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Open Letter to the Inhabitants of Gaia

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I invite  every Gaia inhabitant  to revisit  October 12, 1492 with me.  Seriously. You will see why it is important.

We all know that Christopher Columbus did not discover America. Many before him had anchored their boats in different landscapes of the wealthy Americas occupied by native people who worshiped the earth. There are plenty of stories from Americo Vespucio to the Vikings. Having said that, we can safely say that Christopher Columbus was the first one who came to from the North with enough power to colonize the vibrant American Continent. So, I invite you to evoke the story once more with a different set of eyes. The eyes of the truth… Let’s revisit the scene.

The story tells, around those days, after a long time navigating the deep ocean, Christopher Columbus finally reached the islands near the mainland in Central America. In procession with his 3 ships and several little boats, fully populated by other men like him, covered their bodies in an odd manner, setting foot on the bright white sand of the Island’s beach of Guanahaní (San Salvador, in the Bahamas), on a sunny day… One of those days where the horizon is crispy clear blue and the sun is bright…and there he was, waiting for Columbus and his sailors, the Holy man, the Shaman of the friendly  Tahino Indian tribe, ready to receive them. The Caribbean breeze caressing his face, looking into Columbus eyes.  Dressed his body with the partial nakedness of his proud brown color.

The holy man now  is trying to grasp the entire scene of the unprecedented experience he is having at this moment,  incredibly,  something that already is completely out of the realm of his consciousness.  While thinking :  “Where did they come from…they must be  gods”

Imagine, being in his mind at that very moment. Trying to assess and discern that level of a foreign intrusion in the realm of your reality. Faced with ever unseen, unprecedented elements invading your familiar scene.

Imagine the sound of the words when Columbus talks to him for the first time in that strange language that he can’t understand.

What is he thinking… What  would it be like to be having that  experience . What would it be like, to be under his skin looking through his eyes  in that critical moment in history.  Did we ever think of that?

Somehow, both men in front of each others worlds,  meeting in the middle.  Both of them facing  the future they will create with their thoughts and their hearts in face of this re-discovery.

The remarkable re-discovery,  carrying with it a rare opportunity for full potential in wholeness and oneness.

The remarkable re-discovery also carrying the seeds of conquest and separation. Divide and Conquer mantra. What is it going to be. The historic moment of choice.

So, back to our shaman… today, in the familiar everyday scene, stepping on the white sand… sharing the rain forest, the birds, the monkeys with their friends the wild animals, the blue sky, those things that he loves so much because of his awareness of being a part of them, and them being a part of him, (the way it always was). Today, added to the landscape of the present, there are a bunch of creatures that kind of look like him, but have different skin color, different eye color,  more pale faces, and weird covers on their bodies.  Some of them even have hair on their faces and their chest. They came from the sea, in some kind of rowing boats he had never in his life seen before.

Remarkably, Columbus somehow communicates in his unintelligible language through the voice message, the sound, charged with the enormous emotion from the amazing discovery, (re discovery) and the exuberant exhilaration of realizing him and his men are safe after a lethal journey by sea in three weak little boats from the other side of the world. Translating into something like “we came from afar in these row boats from those ships on the water”.  His body language giving more emphasis to the spoken word.

The holy man’ eyes look at the horizon to see the part of the scene he is missing. It is empty! Clean, clear, familiar as always.  Looks back at Columbus .

It is in that moment when time stops.

After the shaman receives the emotional voice vibration in his heart, send it to his eyes through his brain, and suddenly finally adjusting the fortuity of the unknown image to his own realm of reality, then is when he can actually start seeing from the corner of his eye  for the first time the three ships floating on the sea further in the horizon.

Now, when he directs his eyes to the sea again, the horizon is not empty, clean, clear and familiar any more. There are three giant floating things with large cloths hanging from their sticks and  red symbols.

People keep saying it was a good thing he was the shaman of the tribe. The truth is he was fulfilling his mission. The mission he has been preparing for. His healer training helped him do that adjustment from the vibration of the message in his heart to his brain and quickly materialize from his eyes what was there all along.

Being receptive to the frequency of the moment to connect to a part of the hologram that was out of his frame of reference, he was just showing his preparation for such a singular encounter. He was, after all, the chosen one with the privilege to greet his brother from the other side of the earth!

…And we don’t even know his name. We forgot to ask. We also forgot to ask everything else about him. We forgot he was our brother. We forgot he had a voice. We forgot he had a heart and a mind like us. We forgot he was also wearing a body to dress his spirit, exactly  like ours. Maybe a little different in the outside but coming from the exact same spirit. Not only all that but we did the worst of all!  With the ones we didn’t kill we enslaved and dismissed their religion. We embarked in the cause of conversion. How arrogant that can be…we didn’t even ask about their gods. We decided to impose our only one.

I would like to remind you that the Arab Empire invaded and conquered Spain and stayed for eight centuries of pacific coexistence…nobody messed with the Spaniards religion…go figure.

Think about it for a moment… How disregarding that can be. On the other hand,  I guess you don’t need to ask the name of the person you  are going to slaughter.  Here is the story and what happened to the Tahino Indians.

The Shaman is still there, standing, he doesn’t know yet that those 3 ships have female names and bring with them a way of thinking that is going to change his life and his world as he knows it  for good.

It’s funny how we have created this mirage of false value in bringing “civilization” to the southern hemisphere. Perpetrating the false belief that the only value in that encounter was what we brought to the table.

Our self centered overrated “civilized” world. Carrying large technology and small sense of evolution. We were not interested in their ways. We were interested in their riches. Or in converting them to our beliefs without even asking about theirs to make them our slaves.  What could those Indians possibly have provided to our world. They were in balance with nature…and we were running away from nature. The rest is history.

Now, let’s ask ourselves the question. “What would have happened if the people from the North had recognized the enormous value that people from the South was offering at that moment, by acknowledging them collectively. Proceeding to plant seeds of cooperation and unity in sharing the expansion of the abundant treasure at hand with the discovery, instead of perpetrating the separation and competition falacy, rooted in lack and scarcity. What would have happened.

If they would have chosen not to Impose their ways with a capital  I of Invasion as the only valuable and possible ones. “My way or else”. What would have happened?

Sometimes it seems that what we are best at in this planet is creating bullies. Bullies who are incapable of sharing the experience. Because they are so far gone into their own story that nothing else seems real. Like relentlessly victimized children vigorously claiming the attention they lacked.

It makes sense, after you grow up seeing,  feeling and acting only one side of the story in the History books, you become numb to the suffering on the other side of the story. There is no story there, It is irrelevant in your mind. You can’t feel it. You never were led to acknowledge it collectively. You never shared the experience by inviting them into your world. You assumed they didn’t have a voice.

Before you know, 500 hundred years go by, and you are bombing people’s lands calling your own human casualties “collateral damage” with the only purpose to enslave them and take their resources.

Did you ever ask yourself what would have happened if we really understood that around those days on October 12Th 1492 God/dess/matrix intention perhaps was to send three ships with female names, La Pinta, La Nina and La Santa Maria, was presenting us all as a species, with the amazing gift of a remarkable  opportunity to encounter our own wholeness?

Yes. The other side of us. The one that completes and complements. Like one side of the earth completes and complements the other side. They are not separated…

The sad part is, that when we choose to separate the Shaman from our experience, and we cut the world like an orange, in two sides, instead of uniting and integrating its parts, spreading and combining knowledge through cooperation and unity coming from expansion, we continue to spread the virus of the mind of separation and competition coming from the perception of lack, or better said scarcity deeply rooted into the collective consciousness.

What we are really doing here, is shutting out a part of ourselves. The nameless Shaman somehow represents that unhappy, unacknowledged unsatisfied and also nameless child inside. No kidding. It is the same conversation in the Shaman’s head we were not interested to acknowledge in 1492.

The same way we are not interested in half of the conversation in our head today in 2010. Repeating the pattern of refusing to incorporate the language of creativity, sustainability, questioning, big picture thinking, innocence and trust. The language of the right brain. The language of the child, the same language of the Shaman who is connected to nature.

The irony is, today, at this moment in history, we are facing changes that require a focused and passionate mechanism of adjustment. A different conversation in our heads. A real training to remember how to see with the eyes of the heart, in partnership with the ears of the mind again.

The irony is that now, 500 years later, we will not make it without the Shaman’s language. We need to integrate his conversation in our head not only at an individual but also at a collective level. Restore the balance with nature for one.

We are heading to collective resonance by matching the south and the north. The eagle of the north with the mind and the condor from the south with the heart. The Mayan and Ho pie prophecies narrate…the eagle from the north representing the mind will fly down south and the condor from the south representing the heart will fly up north and they will meet and mate in the middle. We need both. The mind and the heart. Working in unison. Not separated!

The Entrepreneur Visionary Mindset to create a new Earth in the 21st C requires the shaman’s preparation and readiness to be alert at all times, to apply the needed instant adjustment to the multiple changes we are facing. It requires above all, believe it or not, the role modeling of the Shaman carrying the millennial dignity of his authenticity.

You can say that Integrity, Empathy and Authenticity are the three new marketing keywords behind the power of the 21st C.  See how relevant it can be?  When we started running away from nature, we also left our authenticity behind.

As you know, we already went full circle. We are at that moment  where it is impossible to sustain the unsustainable any more..

I think part of the confusion is in the misleading message of separation and competition we get that you have to always compete to be number one. Pretty unrealistic goal with billions of people in the planet competing with you for one spot.

Or being compared with one another person all the time, like somebody attaching you to some invisible “cliché” of what you are supposed to be. Not who you are. Don’t you think?  Honestly you don’t have much chance with that thinking at all.

It is completely unrealistic, and then, we ask why people are depressed, or commit suicide. They are in front of a sequence of one impossible task after another, while they are pushed to betray themselves.  Hopelessly chasing the donkey with the stick and the carrot. A very sad destiny. But when your greed makes you push the donkey without changing the string the string will break and the donkey will never accept the carrot in fron of its nose hanging from a stick again.

Isn’t it much easier to incorporate the more in alignment with yourself communal thinking that who you really are is “the one and only” instead of the only one? Why? Because the truth is, nobody in the world is like you. There will never be in the history of eternity anybody like you.

If that is the case, doesn’t make much more sense to capitalize on that uniqueness instead of capitalizing in such a hopeless task with so limited possibilities? We are talking about the asset you own. Your wealth. The only thing that is all yours. Your brilliance. No need to compete for something you don’t have when you have something nobody has. Makes sense?

Albert Einstein says: “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” I love that quote. Seems like  the foundation of critical thinking. That is why is so important to go back to 1492 and seriously reflect on that encounter. An exercise in adjusting your thinking. Giving it perspective.

How differently would you rewrite the story if it was happening today. If you were in Christopher Columbus shoes. Today, with the historical perspective, how handy would it have been to have learned one thing or two about how to maintain balance with nature from the holy man, 500 years ago. Think about it. Would the world  be in this mess we are today? Not…

All that said, the truth is, when you can feel the shaman experience in your heart, because you are integrating that part of you,  you actually have a great shot at success,  because you changed the conversation in your head to inclusion, expansion and wholeness,  first within. Now you are ready and open to entering the Shaman’ s conversation. Now you can have a real dialogue with the other half of the world and the other half of yourself. At the same time.

You are open to entering into a whole new world. You will be able to expand your thinking and from the coherence of your own being. You’ll be able to build genuine profitable relationships, while you seal your contribution to humanity.

It’s called collective resonance. It calls for a much less stressful so called “business” world. The truth is part of the paradigm shift is to rethink the way we do business. Especially because we abide by admiral law, in other words commerce law. What means we are actually treated as merchandise and that is the root of the problem.

No more bully like adolescent behavior. Can you imagine?  No more adults behaving like bully adolescents  any more. No offense to adolescense…it’s a beautiful stage of life but it looks really bad when expressed by a 60 nyear old if you know what I mean.

More like human beings building consensus  guided by their own creativity and authenticity working together for the good of all and respecting free will. With the innocence of a child.

I anticipate you want to make sure that that level of disconnection and division in our amazing planet never happens again. You want to acknowledge the Shaman, and this time,   perhaps, start by asking his name, and asking about his ways.  Perhaps offering your help. This time you will acknowledge his humanity. This time you will respect his culture and welcome the opportunity to learn from it to expand your own knowledge. The Shaman becomes your mentor.

This time you will share the knowledge in cooperation,  to cultivate co-creative coherence. Where both voices, the voice of the mind and the voice of the heart meet in the magic of the middle line. The zero zone. 50/50. Between your left brain and your right brain. In the middle of the world. The middle of the Americas. Between the south and the north. Uniting your thoughts inside out. The eagle and the condor finally mating. Giving birth to the Paradise Bird of Oneness.

It is so necessary to go to the root cause of problems. History has a way of helping us do that. We have all grown a wide variety of masks, generation through generation, rooted in that old thinking. Where the heart representing the South didn’t have a chance, as well as your integrity and your authenticity.  No chance. No room for any of it. Think about it…

Those masks have to fall. All of them. It takes some time to do it. You just start one by one and soon enough they all fall at once. Leaving the brilliance of  your creativity behind. Your heart wearing the authenticity of the Shaman. Your own Inner Child in charge.

The day that we decide as Earth inhabitants to dedicate the adequate resources to make sure each and every child on the planet is raised to be fully acknowledged satisfied and happy instead of dedicating them to multiple wars creating poverty and hunger, will be the day we will eradicate violence for good from the face of the globe.

Alice Miller concludes “Violence is not genetic” after her lifetime study of human behavior. The first 7 years of a person’s life are critical.

Behind every violent act there is an unhappy, unacknowledged and unsatisfied child.

In the meantime, we have to start taking responsibility to co-create that vision inside out. Starting with ourselves.

Did you know that the 2nd cause of death among millennials is suicide?
Did you know that 45% of the college students are medicated?
Did you know that small businesses don’t make it beyond the first 5 year mark?

Those obscene three numbers we look at,  like the” why” is not important, inspired me to create a mechanism that acts as an antidote for those three serious issues in our society in one and only course, a Thought Masters program called ” The Hawk Mindset”.

It addresses two fundamental elements at the individual and collective level at once.  Something like reversing business failure, by bringing the motor of motivation and passion of soul contract to the equation. Adding resources and innovation. Wrapped up in a Mastermind group structure.

I am convinced that in business and in life, things work if you find your fit. If they still don’t work is because somewhere around the scene is one or more unhappy and unsatisfied Inner Child sabotaging success, because his/her belief system is rooted in scarcity and fear. Again.

Here is the thing. A happy and satisfied Inner Child inside will not sabotage anything at all, because will be generating thoughts from the core belief of abundance and joy, not scarcity or fear…

The truth is that to succeed you have to become Fearless. Completely Fearless. It’s not that difficult to do it if you know how.

In a recent study by IBM to explore the new world leaders, among millennials, they selected creativity, globalization, sustainability as future trends for CEO Leadership.

Education Institutions are trying to come up with a way to teach creativity to meet the demand of the leaders of tomorrow. Millennials are identifying the 3 C’s of future leadership. Creativity, Innovation, Critical thinking and Community collaboration.

The best part? The majority of  Millennials I would estimate are actually completely open to share the experience with the Shaman.  As a generation, they are supporting inclusion. The greatest majority  of them respect diversity as a way to connect, collaborate and share knowledge in expansion. It’s already aligned in their DNA.

Interestingly enough the IBM study results, match perfectly with my own lifetime experiential research and developed project to Inspire  Millennials Master the Art of the Entrepreneurial  Visionary Mindset. They understand the world in a way we did, but didn’t have the strength to sustain. They have a different experience. They are setting the priorities straight. It makes me so happy, hopeful for the future and ever so grateful. That is why I am  passionate about that hero special generation.

They named three of the attributes of the right brain. The attributes of the Inner Child.

Your God/dess given creativity to innovate, your capacity to question and critically think, your capacity to cooperate in oneness, or community collaboration, are things you need from your own childhood.

Actually, I don’t think you can teach creativity. Creativity is inherent and personal to the human being. We all have it.  A better approach is to help people remember the creativity they already have and is written all over them and can’t see just yet.

Don’ t you think it is time we break the barriers of stuffy seriousness and bring some joy and fun into the business community? Don’t you agree that is time to play and have fun while we are making a living? One thing is for sure. It is a much more sustainable way.

The idea is to first help visionary Entrepreneurs give birth to their happy and satisfied Inner Child, to lead their Internal Visionary team securing creativity, big picture thinking, capacity to question and success. Associating them inside first…

While at the same time creating the stage for community collective coherence through experiential and experimental soul mastermind groups.

“It is paradoxical that many educators and parents still differentiate between a time for learning and a time for play without seeing the vital connection between them.”
~Leo Buscaglia~

Acknowledge the shaman within yourself and make sure starting with yourself  you  help me help others make sure we push the bullies like behaviors to extinction for good, by turning every unhappy and unsatisfied child inside into a happy and satisfied child outside, who is eager to cooperate, combine and complement.  Let’s make sure together that the South and the North unite to complement each other and there will never be again  one more killing to silence the voice of  diversity.

This is a movement.









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A Thought Provoking conversation…Why pushovers attract bullies and what is the real purpose of this attraction

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                 Anger is a Gift from Divinity to Voice your Right to  Demand Better  

                                                                 Wolf Spirit Radio


Namaste my beautiful Soul Partners on both sides of the sun.

I am pleased to invite you to listen to our next Sunday conversation with Dave  Corso and Ani Kaspar.

Ani is one of the few people I know who uses the gift of anger in a beautiful way voicing her right to demand better at all times. This is why I am very thrilled to have her on our show on Sunday.

 Sunday  November  2nd  2012 from  1 PM to 3 PM Pacific 

If you want a Thought Provoking conversation, this is it. :)

We’ll talk about why bullies attract pushovers and vice versa and what is the purpose of this attraction…because we shouldn’t be resisting the opposite but incorporating it as what I call the “Divine Complement”

The problem is that while the attraction continues to recreate its force in the collective consciousness, nobody tells us that the reason behind the attraction is not to fight over our differences until the end of time, but recognize the divine complement in the other and acknowledge the real purpose of the attraction. Learning how to focus in the differences as each other’s complement rather than some the differences and its obvious pain.

  • How to acknowledge anger and use it as a gift to defend yourself transmuting it to a tool rather than a weapon against you.
  • Why pushovers attract bullies and how to stop the cycle of anger.
  • My own experience as a pushover learning to acknowledge and transmute anger to  assert myself.
  • Why there is nothing to forgive once you discover the value of the experience.

Here is the link.

We’ll be there from 1 pm to 3 pm Pacific time. Talk to you tomorrow!

Some intro about Ani’s courageous Soul Journey  for the ones of you who don’t know about her.


Ani Kaspar is a pioneer of non-invasive alternate cures for cancer. She’s a humanitarian, seeker of truth and conduit for healing. Ani’s humanitarian call to action “Compassionate Cure for Cancer®” asks cancer patients worldwide to request the modern medical community investigate and deliver natural, less invasive methods of treating and curing cancer. She is a four year thriver of  intra-ductal carcinoma—the most prevalent breast cancer in the world. Today, Ani consults, conducts educational seminars, workshops and retreats, and is a life coach and international speaker. After abandoning Wall Street, in 2005, she founded BodyByBliss™, an international wellness consultancy. She is the creator of a unique, self-exploration method called Intuitive Sovereignty or IS™. Ani is fifty one years old and lives blissfully in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico with pelicans, coconuts and butterflies.

 Again, see you next Sunday November  2nd  2012 from  1 PM to 3 PM Pacific…bring your questions and your thoughts  through the phone or the chat of WOLF SPIRIT RADIO 

 Here is an article on anger to introduce my views on that powerful energetic frequency we call anger.



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