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Anger is a Gift from Divinity to Voice your right to Demand Better.

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Good day  my very endearing  Soul Partners on both sides of the sun! It is such a pleasure to be here with you now in the present moment.

You know,  it turns out I was born in 1949 on the month 3 which is Spring in the Southern Hemisphere. When I think about it,  just that fact gives me a clear picture of the 20th C.  It feels like nothing was a coincidence. Now I am 63 years old and we have already gone through the first 12 years of 2012 way into the 21st C.

Having said that,  perhaps you will agree with me that you could easily resume the 20th C was the time where humanity asked the fundamentally existential question :  “To be or not to be” .  The truth is we re- discovered it from Shakespeare from the long ago emerging 16th C, the beginning of the Renaissance  after 10 centuries of obscure middle ages. It makes sense to me. It was the root thought of the Renaissance.  In my opinion at some level we keep repeating the Renaissance every so many years to finally free ourselves from the Roman Catholic Church Empire manipulating the minds of the people of the planet since the year 325 when the Council of  Nicea was institutionalized into conquering the thoughts and feelings of humanity, a much more ambitious endeavor  instead of land this time.

On the other hand as my father would have said, the human spirit always rises above any temporal power you inflict on its eternal power. The irony is that through that escalating repression we have experienced in the last 20 years,  humankind also has progressed far more than in the previous 5,000 years in terms of technology and science. And what is to be unveiled…

I would say we have already to a great extent answered the philosophical question “To Be or not to Be”,  seems the cards are laid and we are moving to the most fundamental question of the 21st C. Which is: Do you love or you fear ?  “Love or Fear”  Only this time is a choice not a question to be answered.

Bottom line, we are at a space in history now where we have two choices. Love or Fear.  One is more imprisonment and the other one is freedom. Because we have allowed our beautiful blue planet to be contaminated by fear we need to eradicate it.

What does this  all mean you may ask ? Fear or Love? In general terms is clear but what does it mean to choose fear for example ?

Let me elaborate.

The truth is that it is a scientific fact that matter and energy are creations  of consciousness.  Therefore you have the choice of expanding consciousness or not. It’s your choice because you are consciousness. Whether you believe it or not.

In other words your thoughts and your feelings working in alignment can actually create the reality that you choose. Therefore you can choose love over fear. Simple. It’s your decision.  But first you have to believe it in your heart. That is the trick. No amount of positive thinking will work without you believing your vision in your heart.

I used to call the choice of fear or what I call  lack of  emotional integrity the trap of polarity or duality. It always felt like there was a very painful division inside myself  that was operated so much against my nature. It was the sword of divide and conquer…Divide from the inside out that is. Bleeding my heart every turn of the way. I guess repeating the phrase so much in conversations with others got me to believe it was actually true, I was not crazy even though most people had forgotten they had the sword in their hearts just like myself.  That eventually helped me remember divide and conquer had nothing to do with my nature much less fear whatsoever. No wonder I was so appalled by it.

It was Berny Dohrmann Chairman of the board of  CEO Space one of my all time mentors and source of inspiration who named  “the virus of the mind”  rooted in fear for the first time to me. I am for ever grateful to him. He gave me the sequence,  the language and the inspiration to come up with an actual antidote to this very pervasive collective mental dis ease.  What came out of 5 year research starting with that idea was what I call “The Hawk Mindset”.

So what is the virus of the mind invading our thoughts and feelings with  Fear.

Fear is a virus planted in your mind like a drug that gives you the illusion you are separated and excluded  from Divinity.  It translates into the illusion of exclusion, separation, competition, scarcity non equality and secrecy towards your Soul Partners having the human experience, furthermore,  disallowing you to acknowledge the divinity within themselves.

Having said that, you can safely determine in general terms that the antidote to fear  is love. We know that right?

Love  translates in  the opposite behaviors…inclusion, community cooperation, abundance, equality and transparency, right?  Your  second choice.

Now another fundamental principle already scientifically proven is that we human beings learn from the actions of our parents, not for what they tell us. Think about it. We are to a great degree carbon copies  of  a potpourri combination of our parents walking around. This would reasonably mean that we all do the best we can with what we have,  right? You cannot know what you are not exposed to.  Mainly it would be ludicrous to feel guilty for something you don’t know…right? The truth is that we cannot help what we have growing up but we can help how our consciousness expands from what we have as adults. This is what growing up really means.

In a way, it is like having been led to believe that your corner of the mountain is the mountain. Can you imagine pretending that the 90% of the mountain doesn’t exist because you cannot see it? It is like taking away the oxygen of 90% of your brain because you think you don’t need it. The reality is that we are using only 10% of our brain and some claim it is even worse…only a 5%. The question is who decided that.

So the scenario we have  here is that most people are either pushovers or bullies attracting and outplaying duality in a major way with each other because as you know  the law of attraction as its best is all about Opposites attracting  each other. Therefore, you may ask why do we attract the opposite of us ? There must be a reason or a purpose, don’t you think ?

Every truth is validated by its opposite truth to become whole. Knowledge is experience and there are not good or bad experiences in the school of knowledge.

Buddah says:  “Your enemy is your master” Why?

The undercover reason is you attract to you that that you don’t have because deep down you long for that  you don’t have. Your soul wants to learn that skill that was not modeled to you and the only way to learn it is from that partner showing the lacking behavior. This is the science of it.

The problem is most people don’t tell you  that you yourself created this person in your life for that specific reason. To find a divine complement  meet the opposite in the middle. Not to exclude them and compete with them because they don’t think like us. That is perpetrating the pervasive duality.

The problem with the pushover and the bully is that both are equally responsible for the consequences of their actions.  Bottom line it is balance between giving and receiving what you really want to achieve. The giver doesn’t know how to receive and the receiver doesn’t know how to give. Now if we learn from other people modelling to us you tell me how you are going to learn otherwise…by somebody telling you over and over again expecting different results? You know by now that one doesn’t work.

Anger is a Gift from Divinity to Voice  Your Right to Demand Better.

I am not sure how it all started but somehow Anger became a dirty word and it was not perceived as a gift from divinity to use your right to demand better any more. Its character was destroyed.  I think it is to some extent a Victorian extension of the virus of the mind (Smile). You pretend is not there because your feelings are not valued anyway. And when you defend yourself you become the aggressor…feels familiar?

Anger is an emotional force.  The emotional force that will guide your right to assert and defend yourself when you are mistreated. When used properly,  is your best ally. The voice of your soul that for once is verbalized in the vibration of respect for yourself .

The problem is  when repressed  and unacknowledged it doesn’t go away.  It actually become violence. How so?  Remember that we are electromagnetic beings and emotions are electromagnetic waves with a life of their own, they don’t go away, they are either repressed or transmuted.

What happens with repressed anger is that it persists in coming back with the wrong person because it was repressed and not acknowledged nor voiced with the right offender in the first place, so you can conclude that violence is misplaced anger.

In all honesty,  we have to ask the real question here,  what is it that you are angry at. Really… the person who mistreated you or yourself for allowing it.

Now where is the root of all of this….I am sure we can very much agree that the source of human suffering  is in the moment we hesitated to speak…the moment we chose to remain silent instead of  asserting our sovereign rights to be and to feel.  So the next question is who are you angry at, the person who violated your rights or yourself for not defending them…if you dig in your heart you know if you had asserted yourself you would not be angry. So you start by forgiving yourself for being powerless against mistreatment.

That leads me to Alice Miller the anthropologist, psychologist who confronted the establishment, one of my heroes of all times. She did the research in the 20th C and proved that violence is not genetic. Violence is nothing but misplaced anger. Therefore you can say that that nothing is personal. Because we all do the best we can with what we have, Remember?

Then you have a culture pressing people to deny the anger and forgive,  making it impossible for them because they are acting on the anger bottled inside without knowing that the moment they forgive themselves for not acknowledging their own feelings is that moment they can achieve the emotional integrity to understand that in the end there is nothing to forgive, all are experiences to be transmuted into knowledge and the compassion for ourselves will unveil and enhance the  consequent compassion for others breaking the walls of separation among Soul Partners. In other words discombobulating the virus of the mind.

Alice Miller got to the conclusion that the truth will set you free and the difference with a potential  serial killer mistreated a child and the one who doesn’t end up killing is an Enlightened witness. I couldn’t agree more. This means that somebody gave that child the belief in himself back in the middle of his or her childhood inferno. That is an enlightened witness. This is why it is so important to honor all children as they were our own.

Here is an article I wrote about a painful situation with my son Alex about misplaced anger.

If you have any questions please become a member of Soul Hangout Community and feel free to contact me and ask whatever is troubling you.


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