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ODD Radio show today Don’t miss it

July 8th, 2013 No Comments » Filed under Acknowledgement

Hi  my endearing ODD friends!

Today is a joyous day in our community! A new soul has crossed the bridge to our world. Cindy’s brand new grand daughter Alora !!! Welcome her Spirit and may she grow up in a world without fear and without war. May she be guided to never forget her source.

Welcome Alora !!!

Join us today  for our radio

ODD group radio show  from 1pm to 3 pm Pacific time. Our  hosts this

week, Nancy Hopkins ,  Cindy Shippy Evans  and myself.

We’ll talk about  Alice Miller and “The Gifter Child”,  why  human

compassion is the most damaged feeling in 3d hologram thinking

designed to perpetrate separation and how it’s done by breaking trust ties

with the mother,   enlightened witnesses and their impact in humanity,

why Hitler couldn’t have done it alone.

We will also tie that conversation with Walmart as a representative of

the corporate world and the  movie Walmart High Cost Low Price

portraying  the ultimate uncompassionate corporation. Many of you know

already that Cindy is championing the cause of Leaving Walmart.

we can’t wait to hear more  about her journey. .




Join us  today Sunday 7/7/2013 from 1 pm to 3 pm


in Wolf Spirit Radio and call us with your questions and thoughts.

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