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My Hero, Alice Miller, psychoanalyst Author, and much more, dies at 87

April 29th, 2010 16 Comments » Filed under Acknowledgement

Alice Miller, one of my all times heroes, the courageous Mensch who spent all the 20th C advocating for Children. HER FINDINGS “Violence is not Genetic”. Her contribution to humanity and the human mind is just invaluable.

I remember the day when I started reading her book “The Drama of the Inner Child” . Suddenly the sky was wide open. Her ideas resonated so much with my own ideas. I can’t begin to describe…actually some of my friends would tell you. I kept talking about her for years. Like a broken record. I have written about her in my blog. Every time I have a chance I name her and her amazing contribution, and her passionate courage.

That was the beginning of my Inner Child Journey. She inspired me to go inside myself and explore how gifted I actually was…somehow giving me permission for what I already knew and had forgotten…and the rest is history. She was who inspired me to embark in this adventure of becoming some kind of midwife who helps people give birth to their Inner Child. It is in her honor for her efforts that I can stand here with this mission today.  She inspired “The Hawk Mindset”. She gave me the torch. Life was so much easier after I found her. She could have been my mother. I am 61.

She was the one who came to the conclusion that Hitler could have not done genocide without the help and support of a whole generation of German boys physically and mentally abused by their parents. Herman Hesse documents this reality among German parents at the time in his magnificent writings.

One of the things I love the most about Alice  is how she points out there is always an “Enlightened Witness” or a Lightworker behind a neglected or abused child. The person who gives them their integrity back by believing in them. That as a rule is the difference between abused children becoming a criminal or not. The Enlightened Witness Making the difference and changing the outcome.

That is why she inspired me to create a tribe of Enlightened Witnesses to make sure children can reclaim 100% of their integrity as well as adults, and we all can go back to innocence, truth, play, creativity and oneness.

The Mountain Project is a tribute to Alice Miller, to continue with her amazing work.

This is somebody who confronted the Nazi status quo. Sigmund Freud, Picasso and Dostovjesky Talk about courage. I honor her life, her burning desire and her blind faith to follow her truth, the one she saw so clearly as the root cause for violence. Her courage to confront the linear thinking establishment of the 20th C. It turns out she was so right. She was opening a window to the truth.

Our thoughts create our reality. A way to expedite the paradigm shift, is to raise the collective consciousness of the Inner Child. It is the fastest and most magical way to step in that place of no fear or lack. Only light and expansion

Yes Yes Yes, Alice !!! Thank you for persevering until you proved scientifically what was always in your Heart. Thank you for believing in yourself enough to honor your vision. You were right on. Violence is not genetic. Violence is not Genetic. Violence is not Genetic.

Thank you for that amazing torch you are handing to us sister! I will work with all my heart to make sure your dream, a society that respects 100% of its children integrity manifests in its glorious extension, co-creating, and consciously connecting and combining intelligence, in oneness and cooperation. With the power of our thoughts first and the feeling in our heart second. We will never forget your modeling of the truth. Rest in Peace!

Here is the Washington Post article

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