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ODD Group Radio Show. Exploring Community Activism in a couple of innovative ways

June 16th, 2013 No Comments » Filed under Acknowledgement

Great News my endearing ODD friends! Join us tomorrow  for our radio

ODD group radio show  from 1pm to 3 pm Pacific time. Our  hosts this

week, Nancy Hopkins ready to present a spectacular idea to harness the

internet in order to unite neighborhoods and communities to empower

one another to organize unite and take action on important issues.

An amazing tool…


The Neighborhood Online Network evolved out of a neighborhood


A developer claiming to be a “Religious Retreat” is attempting to get a

zoning change in a bedroom community of One Family Homes.

To get all the relevant documents available to the neighbors,

we started a website. That demonstrated the Internet is even more than

a way to bring the world together. We need to use the Internet to bring

neighborhoods together. The radio program on June 16 will explain

how to create your own Neighborhood Online Network and why it is

imperative that we do so.

Our other host  is Cindy Shippy Evans who also has a fantastic idea to

eliminate certain corporation’s power …

Cindy  has been blogging under From Cocoon to Butterfly has a new

blog. She is taking a courageous and unbelievable step. She is going to take

you thru her journey on her new blog. Here is the link and again,

Join us Sunday 6/16/2013 from 1 pm to 3 pm Pacific 

in Wolf Spirit Radio

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