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The Hawk Mindset: 7 ways to stop procrastination for good, and move on with your dream.

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I am currently opening four one-on-one coaching spots. (It was five but one spot got snapped up right away when I notified my customers of this opportunity last night) No crazy deadlines, or complicated pitches. Once they are gone they are gone.  3 Individual  – 2 hours sessions spread within an approximate 6 week period. Here is the meat of the program.

Let me elaborate for you a little further…I Help Entrepreneurs become the Magnets in their niche, by bringing the magnetic field of their heart back to their Mindset, articulating the authentic language of the right brain from the Inner Child. By the same token I inspire Entrepreneurs to train themselves to become Black Belt Thought Masters. To harness their thoughts to work for them instead of against them.

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired…?  And you wish you could finally take the drama, self judgment and self doubt away from your life plus your business, and stop procrastinating and self judging?

Do you secretly wish to Become Clear, Centered, and Able To Make Decisions aligned with who you are, and  for once stop the unbearable doubt and lack of action?

Actually, you don’t have to secretly wish anything any more, it doesn’t have to be a secret, and you have the power to fulfill your own wish.

You are not alone. And, mark my words,  there is nothing wrong with you.

Do you wish to become Free from the Fear of “Made Up” Consequences?Do you wish to let go of Procrastination, the bottom line behavior that keeps you paralyzed?

Well, here it goes. You need 2 partners. You need two partners that will inspire and motivate your focus endlessly. Like a perennial  source of light.

Yes, that is what you need.Yes, a  source of constant joy and creativity. A source of critical thinking, a source of passion to contribute, passion to co-create, and passion for community.

You , my friend above all, need to learn how to see the big picture because that is what keeps you stuck and prevents you from moving forward… You can’t see the big picture as yet.

Believe it or not, those  partners that I am talking about are within yourself. Yes… ready to help you if you let them do what they do best  for you.

Bear with me…It takes a little reaching out or in,  I might say, to actually  take away the veils of the collective amnesia or virus of the mind you are carrying in your thoughts without knowing.


Are you ready?  Those  partners that will help you associate yourself  and feel whole for the first time in your life are two: The  Hawk your Guide  and your Inner Child, your partner.

Now, you may be asking a big “WHY” this very minute.

First of all, a hawk is a Totem sacred animal. One thing I can tell you… since we learn through modeling, it is that if you wanted to have a perfect model to assist you with your imminent change of behavior  and thinking, as a 21st C Visionary Entrepreneur, the Hawk would be the absolutely optimal model. Your left hand… The Guardian of your Thoughts. Why?  Because your two hands like your two brains have to work in resonance. Because for starters, the symbolic attributes of the Hawk are

Attention – Vision –  Power – Energy –  Leadership – Intensity. How does that sound? Here is an article elaborating more on “Why”  the Hawk.

But don’t let me stop you. Here are some sites talking about the specific  attributes of the hawk for you to research and become acquainted with its power. Enjoy!

A hawk also personifies  the messenger. It is  about visionary power and guardianship, the hawk is very protective of the young in its nest.  It teaches us about providing for family and self.   Hawk teaches us to be observant and to pay attention to what we may overlook. This could mean a talent we don’t use, a blessing for which we haven’t expressed gratitude, or a message from Spirit.  The hawk has keen eyesight, it is about opening our eyes and seeing that which is there to guide us.–messenger-a214126

Well, we talked about the hawk your guide, and now is time to review the attributes of your second partner. Your Inner Child.

Here are her attributes…He/She represents your right brain. Your right brain is the chamber of your Creativity,  your Critical thinking, and your Passion to Contribute in Community, to name a few.

Here are 3 interesting sites with information about the 21st C mindset in business and the importance of your right brain attributes muscle to be exercised.

You see, because the truth is,  you are the master or your own journey, and integrating those elements within yourself, will be the mechanism that will make procrastination, your worse enemy,  the paralysis to action, become a memory in the past.

The attributes of the right brain are: Random – Intuitive –  Holistic –  Synthesizing –  Subjective –  Looks at wholes. Isn’t that exactly what you need to access inside.

Here is the sacred answer. Become a “Thought Master with the assistance of your guide the Hawk and your acknowledged and honored Inner Child”.  I assure you. United, you and your inner child are UNSTOPPABLE. It’s  like the other half orange that makes the whole that you have been longing for,  for life. I know that. I remembered…after a lot of research, the amnesia faded away, like an old shadow, with no purpose…

And I couldn’t live dependent, useless and without purpose for one more day, not for one more minute. Even if it meant losing “loose” material things.

So, Why do we do it?  The attributes of the right brain are the attributes of the Inner Child. The only one who have those necessary codes for you, is the Inner Child. The source of the right brain.

You need an Internal Visionary Team operating from the core of your thoughts and feelings.

Let me elaborate a little bit

  1. Your God/dess given creativity lies in the health of your Inner Child. You need all   your creativity back because you want to fulfill the mission you came here for. ( I know, it sounds weird to see yourself as on a mission. It is only because you  forgot you are on a mission, an important mission, I may add.)

  2. Your lost innocence lies in the divine codes of your Inner Child. You need your   innocence back, so that you stop judging yourself and doubting yourself and others.

  3. Your capacity to forgive lies in the Inner Child because in the end, he/she will tell you that there is nothing to forgive. As long as you recover more of your emotional integrity  with each experience.

  4. Your parent skills lie in your capacity to acknowledge your Inner Child because a healthy Inner Child will help you stop passing pervasive behaviors through to  the next generations. That is your mission as a parent.

  5. Your capacity to play lies in the divine joy of your Inner Child. You need that   capacity back. Life is about playing, don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. You know it is true. Nothing wrong with having fun at work. On the contrary. Sustainable productivity can come from it.

  6. Your complete comfort with the truth at all times, lies in the Inner Child. It is the Inner Child who  will reassure you that it is safe to tell the truth. It is safe to be you. Furthermore, it is necessary to honor who you really are!

  7. Your capacity to cooperate in oneness comes from the divine connection of the Inner Child to Divinity. You need that because you lost it with the first thought of competition, and we all know how bad it hurts that one in your stomach. In oneness there is no separation nor competition.

Welcome to Soul Hangout

a 50/50 proposition, an experiential experiment against procrastination, and the virus of the mind. Competition,  Separation, Scarcity and Fear.

“Harnessing Your Inner Child’s Power”Daring to Give Birth to the New Co-Creative Collective Inner Child,  starting with yourself.

If you belong to the tribe of Paradigm Shifters,  Change Agents, Light Workers, Social Architects, Soul Hangout is your tribe and together we are consciously  changing the world,  by co-creating coherence.

Inside out while courageously confronting the status quo, partnering with  the  Hawk, the Guardian of your Thoughts on your side!

The new paradigm will be planted as a seed first in our hearts and then in our communities,  from the magnet of our hearts.

We’ll hold the co- creative vision until we reach enough people to penetrate the 100% of the collective consciousness. We  are starting with the nucleus.  Your Inner Child. The Center.

Ari Galper,  the Pioneer Visionary Sales Guru of the 21st C, who dared to bring truth and humanity to the sales equation. Unlock the Game Founder.

“Luz is a precious gift to the world. She has single handed changed hundreds of lives of our Unlock The Game Inner Circle members. She has an effortless and natural ability to help people see the truth of why they are struggling and then provide a logical path to happiness, authenticity and success. If you get the chance to work with Luz (I know she has a long waiting list of clients), then grab it while you can!”

Ari Galper – Unlock The Game Founder

Now,  what is the benefit of choosing this path?

  • It will bring you  peace of mind.
  • No more sense of separation, or loneliness.
  • No more doubts.
  • No more grief sitting in your stomach or your heart, or your being.
  • No more despair. No more fear.
  • No more paralysis manifested in procrastination.

It means recovering  the 100% of your Passion

It means recovering the 100% of your Emotional Integrity.

In spite of the status quo.

Now, just imagine how it feels.

It means you become Black Belt Thought Master, using  your thoughts to work for you instead of against you. The Hawk is the guardian of your Thoughts and your guide  in that part of the process.

It means being fully aware and fully responsible for your life. You, nobody else. Recovering the sense of Autonomy you have been dreaming of  for years.  Your authority. That is a lot of power to achieve.

It means Success in all areas of your life because your Passion is the Motor of your Success in business. A motor with eternal refill of fuel coming  from the source. Your Inner Child will hand you the the codes of connection to divinity. To the oneness of all things.

It means you have got yourself the best partners you could ever imagine. When you realize that, you will find that…

Now you can put your Inner Child in charge of your Internal Visionary Team. You are ready for  the 21st C Cooperative Entrepreneurial Mindset. You are ready to see the Big Picture.

Why? Because after  you went through  my entire program, “The Hawk Mindset”,  you became already a “Thought Master”  first,  on the 1st session module 1

you incorporated the “Seven Pillars of Thought,  the foundation of the Mindset”  Your Guiding Thoughts, your Foundation on your second session,  module 2,

and prior to putting your Inner Child in charge of  your Visionary Team,  your third session, module 3. You are to be today using your thoughts to work for  you instead of against you. Think about it…

That is why I am currently opening four one-on-one coaching spots. (It was five but one spot got snapped up right away when I notified my customers of this opportunity last night) No crazy deadlines, or complicated pitches. Once they are gone they are gone.

I need the extra time to continue to write the 3 books for the 3 modules. “Thought Masters” will be the first one to come out. It is  in the editing phase right now. I will also need time to market my mastermind groups and retreats. As I have said before, I admit  that I just love too much coaching one on one.

…Should  you decide to be among the first self chosen four? Sign up for the 3  2 hour sessions program. The sessions will be set up at both of our convenience. The process will last approximately a 4 to 6 weeks.  The time it takes  your brain to incorporate the new behavior led by your new thinking.

Three Two hours Sessions with me ONE on ONE, your decision to achieve  MASTERING THE ART OF THE HAWK MINDSET to  run  On AUTOPILOT. No more procrastination. You now are close to  having  an Internal Visionary Team, your left hand the “Hawk” assigned to be the Guardian of  your Thoughts and your right hand your Inner Child, harnessing the full potential of your right brain. The head of your Internal Visionary TeamYOU have the Seven Pillars of Thought, the foundation of the Mindset…no more worries…only focus…you are  unstoppable!

Now you can Sign up !

Talk to you soon!



Entrepreneur Mindset $497.00

You want to go deeper into the Inner Child as the Head of your Internal visionary Team? You will love this.

Are you wondering how your own Inner Child equates with these ideas? Take the quiz


Your Inner Child Is Surprised
You see many things through the eyes of a child. Meaning, you’re rarely cynical or jaded.You cherish all of the details in life.Easily fascinated, you enjoy experiencing new things.


(By the way, this is the result of my quiz. You want to check yours?)

How Is Your Inner Child?




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