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Jesus, the donkey and the carrot before your nose ~occupy wallstreet.

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Remember that saying? about the donkey following the carrot before its nose that it could never reach because the reality is that the hopelessly desired carrot  was hanging from a stick on its back to keep him going with the illusion that someday in the distant uncertain future his watered mouth will get a hold of the carrot?

I don’t know about you, but a part of me always had that sensation of going after a carrot before my nose that I could never reach…I love the symbolism of the donkey it’s definitely worth revisiting and revalue as the sacred animal that it is.

Ina Woolcott  with says “Donkey is symbolic of versatility, intelligence, eager worker, determination, stubbornness, spiritual dedication, undying faith in the creative force, willingness to take onboard the responsibilities and burdens of others (beast of burden).

Donkey’s have long been misrepresented and misunderstood by the ignorant masses. First domesticated roughly 4,500 years ago, they were regarded to be a status symbol for their owners. Versatile, eager workers with a kind nature and gentle intelligence donkeys can live for 40 years plus.

It can cross the desert without a problem. I also feel that this metaphor is so relevant with the recent events of the 99%  Americans occupying Wall Street.

Then there is the symbol of the donkey when Jesus entered in Jerusalem. Rev Rebecca evokes it like this: ”

The irony may have been lost on the people at the time, the way it is lost on most of us today, but Jesus’ “triumphal entry” was not that of a General or a warrior. No, such men ride stallions. Jesus rode in on a donkey. This symbolized that Jesus came on a mission of peace. The donkey revealed Jesus to be a humble peasant on a peace mission, not a military warrior.

This donkey, this symbol of peace is important on several levels. The donkey is the animal that is often used to mock and ridicule others. The word “ass” is not a flattering one, we use it to ridicule people. As GK Chesterton wrote of the donkey, he is the “devil’s walking parody of four footed things.”

It is time for the loyal and noble donkey to awake and acknowledge that the carrot was never within its reach…it
was actually hanging from a stick inserted on its back  without notice. It probably happened one Monday morning  he was distracted. There,  the juicy carrot had been all along.  Hanging before its nose…on a stick…from  his back.

…To follow without question. Like a Madison Ave ad on TV. Creating the illusion with juicy orange  neon lights.

It is time for the noble and loyal donkey to start seeing  the carrot in its heart and give up the fallacy…the fallacy that the very valued carrot bringing the vitamin E with the help of  the energy of the sun for its survival could be created abundantly by him from the feelings in  its heart all along…

It is time for rejoicing.

The loyal and noble donkey who could cross deserts mountains and valleys  with the chant of persistence and humility  is starting a new journey.

The journey of abundance.

It is time for the noble and loyal donkey to discombobulate the stick on its back, ask for  help to other donkeys and find the belief in its heart that they together  are  capable of manifesting their own real juicy carrots  to enable them to find the carrots they actually need to finally have  the well deserved  carrot feast he could only dream before, and start  the very existence of abundance.

Because what the powers that were never calculated is that by pushing the donkey around and around to keep it going forgot to take care of the string which wore old and tore apart . I am grateful for the idea of the carrot nevertheless…it kept the vision going and that is what the loyal donkey needed. To imagine.


Supporting Occupy Wall Street all the way!

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Numbers don’t lie 99% is a Mandate Occupy Wall street

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The Occupy Wall Street Movement started September 17th 2011. It is still going on today and has spread o all the main cities of the USA and Europe…Here are some thoughts on the collective relevance of this movement.

It is no secret that 99% of the people in all parts of society have been treated  like numbers, not human beings by the Corporate world in direct collaboration with the governments of the world.

It’s no secret that the mindset of competition, fear, separation, secrecy and scarcity  treating human beings like numbers is not sustainable in the 21st C.

It is no secret that numbers don’t lie.

Therefore if all of the above is true, we the 99% are the most powerful magnetic block of human numbers that ever existed on earth.

There is evidence that the 99% will acknowledge its powerful magnetic block of human numbers real condition and in conclusion shift the paradigm to cooperation, community, abundance, transparency and passion to contribute to the conscious evolution.

We are doing it.

Soul Hangout is honored to acknowledge and support Occupy Wall Street all the way.

Smile my dear friends on both sides of the sun…the paradigm is shifting and you and I are turning the wheels. Remember? Numbers don’t lie…99% is a mandate .



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Your vulnerability your ticket to invulnerability.

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One of the major misunderstandings of our time is that we are actually under the illusion our vulnerability defines our weakness when the opposite is true.

Embracing and exposing your vulnerability, in other words honor it defines your highest strength, It is the source of your power.

It brings an unlimited  added value to your life,  taking most of the drama, self doubts and the incapacity to make decisions without worrying about made up consequences.

In other words, believe it or not, your vulnerability is the only thing that will make you invulnerable. Mark my words!

Let me elaborate.

  • Exposing and embracing your vulnerability restores the authority of your Soul,
  • Exposing and embracing your vulnerability re establishes  your natural sense of  authenticity,
  • Exposing and embracing your vulnerability enhances a real bonding connection with other spiritual beings having the human experience
  • Exposing and embracing your vulnerability secures a sense of  empathy for yourself  mirrored to others. We are all in this together…Oneness.
  • Exposing and embracing your vulnerability is the first step to  paving  your way to  emotional integrity.

And guess what! Developing those tools in the inventory of your thinking can actually become very handy and give you unimaginable success. Empathy is the keyword  in 21st C mindset. Empathy  vibrates oneness, community, cooperation and passion to contribute. !

So please don’t hesitate to show your vulnerability any more,  and honor it as it deserves it, this opens the door to your own invulnerability, eradicating the drama for good.

The thing is, your beauty as a human being expands to 100% of wholeness when you are not afraid any more to show that you are human like the rest of us…remember we are all vulnerable. Not only you.

I can’t wait to see your beauty expanding  to 100%  wholeness.  Accepting all of your humanity and proud of it. The world is waiting for you. Show up Today.



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Your Thoughts in need of a serious Inventory.

September 11th, 2011 No Comments » Filed under The Hawk Mindset

You know that you can’t operate a business without maintaining at least a yearly  inventory schedule of your products, right?  It is standard procedure to have full control of  your product inventory and financial balance sheets. To have a real idea where you can apply needed changes.

Well, it happens the same way  with your thoughts. Except you have them all hanging around in the wrong places creating chaos  ad interference because it never occurred to you that you should maintain an inventory  of your thoughts too, the same way you do with your business.  Nobody told you that.

In other words, to create a schedule to discern which thoughts need to be archived in the archives of the of the past. Which ones belong in the archives of the present and which ones belong in the archives of the future.

That is why the first step is to start your inventory. For that yo need to start monitoring as many thoughts  as you can.

That is why you want a hawk to keep a pierce eye over your thoughts :)

When you set your obsolete thoughts in the archives of the past, most of them are actually thoughts that don’t belong to you, they start losing their power in the present. Their voice vanishes slowly becoming only a figment of  memory in the wholeness of your life to be remembered with empathy.

Now what kind of thought is really an obsolete thought that doesn’t belong to you,  you may ask.

Well, it is a thought that recites something along these lines:

((( ” How dare you be you? You will never make it” )))

Recognize those types of thoughts? See now why I said they don’t belong to you? At least not you in your right wholesome mind.

The reason why the thoughts of the past have to be archived is because they contaminate  your present with depression like a virus.

Now  let’s talk about the irrelevant thoughts of the future. Those are the ones that are trying to anticipate the outcome.  They are the  thoughts that don’t let you be present in the process which is more important than the outcome. They contaminate your present with anxiety, like a virus. You want an example?

((( “You will never make it, you don’t have it in you” )))

The thing is when you free your sacred present time from any virus rooted in  your thoughts inventory, you open your mind to unlimited possibilities without restrictions. Best of all,  by freeing your mind from feeling like a victim most of the time you also plant the seeds of empathy for yourself.

Now just imagine 3 big screens: the left is the past the center is the present and the right one is the future. Keep the center one as white immaculate as possible to allow he content of your purpose to pour in. Focus 100% of the time in the center screen.  That is where you make history in the present every minute of every day. You are on the way to harness your thinking to work for you, not against you and becoming a Thought Masters.  Congratulations, Now you can co create with coherence in oneness and connect to your life purpose.



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Sticky: My site has been hacked. What do I do.

September 6th, 2011 No Comments » Filed under Affiliates

It is one of those things that you think is never going to happen to you. Even thought you hear other people having the experience: One day you get up in the morning, open your site and instead panic, you get a burgundy sign that is even more scary than the the blue screen you occasionally encounter in your computer.

Your site has been hacked! Horror! All your work of more than 4 years in the hands of who knows what crazy person invading your privacy.  An intruder in your sacred space. The worst webmasters nightmare. Actually it had never happened before. I got a lot of spam but that, never.

If you are in the same situation now,  STOP, breath and stay calm.  Most likely it can be reversed.

When it happened to me I was lucky enough to find the solution to my devastating problem with not too much headache or hustle or a huge hole in my pocket. I found a site able to scan your website right away. How cool is that!

Not only that, but able to fix the problem at a very reasonable price. Plus it gives you peace of mind monitoring and back up for a year at 29.99 per month…

So please go to this site and scan your site immediately and test it.

The truth is, what I loved the most about sucuri is that they don’t do scare tactics.

When I was researching for help during the time my site was hacked I contacted other people. I got a call from somebody representing another company to solve my problem. I told her I was pretty comfortable about going with sucuri for $29.99 a month. She said she didn’t believe sucuri could solve my problem and I should keep her information to call her when that happened. She gave me a quote of $400 to start. I explained it was a trojan, a malware. She still assured me I would need her because my problem was not going to be completely solved.

The result was that sucuri not only could do the job but it will be monitoring my site and give me continuing service for a year.

I just have not much tolerance for  people talking against their competition without ground and adding scare tactics to situations that are already scary enough, don’t you?

This is the story why I decided to become an affiliate for sucuri. I am so grateful for the service from the sucuri team, and excited to share the crucial information at the same time I  create a little stream of revenue. Perhaps you could become an affiliate too and it would be a way to contribute the fight with virtual intruders or what we call hackers.

I just don’t want anybody to go through what I went through when my site was hacked. I have to say that I launched my blog on January 27 and never had an experience like that. Unfortunately seems there are more hacker attacks these days. If you don’t have protection, this is an optimal solution. If you have been attacked, this is the place to start.

I wish you the best of lucks :)



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