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A conversation with an old friend

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Anger is a Gift from Divinity to Voice your Right to  Demand Better  

Wolf Spirit Radio


Namaste my beautiful Soul Partners on both sides of the sun.

I am pleased to invite you to listen to our next Sunday conversation with one of my best friends in the world. Sharon.

Many years ago a common friend said to us sitting in my living room that we should record our conversations.  She had her hands making the square of a TV screen while she was saying it. She was right I wish I had recorded. Sharon is one of my heroes in part because she never bought the rat race BS for women and chose to stay home to raise her children while she educated herself in the process like a pro. She has one of the most brilliant minds I have known.

An intimate thought provoking conversation and the story support to each others brilliance

  • Co dependency  passive aggression and the roots of anger in those behaviors.
  • How to acknowledge anger and use it as a gift to defend yourself transmuting it to a tool rather than a weapon against you.
  • Why pushover like  behavior attract bully like behavior and how to stop the cycle of anger.
  • My own personal experience as a pushover learning to acknowledge and transmute anger to  assert myself.
  • Why there is nothing to forgive once you discover the value of the experience.

We’ll be there from 1 pm to 3 pm Pacific time.

April 7  2012 from  1 PM to 3 PM Pacific…bring your questions and your thoughts  through the phone or the chat of  WOLF SPIRIT RADIO

 Here is an article on anger to introduce my views on that powerful energetic frequency we call anger.



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