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March 27th, 2011

A letter to the Chilean Minister of Economy.

The Honorable Juan Andrés Fontaine

Minister of Economy, Government of Chile
Moneda 975, 12th Floor
Santiago, Chile
Postal Code 8320239

Señor Ministro,

First of all, I want to thank you for your vision for the future of Chile and your contribution to the welfare  of the planet. As you well know,  the equation has changed. It’s not about isolation any more. It is about the Earth ‘s collective consciousness…I commend you for your innovative initiatives to expand international Entrepreneurship mindset collaboration. Initiatives to contribute in uniting the South with the North. The two sides of the same coin who sadly have been ignoring one another  for too long.  Congratulations for Start up Chile, the progressive project  I was so thrilled to find out about, the endeavor that   is scaling up to a second phase this year, helping to convert Chile into the hub of innovation and entrepreneurship in Latin America.

Actually, the entire world,  as per your own words: “Positioning Chile as the business platform of Latin America and the world, and above all attracting foreign talent with the end goal of generating culture and an exchange of knowledge with the local entrepreneurs”. This is very exciting to me,  a Chilean visionary baby boomer female  who has lived for the last 26 years in “The Belly of the Beast”, the capital of the Empire,  Washington D.C.  Somebody working and researching in the fields of entrepreneurship, IM, traditional marketing, advertising, PR, sales and Hispanic Media. A CEO Space Graduate and a System Seminar Graduate among other things.  Furthermore, included in the package goes the added value of a  passion about coaching  the new economy, new cooperative entrepreneurship, new sales and marketing mindset.

You have to know, that this communication started as a standard letter of recommendation.  However,  I should have known better.  On my side, there is hardly any vestiges of standard in my persona or my upbringing. After all I am the daughter of the man and the woman who together convinced General  Domingo Peron to ship the water-polo Chilean delegation to the 1948 London Olympics, the first Olympic Games after world war II,  in his own presidential aircraft…but that’s another story.

Not only that, but the godchild and adopted grandchild of a remarkable Chilean Historian. Eugenio Pereira Salas. My endearing uncle Eugenio who planted the seeds of fascination for the  Historical perspective in my open and curious child’s head. (The masters say “Give me a child for the first 7 years and then do whatever you want with him or her”).  Uncle Eugenio was an active role model in my early years, before I moved to Spain at 17.

The Masters know how important those years are to the formation of character. (There is a story about me at 3 years old storming into my godparents dining room with my “pelela” while uncle Eugenio and aunt Lila were entertaining the ambassador of the USA his wife and some friends in a cozy conversational dinner. (I think it was Vicente Salas and his wife).  But that story I will keep for when we personally meet, with the Olympics one.

Uncle Eugenio’s childless marriage with aunt Lila, one of our greatest sopranos, (Lila Cerda), made him love me like a granddaughter… my mother had taken the role of his daughter  many moons prior to  my birth…It was only natural that I would become their spiritual grandchild,  my  parents  had already  given them the role of godparents when I was born. Aunt Lila was my grandmother’s sister. That is how I inherited the privilege of uncle Eugenio’s time and undivided attention throughout my childhood.

As you can imagine, with that background, I cannot give you a standard letter of recommendation.  On the other side,  honestly, neither the person I am recommending deserves a  standard or ordinary letter of recommendation by any means. She is actually quite extraordinary. Her name is  Shonika Proctor.

The truth is, this letter, even though it  started as a letter of recommendation is rapidly turning into a letter of presentation. The presentation of a vision and the story around it. Bear with me.

A vision I must share with you.  It is about the story of an African/American,  generation  “X” woman,  Shonika Proctor, and a Chilean/ Basque Baby Boomer woman,  Luz Aguirrebena, coming together to pass the Torch of sustainability, passion and purpose,  dispersing global and viral masterful Entrepreneurial Art to the next generation, the courageous millennials. The generation to become the actual 50% portion of the workforce in the year 2015, the generation who understands integration and integrity and need co-creative and coherent guidance.

It happens that these two women, believe it or not, met and connected through Start Up Chile and Twitter. You know by now there are no coincidences, right? Only sacred geometry according to new science… Within minutes of talking with each other both knew they were following the same calling. It also happens that “coincidentally” they both lived in the same city. Washington DC. Throughout  the conversation they started, they both recognized they are on a global mission that is somehow embedded in the  story of the Mayan prophesy of the Eagle and the Condor.

As Shonika puts it, ” while I am from the U.S.A. I am not a cowboy. I am an Indian. If the statement does not make sense to you…read the history of Chile or he history of America”

It happens  they both have positioned themselves and their dream in the Social Media and Internet Marketing arena.  It happens at a very deep level this calling makes them both  the perfect ticket to represent  the Eagle and the Condor themselves on a task to visually contribute to  unite the mind from the North and the heart from the South.  It also happens they both are passionate about the importance of  the integration process… they are both passionate to assist in the acknowledgment of  the brain and the heart to each other so they both can expand, reaching their ultimate potential together.

Ah!  and I almost forgot…These two women  have something  else in common… Chile, a country from the South…

You probably have heard of the prophesy of the Eagle and the Condor.

It comes from thousands of years ago. It made its way to the the Mayan, Inca  and Hopi cultures. The story tells  that the people from the North, representing half of humanity and the mind, (in their perennial dissociated state of mind of unilateral left brain), represented in the Majestic Eagle, became so powerful that pushed the people from the South, representing the other half of humanity and the heart, represented in the Majestic Condor, almost to extinction.

It happens they were unconsciously following their quest for separation and competition, scarcity and fear, seeds planted in their thinking  thousands of years before, when they decided to follow someone’s  decision that they both, the eagle and the condor would  take separate paths. The story  points out to the last 500 years in the history of humanity, as a critical chain of events  starting with the Discovery of the Americas in the 1490’s. The Mayas call it the “Pachakuti”.

Yes, that critical moment in History when  half of the world discovered the other half of the world. The critical moment we chose to conquer instead of collaborating. Today, history throws some clarity and perspective to these last 500 years.  We went full circle. The question is ” What would have happened if we had chosen to cooperate instead of conquering in 1492…?”  Below is an article I wrote on the subject<

Here is a description of the word “Pachakuti” , by ~ Paul M Sivert~ …name attributed to the last 500 years by Quechua culture. Some call the “Pachakuti”, a term taken from the Quechua “pacha”, meaning time and space or the world, and “kuti”, meaning upheaval or revolution. A pachakuti signals a dynamic point of intersection in space and time between human consciousness and kawsay, the multidimensional creative principle and the animating energy of the cosmos, an intersection from which the arrow of time for each possible future is nudged in one direction or the other. So we have a choice, a path to select a new journey to commence. A danger does exist that we may choose, status quo, which means no choice.

It was those thoughts,  rooted in scarcity and fear, the motor of the mindset of separation.  It was those thoughts that seemed so inherent to human nature and were so divergent and internally divisive nevertheless. Those thoughts we call today the virus of the mind. Those thoughts, the driving force mandating the reality of the entire planet, the foundation of the industrial revolution. The same thoughts that have divided the collective consciousness and will eventually fulfill its pattern of destruction of he world if we don’t shift them, and we elect status quo.

The prophecy continues to tell  that the time will come when the Condor from the South will fly up  North and the Eagle from the North will fly  down South, to meet & mate with each other in the middle of the globe.  Who knows…Perhaps a colorful ceremony should be held at the island of  San Salvador  in Bermuda, to mark  and celebrate the Historic moment of integration of the two poles, finally able to make peace with each other. To mate and start their flight together, honoring each other, acknowledging each other, complementing each other as one, for the rest of eternity.

Uniting the heart and the mind in one single Earth beat. Associating the dissociation in the mind and blending  it with the heart, in unison with the mountains, the valleys and the seas, voicing the keynote of cooperation and community to sing  the song of all creation, in the flight of oneness.

Now, let’s go back to Chile, that country of the South and my partner Shonika Proctor…It has been my deep belief for a while now, as a fascinated visionary, dedicated observant, marketer, storyteller,  poet and writer, that Chile, a country of the south, represented by the heart and the almost extinguished condor,  is  playing and will  continue to play a vital leadership role in the 21st C. integration process. Shonika believed it so much that she moved to Chile…

Here is where she stands in her own words. “My timeline shares my journey of how I am ‘Developing in Chile’ as I am ‘Developing Chile’ and supporting them on their mission to become a first world nation by 2018. My initial interest in working with and in this country came about in late 2009. And for the record, I didn’t choose Chile…Chile chose me….with a wee bit of intervention from the universe :)” ~S

Furthermore,   just launched the 1st EO Chapter in Chile. (Entrepreneur Organization)

It makes my heart sing in joy. (We have gone a long way since that end of summer Wednesday on March 9 1949 when I was born inside the white walls of  that now so very old building Clinica Santa Maria in Santiago.)  Start Up Chile is a clear proof of the specific leadership I am talking about and we all desperately need. Again, within 5 minutes of talking with Shonika, we both knew we were connected to that leadership. Yes. The wave of the emerging  crucial Chilean leadership behind the powerful hearted condor who chose integration instead of victim-hood .

How can we not! Our vision, services and programs   fit  like a match made in heaven with Start Up Chile. It feels coherent and easily feasible in terms of expansion. When you think about it, as per your own words, your program is already “attracting foreign talent with the end goal of generating culture and an exchange of knowledge with the local entrepreneurs.  As we speak. We are proof of it. Except one of us was born in Chile.

The way we both are positioned, we can inspire multiple global  networks to participate. The way we are positioned,  the platform of  Start Up Chile just  resonates with our mutual vision and we can become the bridge between Chile and the world…

I have to say it has been a great pleasure to watch that country of the South,  where I spent only the first 17 years of my life,   from the far away Europe, mainly  Madrid , the capital of a former empire, during the last years of Francisco Franco…  and later Washington DC, the capital of a present empire, the U.S.  It has been a pleasure to observe my favorite thing in the world. History in the Making with my upbringing from the South from the land of my ancestors, the North, .  Like Gore Vidal says, “I wouldn’t change living at this time in History for the world”.  (Smile).

It has been a pleasure to see how the lessons of the past seem to be marking the difference slowly but steady of the experience of the future, modeling a new behavior,  one that is led in the direction that incorporates the eagle and the condor in one.

Some people say that the offspring that emerges from that union, the one between the eagle and the condor  is the “Quetzal” the “New World” order bird.  The Quetzal symbolized the movement of Creation and the will of the Creator come to earth.

I have no doubt Chile is the self chosen country, to lead and Support all other countries and people to carry their heart through to the North to wake up from the illusion of separation, to fulfill the dream of free enterprise and cooperative sustainable capitalism by blending the heart and the mind of the planet in one united collective  coherent resonance

…That is the message the miners bring from the bottom of the earth.

The miners epic experience is full evidence of that. There are no words to describe how those 33 men touched and continue to touch the hearts of thousands of people in the entire planet… You know, it is proven that  1% of a square root of a population may affect the 100% of an  entire population…It was remarkable  how that long and lean recondite country in the south managed to reach out, and engage people all over the world creating  instant cooperative co-creative coherence globally for the longest time . I admired every step of the phenomenal process. This is a sign and it is an opportunity to take that experience to the next level, as I was happy to hear President Pineda mention on several occasions.

It is scientifically proven that our heart is magnetically 5,000 times more powerful than our brain. 100 times more powerful electrically also. If according to the new science we are electromagnetic beings , you can imagine the results we can get with a simply exercising the muscle of how to speak and think the language of the heart?  The language of the South. The language of our beloved Condor. We can become 5,000 times more  powerful  magnetic entities.

Threading back to the beginning  of the purpose of this letter, I was so excited  and honored with the  opportunity to meet Shonika Proctor in person.  My fellow Visionary Entrepreneur advocate for millennials  wrote a note on my wall in Twitter, saying we should meet because we shared the same audience and both lived in D.C.  It happened that this was the morning after the night before  I went to sleep thinking  “I needed to contact Shonika tomorrow”. By then, I was aware of  Start Up Chile. I was also aware of  Shonika’s connection with Chile.

Let me put it this way,  I only know one thing. I train people’s thoughts to master the art of  the entrepreneurial 21st C mindset. I can recognize a master of the craft. Proctor is a master. Without a doubt…even though she is not related to Bob Proctor, one of CEO Space Faculty, she thinks like she was his daughter,  (Smile).  If you have a project where innovation and passion to contribute are at the root of  your thinking, you want Shonika  Proctor on your side.

Shonika is riding the wave of  her mission and purpose, and she chose Chile as the platform for her vision. As far as I am concerned she mirrors and walks 100% the meaning of what I call “The Hawk Mindset” my soon to be published and launched program to inspire  entrepreneurs master the art of the mindset…If you want straight forward serious change, you need a “Hawk” to monitor your thoughts. The Hawk is your first step to becoming a “Thought Master”. Shonika is a Thought Master.

Shonika decided to leave her loved ones, including her boyfriend of 17 years and fly South, like the Eagle with the mind , as if the journey to Chile was bigger than her… as it was the task of her life, and it is, bringing the knowledge from the north with all the courage and faith one can muster and wearing her heart in her sleeve. She left Washington in September. Shonika is in Chile, consciously connecting and combining intelligence every minute of every day. Sharing her majestic Eagle knowledge to promote Entrepreneurship in Chile.

Having said all that, the purpose of this letter is presenting our selves.The Eagle and the Condor partnership personified in two women, Shonika Proctor and Luz Aguirrebena,  who  dream a vision and a story  working in partnership with a country from the South, to unite the mind and the heart through Cooperative Entrepreneurship.

We are both honored and humbled as well as  ready to submit  all our resources and knowledge to Start Up Chile.

As for myself, after gathering experience transformed into knowledge, 4 years of self education and research  in the Eagle territory, I think it is time to give  back to the South, and share the lessons with la tierra que me vio nacer. The land of the  majestic Condor…

Luz Aguirrebena
Soul Hang Out
Tel: 202-236-6042

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