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Are we the Baby Boomer generation going to stand up for our children the Millennials?

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Morning Torch by McAzade (I love the idea of changing the concept of a torch to this morning torch.)

Are we, the Baby Boomer generation going to finally stop, think, and listen to what Millennials are trying to tell us?

Are we going to do what our parents couldn’t do which is stand up for our children and be open to the perception of the world they have and learn from it instead of dismissing it as  non viable?

Are we going to seriously reflect and take responsibility for our part in this dissociated world we created and set the record straight with our children?

Ar we going to surrender to that new unknown world that we are co-creating  and admit with humility that our children understand it a lot better…

Are we going to be brave enough to apologize to our children for making such a mess and mainly for throwing the real values of life  out the window?

Are we going to pass the torch of wisdom…or are we going to once again pass the torch of judgment.

Are we going to make an effort to see the big picture the way they do?

I tell you…They hold the keys of the future. Be aware.

We better start rethinking what ADD, ADHD, and even Autism really mean to us. You may not know that underneath each of our ADD or ADHD or Autism prescription there is a genius trying to tell us you are not listening to their actual needs. Their needs are a very important thing. They should be a priority.

Check out this video with an in depth analysis of myths created around millennials  that have nothing to do with them. They have all to do with the perception of the previous generation about them. That’s the Baby Boomers. Shame on us… for being the propagators of these myths.

Please check this out. It will help a lot in the process of understanding millennials behaviors and their noble motives. I myself, as a 60 years old woman, take my hat of this demographic group, my kids generation, for remaining sane in this warfare environment we have created for them and above all for not putting up with our BS.

That is the choice we have to take. More of the same? or a new world led with passion, cooperation, non competition that can benefit from the insights of all of our experiences in a 4 seasons Vivaldi style combined with hip hop, rock, salsa and so many more in between.

The torch of wisdom threading an inter generational dialogue to connect the dots.


Here is to you.


The Thought Provoking Irreverent Grandmother of the 21st Century.


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