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Celebrating and Honoring Dave Corso’s Life and amazing legacy as we mark one year anniversary of his transitioning

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I was coming from media, I was very familiar with radio, TV and print. When I left the Washington Post, the last corporation I worked for for good, I was completely disenchanted with 20th C media. It was not a communications tool any more. It was a miscommunication tool designed to disconnect the human from the human as if they were not one. Divorcing the left side with the right side. What a joke!!!

The problem was that I was developing a Thought Mastery Program and how in the world was I going to sell it !!! If I had to use the same methods developing the second part of the 20th C I was literally ready to quit my soul purpose. That is how I felt about the corporatocracy virus spreading in the entire world.

I didn’t have another model but my own behavior with my clients based on truth and trust. The monetization of the planet in a large scale had erased truth trust and relationships which were the basic principles to engage to any audience, whether it is in sales or media and “communications”.

Ater learning about the real internet marketing that emerged with the internet, you can say I discovered fire again. Not only the internet enhanced more interaction but also the real pioneers were realising it was a continuance of direct marketing that treated prospects as humans again instead of ATM machines.

When I met Dave Corso was when I was looking for an internet radio station would not have any vestiges of the 20th C robotic and disconnected media.

Last week Nancy L.Hopkins mentioned Dave’s anniversary was coming up an we needed to start thinking about a memorial of the stories, and the legacy that Dave left touching so many people in the most profound ways.

I wanted to use this program to celebrate my 3 year anniversary and announce that my show the 1st Sunday of the month has been moved to the 2nd Sunday of the month and from now on Laura Cross is taking over that program even though I will be involved with the ODD collective through her. Laura Cross is my partner and she is helping me get the Hawk Mindset starting with the Pillars to the next level.

I have to concentrate in the Hangouts about the 7 Pillars of Co Creative Coherence  Audio Course and Mentorship program.

So when Nancy reminded me of Dave’s anniversary I thought it would be perfect to bring the past, the present and the future together when I pass the torch to Laura Cross, one of the Hawk Mindset Mentors.

Tomorrow I am so happy to announce Luella May is joining us with Laura Cross. Luella is the person who connected me with Dave. It was through an interview she did with me. Dave jumped into the conversation, it felt as if I had always known him. We started the first radio program on July 1st 2012. Here is that recording. It was my father’s birthday 3 years after he had transitioned in 2009. Today I listened to that first show for the first time in 3 years. It was amazing to feel his energy again. It was so organic.

Here is the recording.


Here is the recording.

My first radio show with Dave Corso on July 1st 2012.

I want to invite you to join us tomorrow at at 1pm Pacific for two hours of celebrating Dave Corso’s energy legacy and message that touched so many souls in such a profound way. Dave Corso your biological body is missed but your spirit will always be with us, the pack! We will navigate through the impact he had in my life also and how it all started. See you tomorrow


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