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A message to Lightworkers of the world

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I am posting this as a suggestion from my endearing soul sister Sangeeta G Handa, friend. To fill you in, this piece I wrote within a thread within The Violet Alchemists Society Group within a conversation about Light workers. You can find the full conversation

We are all here with the purpose of spreading the light into consciousness for the common task of an unprecedented paradigm shift that is resulting into a planetary awakening. We are each one of us  playing the necessary keynote in the song of all creation. You may very well say that we all are light workers in our soul, where the light that connects us to divinity is. All of us. We just forgot. Fortunately fewer and fewer have serious unrecoverable amnesia these days though. The 99% is here.

The only difference is that some people have worked actively towards shedding the illusion of competition and separation more than others and remember more. That’s all. Lightworkers are here to assist their fellow humans remember they are light. Not to punish them for their amnesia. It really is a common disease to all of us. We are ALL RECOVERING ADDICTS FROM THE SAME DREAM.

Yes, when you remember more than others it is frustrating to see how people are still in a catatonic state of forgetfulness. Since you are still in the third
dimension it still hurts to experience the behavior they execute towards others, including yourself.  It is important to acknowledge that truth and the pain inflicted  but NEVER JUDGE  because by the very act of judging you are not only separating yourself from oneness, but you are also judging yourself by trying to compete, motivated to move away from your source. You can never be the only one among billions. That is an un sustainable illusion. You are nevertheless the one and only. There is not another replica of you in all eternity. It’s just not possible to compete with uniqueness, that is part of the fallacy falling into the trap of separation.

All elements of the virus of the mind are there, the tragic collective epidemic we are all crafting the antidote for, to once in for all eradicate  its power from our mindset. Remember it is in the empathy of understanding that we were where somehow they are at now one day not to far away in time and life.

My experience is that while overcoming fear and power is common among Lightworkers, overcoming clarity is somewhat the most difficult task to fulfill in the awakening process for all of us,  because it acts like a trap. When you see everything so clearly after overcoming fear and power in others and yourself you experience such a drunken feeling that you tend to forget that the real trick  is to focus in keeping yourself in check to keep up the clarity. With humility. Because the tendency is to judge, and by judging, you are separating yourself from oneness again.

This is time for integrating, not separating. Any thoughts of competition and separation have to be archived in the past. They only serve to the good of all in your data base as a history reference, archived for good. :) You can safely say that darkness is nothing but the absence of light and ignorance is nothing but the absence of knowledge.

Think about it,  Darkness then is just  the absence of knowledge and the willingness to ignore knowledge.  Albert Einstein says the only knowledge is your experience. When we all see the light in our human experience without labels of good or bad we can see the light in other people’ experience.

As for me I don’t think I could have made it without this group. It is one of the few sources that always reminds me that I am light ?


Thank you beautiful Sangeeta


Here is the link to THE VIOLET ALCHEMISTS SOCIETY Group in facebook.



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