thoughts and his humanity into the thoughtful pearl necklace of trust we are offering to build. A definitely more sustainable proposition.

Here is what my friend and client Melissa had to say about our work together. It actually is a Facebook story…

50/50 Letter, my experience…

I have made many friends through my Facebook page as I have marketed and promoted my business “HeartWings”.  But most miraculous of all has been my relationship with Luz Aguirrebena.  To say that our meeting was pre-destined is almost an understatement.

I requested Luz’s friendship because of our shared friendship with Ani Kaspar, bestselling author of “Pelicans, Coconuts and Butterflies”, which narrates Ani’s amazing journey through the alternative healing world as she battles a very aggressive form of breast cancer.  Luz’s smiling face jumped out at me as if to say, “Contact Me! Now!”  From the moment we met on-line and began to post comments on each others walls and on shared chats with Ani,  we both knew that we were destined to work together.

When I invited Luz to take a look at my website,,  she readily agreed and was so enthusiastic and supportive of what my journey with this business, that is my passion was all about, as if she was in my head. As if she saw my vision through my eyes.

I was honest with Luz in telling her that I was not in a position to afford a marketing specialist, much less my own expenses, as I had come to the end of my financial capabilities in regard to HeartWings. I literally felt that I was taking a step off the cliff edge, so to speak.  At the same time,  I had such a strong, intuitive sense that this business was being divinely guided to success in a way that my human mind could not even begin to grasp.

Luz persisted in talking with me about how she could help, and soon told me she felt so strongly that HeartWings was going to succeed in a big way, that she would work with me to get things going in the right direction and we would address the financial end of our relationship on  a contingency basis as things began to develop within the business .  We reached an agreement. We would work 50/50. The rest is history.

We have kept in contact with each other on a regular basis and discovered so many different things we have in common that make it evident this work we have come together to do is no accident.  But, are there any accidents?  I think not.

Luz has been supportive, intelligent, innovative, knowledgeable, caring and such a mentor as HeartWings goes to the next step and begins to take off becoming the shooting star it was meant to be, from the minute I was given the design in the middle of the night seven years ago. That moment I proceeded to embark on this journey of blending my HeartWings Entrepreneurial Endeavor, while weaving it with my journey of self discovery and growth, to turn both into my ultimate purpose in life. Luz’s marketing vision have proved to be  invaluable.

Luz talks about walking together The Magic of the Middle Line between the 50’s.
It means our brilliance blending together in one. At all times.
It means creating magic with each page we write, every person we contact and connecting  the dots of the real business  we are manifesting and seeing come to fruition.

This is a symbiotic relationship in which two like minded, open minded people have joined, through cyberspace, to create something that will touch and heal the lives of countless people who are in search of their own self identities, their own healing and the experience of unconditional love and forgiveness.

This is a miracle in the making.

That is the reason I invite you to stay tuned as it unfolds and grows into a giant flower that sparkles in the sunlight as it greets each new day.  I am blessed to know and to work with Luz Aguirrebena.  She is a living angel who came into my life at just the right time. Divine guidance was functioning on both ends.

The truth is, we are so eager to have you share in this 50/50 experience, because we are having a blast!!!

They call it Marketing and Copy writing,  Luz calls it ” The Magic of the Middle Line”.

Your support and interest in watching our progress will further bring this endeavor closer and closer, co-creating miracles with universal coherence. It’s all in the Magic of the Middle Line. Luz not only writes and talks about it. She walks it too.

Should you be working on your own project and need someone to stand beside you in every  way to   help you with your language and marketing, and would like  your own 50/50  Magic of the Middle Line experience, stringing  your message from your heart to your audience’s heart, like a pearl necklace of wisdom,  as Luz expresses it, she  is your guide.

She will work with you, as she has worked with me, stand beside you in every way. She will make the process simple, yet so filled with love and compassion.

Your life will be changed forever with the touch of Luz on your business and in your life.  Your adventure awaits! Contact Luz today and let the magic begin! She will give you a half hour of her time to find out if you both are a fit. I know Luz only works with projects she falls in love with. Lucky me.

Now, I know you want to know more. As for me,  I can’t wait to share with you, the fundamental piece of our Marketing plan and strategies, the letter Luz and I crafted together for my business, my movement, my dream, “HeartWings”. The Letter to my Audience. My  50/50 Letter.

Attached is the link to the letter to my HeartWings soon to be our tribe  Members. The Profile letter, the Foundation letter. The Soul Letter. The Let’s start the conversation Letter. All of the above in one. Written with the language of the Heart and the Mind in Unison.

Have you ever felt the deep need to be present with your loved one?  That person who you care so much for, who is sick, troubled and miles away…?
I am sure you have.

They may be serving in the armed forces, suffering from serious illness, cancer or just depression and hopelessness.  They may be near or afar.  You know…that huge sense of impotence and frustration that this engenders while you cannot physically be there for them…or feel  like you cannot help them in any way!…?

That is what we are talking about.

Are you feeling that urgency of showing your love, and your care for this person?  Are you compelled and powerfully driven to let them know how important they are to you and long for some special way to show your support during the challenging time they are facing?

I’m pretty sure you agree with me that all of us, sooner or later, have experienced situations like these in our lives, whether with a child, an aging parent, a sibling or a dear friend.

I am with you.  As a matter of fact, that powerful feeling, inspired me to create a very special alternative to your human touch, in that specific situation.  One carrying amazing healing thoughts and energy, acting as a sacred balm to your restlessness.  One that will get your Spirit to fly and facilitate that energy to remain with them.

This is how HeartWings was born.

Yes, HeartWings.  Curious so far?

HeartWings is a special little pillow.

Yes, a special little pillow I created, that delivers the comfort of that hug you’d so like to give if only you could.

Staying with your beloved as a reminder of your love.

The special pillow that represents you and your human touch.
The special pillow that shows up as your caring heart.
The special pillow that embraces your loved one with the wings of healing…an extension of your arms.

The pillow in the shape of a heart, the heart that came from your very being, growing wings to fly towards your loved one.

Let me share the story with you.

I sustained permanent damage to my spine after being in a car accident.  Little did I know then, that my life would never be the same again.  My successful career as a chef and restaurant owner came to a sudden halt.

What was I to do with all of the gifts I had to nurture others and touch their lives in such a healing way now that I could not “stand up” to the hard work of running a restaurant.  How could I continue serving them in any way now that I could no longer prepare the delicious, healthy foods I had become known for.

Being faced with the necessity of making a living in spite of my new disabilities, I began to search for alternative ways in which I could passionately support and heal the lives of others.

The design for HeartWings was literally manifested in the middle of the night in a dream.

I awakened, quickly sketched the outline of the pillow and the words, “Heart” and Wings that kept repeating over and over in my mind.

When did this happen?

It happened 7 years ago.

Since that sunny Tuesday morning, seven years ago, I began to hand make each pillow for friends and family members, until I realized the amazing energetic impact the pillows started to have on anyone who touched one.

Soon enough,  I saw the need for help with producing enough pillows to fill the orders.

I ordered a HeartWings pillow with the breast cancer pattern in memory of my mother who recently passed away. I use it in my office chair daily and not only do I feel the lumbar support of the pillow, but I like to think of it as a reminder of how my mom was behind me, every day supporting me. I recommend this pillow for any one who needs comfort with support!”

Chris P., Gainesville, FL

The search for help, magically led me on a path to a group of very special spiritual beings having the human experience of disabilities who now hand make each unique pillow, located in northeastern Georgia.

In fact, the pillow goes with a message from the special person who handmade your pillow, from their heart to yours, placed in the pocket.  From the heart of the maker to your heart and onto the heart of your loved one.

What is remarkable about this journey is that now I realize that we are creating a complete circle of healing energy that was built through my initial dream, the people who make HeartWings and the loved ones who receive the gift.

“After losing a loved one, the Heart Wings pillow helped us and our child get through a very emotional and difficult time.

We loved being able to insert a personalized note to her in the front pocket. The pillow comforted her and let her know how much we loved her. She still carries it everywhere.”

A.L. Meyer, New Orleans, LA

A chain of healing to associate the dissociated inside out.  A chain of healing to eliminate the illusion of separation.  A chain of healing that will be even more powerful than your presence, or will add to your presence if you are close.  Your physical presence that is…Your Spiritual presence will be soaring.

Because your spirit will be traveling with your pillow.

I LOVE my Heartwing.  It is so comfortable and I used it all day.  Initially I thought I would just leave it in the car but it came into the house with me and is now in my chair.  Everyone is right … it sort of hugs you.  What a brilliant idea you had!!!
Thank you so much for my gift!

Now, you need to know that due to the crafted way in which HeartWings are made, supplies are limited.  The demand is increasing…if you have a loved one in need of your spiritual touch, don’t delay the opportunity to convey your feelings from the powerful magnetic field of your heart.

Click here  HearWings to send your pillow to your loved one and receive our free HeartWings t-shirt that will prove you are a proud participant of the HeartWings chain of Healing.

Don’t delay the opportunity to send your gift.  The wings of healing, an extension of your powerful heart.  Making sure you touch your beloved’s soul with the gentle pulse of a healing chain of He-art and craft.

HeartWings is more than a gift.

“My husband received a HeartWings pillow as a birthday present and loves it.  He has a bad back and has to spend many hours sitting in front of a computer at work.  He uses his HeartWings pillow for lumbar support and it works great!  It’s not only a comfort, but a nice reminder of the person who gave it to him.”

Maura A., Colorado

It is the extension of your heart, taking flight on healing wings, creating a bridge between your soul and the soul of your loved one.

Choose the one that fits you!

Stay tuned to our next Joint Venture, with my dear friend, the remarkable  and inspiring Ani Kaspar’s Tribe Book…another Facebook story.

“Pelicans, Coconuts and Butterflies”

Ani Kaspar is a pioneer of non-invasive alternate cures for cancer. She’s a humanitarian, seeker of truth and conduit for healing. Ani’s humanitarian call to action “Compassionate Cure for Cancer®” asks cancer patients worldwide to request the modern medical community investigate and deliver natural, less invasive methods of treating and curing cancer. She is a four year thriver of intra-ductal carcinoma—the most prevalent breast cancer in the world. Today, Ani consults, conducts educational seminars, workshops and retreats, and is a life coach and international speaker. After abandoning Wall Street, in 2005, she founded BodyByBliss™, an international wellness consultancy. She is the creator of a unique, self-exploration method called Intuitive Sovereignty or IS™. Ani is fifty one years old and lives blissfully in Rincon, Puerto Rico with pelicans, coconuts and butterflies.

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