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Your life purpose a must, not a choice any more

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The truth is only by following the Life Purpose coded in your Heart,

you will contribute to change the world.

The truth is you owe it to yourself, the world and it is your soul purpose,

your unique soul contract.

Whatever it is.

Otherwise you are a participating accomplice to the very same forces you want to overcome.


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The question is, can you believe it as it has already happened?

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The question is, can you believe it as it has already happened?

Remembering the past from the future to the past.

Your thinking goes back to the moment, you can once more feel it, touch it, see it,

smell it, hear its backround song. Feel it in your skin, in every single cell of your cellular body.

Since it is already happening, right now, you embrace it with all your heart.

in a wide open nitid vision, INCLUDING the micro and the macro by both of your sides. You in the middle

The magic line between the fifties.

Your personal courageous story and the collective courageous story. The wholeness of the big picture mating with the small picture. Right there, in the magical medium…and what you can see with your physical eyes and your soul eyes in unicon now is the multidimensional thinking we have been talking about.



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Watch every control thought like a Hawk. Then wite out that thought.

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No, don’t discard them they are part of you. Just wite them out from the

present time and File them in the archives of the past .Control is to be

eradicated in any possible form inside out from our thinking

It contaminates the mind preventing the flaw of free will to be

present, planting the seed of fear and foremost is basicly designed to

eliminate trust. It has no place in the light of love where oneness is rooted

in trust


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Choosing Love over Fear…Choosing our human nature.

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The catch about choosing love over fear is that it leaves you with no option but to accept full responsibility for your actions because at some level you know you are creating your reality with your thoughts and feelings every minute of every day.

So what does it  mean to choose love?

Would you agree with me that it means the presence of cooperation, the absence of competition, the presence of unity, the absence separation, the presence of inclusion, the absence of exclusion, the presence of transparency, the absence of secrecy, the presence of abundance, the absence of scarcity…?

If yes, since you are right and you are creating your reality as we speak, the peaceful and conscious evolution world you so desperately long for is in the fabric of every thought and feeling you put out there and its frequency. No option but to take full responsibility for your thoughts and feelings…

You are the creator!…they become your actions. That is the difference between fear and love…accountability. In the absence of competition, separation, exclusion, scarcity, and secrecy you move from stagnant duality to expansion of collective consciousness. Multidimensional coherent cocreativity!

…there is no contest here… therefore all I can say is, watch your thoughts and your feelings like a hawk!  Happy new Big picture /Small picture
Hawk Year.  Remember the Hawk  is leading the way of self responsibility through the macro and the micro and that is choosing LOVE. ~Luz~

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A way obsolete educational system

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It is just preposterous to me to be giving our children the education of the 1,800 based on lecturing.

Galileo Galilei said: You can’t teach man anything, only help him find the answers inside…

It’s all about each person’s answers within, and I beg your pardon but who are you to lecture me on anything if you have no clue of what it is to voyage in my shoes.

It is scientifically proven that children learn by being modeled the behaviors that will guide them to achieve their full potential and find their Soul Purpose…theirs, not some corporate agenda.

A mentor, a mind master would do much more than all the lectures and courses that tell you what to do and what to think to become a manager of a corporation, really, and that is your future more or less and let’s not forget this is after hundreds thousands of dollars in student loans.

We have to admit, we have miserably failed in passing the torch of education and knowledge to our children. We are not helping them find the answers within, we are not acknowledging they even have the answers and we are telling them something and modeling something else.

I can imagine what it is to be in thoughts of a millennial…They are getting the double message left and right…action bullies trickling dow,n lecturing on one hand and denying people’ own knowledge on the other hand…

I help my 8 years old grandson and am dismayed only at this weekly routine these kids go through with their parent, let alone the so called education he is receiving.

The worst part is that a real education requires two fundamental elements: Critical Thinking and Expansion of Consciousness..non of them present in the Educational System

Let’s own up to who we really are, electromagnetic beings in the hollogram of 3 dimensions, and it turns out that matter and energy are created by consciousness. Expanding our consciousness is our life mission.

All in all it’s no more than  modeling, walking the talk, learning to think with the heart, speak with the body and love with the soul.

Any kind of education that does not base itself on those two principles, is just a very mediocre training designed to make your full capacity go to sleep for millennia…an insult to your soul. ~Luz~

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Life is a Dream and Dreams what are?

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…and the day is near when free willed spirits realise they are just having the human experience and suddenly will grasp with every cell of their bodies the idea that the intangible is the tangible reality they are coming from and the tangible fabricated reality they have known for ever will be perceived as what it is ,tangible,in other words  perishable and will in the end vanish like a bad dream

It reminds me of one of my most beloved masters. The one who carries my father’s name. Pedro Calderon de la Barca. I saw his theater masterpiece whtn I was perhaps 10 years old. “Life is a Dream” One of the quotes of the piece is”

“For life is a dream, and dreams themselves are only dreams”.

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A conversation about “Anger” “Anger is a Gift from Divinity to Voice your Right to Demand Better with Kelly Karius and Bruce Fowler”

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   Anger is a Gift from Divinity to Voice your Right to  Demand Better  

Wolf Spirit Radio


Namaste my beautiful Soul Partners on both sides of the sun.

I am pleased to invite you to listen to our next Sunday conversation with Kelly Kraus.

Kelly Karius is the co-author of the newly launched program, “No Such Thing as a Bully”. She believes that changing perceptions about bullying can lead to new resolutions for bullying issues. Karius is a social worker who has been in private practice since 2001. She has studied the dynamics of conflict, intervention, management and resolution in a variety of areas, including the workplace, home, school and community.

Karius believes that expectations need to be created that will move our society from cruel to cool. Both students and adults need to learn that standing up for one another is the best option, and that strategic change can be created within our communities. Through the No Such Thing as a Bully program, Kelly Karius, along with co-author Ron Graham, provide tools to balance thinking, promote assertion and change language. All people, both children and adults can learn to be aware of their bully actions and victim responses, and change their behavior as necessary. There is hope for minimizing and resolving bullying issues.

We have also joining  my wonderful friend Bruce Fowler, Entrepreneur, producer, former Calvin Klein model, soon to be author.

 Sunday February 3rd  2012 from  1 PM to 3 PM Pacific

We’ll talk about

  • How to acknowledge anger and use it as a gift to defend yourself transmuting it to a tool rather than a weapon against you.
  • Why pushovers attract bullies and how to stop the cycle of anger.
  • My own personal experience as a pushover learning to acknowledge and transmute anger to  assert myself.
  • Why there is nothing to forgive once you discover the value of the experience.
  • How to change not only the way you think but the the words you use to change the vibration and ultimately the behavior.
  • We will hear Kelly’s and Bruce’s stories about their personal experience with the bully issue and how anger is the root of it.
  • Why there is not such thing as a bully!

Here is the link.

We’ll be there from 1 pm to 3 pm Pacific time.

February 3rd  2012 from  1 PM to 3 PM Pacific…bring your questions and your thoughts  through the phone or the chat of  WOLF SPIRIT RADIO

 Here is an article on anger to introduce my views on that powerful energetic frequency we call anger.



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