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An angel at the Baltimore airport. Happy 2010 Holidays!!!

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My father died November 6th at 10:35 am

My mother died on December 6th at 10:35 am…the funny thing, they have been drastically separated for 50 years.

I have spent most of November and December in silence, mourning and connecting the dots. Crying for their lives and laughing for their deaths. Somehow death throws  light into the absurdity of this life we have created for ourselves. It’s been perhaps the most fascinating journey of my life.

I landed at the Baltimore Airport  yesterday,  called my dear friend Kit to tell  Tom to “please come and pick me up. I needed a hug.” Yes, I will wait as long as it takes.”  After I hung up the phone, I feel the pressure of  a burst of tears erupting from within, out of my eyes. I can feel  their salty  wetness  in my skin.

That is when I hear a voice. I look up… and see… one of those angels… dressed like a middle aged brown skinned woman with a cane. Her  gray hair wrapped in a bun. There was probably Asian blood running through her veins… She looks like that combination of  Polynesian/Latin American….that it is easy to confuse.  Sometimes they look so alike.

She is looking  into my eyes  and saying:  “Happy Holidays Honey”! While she  hands me  the kind gift of  her perennial, “No Matter What smile”. What a fantastic welcome! …After spending hours  in airplanes where everybody pretend we are  separate, isolated entities, like islands…

My sorrow,  activated his own alchemist  codes to  transform itself  into peaceful joy, that joy that comes from understanding death  and life are part of the same coin. ..and there are tears on both sides. I smile,  look at her and  throw myself in her arms.  She holds  me for a moment or two.  One of those  eternal moments of seconds or minutes in the present…so connected, so eternal.

After I receive  all the comfort  needed at that moment ,  we look into each others  eyes and wish each other good, before we proceed our own ways. We don’t need many words. We are just doing our job. Our job of bringing to the collective consciousness the oneness of things, one at the time. We know it is a journey that needs reinforcement at least every once in a while.  Talk about reinforcement! What a gift! Right there, at the Baltimore Airport.

Remembering we are all one. What a joy, Remembering the sorrow is in the past. and there is no separation. What a relief!, remembering there is only joy in the present,  even when we are suffering…Because with the perspective of death everything is part of the beautiful fabric of  life.  We can co-create the new world of cooperation. It starts with your  own unique  story.

I also remember  something else. Very important. It is regarding you. Each one of you reading this note. The feeling of that encounter with my tribal  beautiful angel.., that feeling is the same comforting feeling I have been getting for the last 6 weeks  from all my twitter, facebook, and other Internet  friends who were present there, supporting me from our oneness. Some more active than others… all very present. It is the best feeling in the world!

My parents died within thirty days from each other and I had the support of thousands of people all over the world. May The gods bless the present times…


I COULDN’T HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT ANY OF YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! It has been the best feeling to open my face-book page day after day and see that people have been filling it with their thoughts, their ideas, their sharing. their words of support.  It’s been a great satisfaction to keep receiving RT’s and great messages in  Twitter, and great to see people responding to the little I wrote during November and December. Thanks again! for walking the talk of oneness. It is bigger than life.

By the time Tom came to the airport I burst out crying on his shoulders for a moment. The comfort came instantly again.

I felt so glad to be home. In spite of the cold. Although it was fun to spend Christmas in the summer and come back home in the middle of the holidays to the “krispy” cold…It has been 43 years since I  spent Christmas in Santiago…

Last night Kit and Tom treated me to a juicy hamburger at Clyde’s and a great jazz concert at Blues Alley in DC. Shanna, their endearing daughter made us the best dirty martinis.

It is good to be home.

One of these days we’ll scatter my mother’s ashes in the Potomac, to honor her life in this country. Especially in this city.

One of these days I’ll tell you some more…


The Thought Provoking, Irreverent Pearl Necklace Grandmother of the 21st Century. Poet, Paradigm Shifter, Visionary, Story Teller


The Thought Provoking, Irreverent Pearl Necklace Grandmother of the 21st C. Paradigm Shifter, Poet, Storyteller, Marketer, Visionary, Blogger, Coach. Mrs. Fire

“50/50 The Magic of the Middle Line”, Experience Coaching”

Founder Soul Hangout & Co-Creative Circles of Coherence, Soul Mastermind Groups. Consciously Connecting & Combining Intelligence with a touch of “Curry”. The 7 “C”‘s of the 7 Condiments of Cooperation

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