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Open letter to Entrepreneurs

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Dear Friend.

Thanks for participating in this experiential experiment to train yourself how to think like an Entrepreneur, and make the difference in the world. I am thrilled you are here. By the mere fact of  reading this communication now, you are choosing to be a part of  what I call the future “Black Belt Thought Masters”.

Congratulations for your commitment to Co-Create in Coherent Cooperation. To consciously create your vision, you need to have all your thoughts aware of your intention, cooperating with you.

The Buddah discovered that the direct causes of suffering are desire or craving and ignorance.

I want to elaborate on ignorance, as one important  root cause of pain.   Sometimes pain keeps you in a resistant mode that doesn’t allow for understanding there is a root cause creating that unbearable feeling, keeping you in the dark about the solution too. It turns out that most thinkers and philosophers throughout History would agree  with Buddah,  that the root cause of pain is ignorance in a major way. What you were not exposed to you don’t know. How could you know.

I couldn’t agree more. Ignorance represents darkness and knowledge represents light.  Knowledge alleviates the pain of Ignorance.  Like light alleviates the sense of darkness, by  revealing what is.

So, if  KNOWLEDGE  is the ANTIDOTE FOR  PAIN, when you  think about it,  being ignorant about your own power makes you feel  a major pain. Doesn’t it?  Most likely makes you feel powerless.  Because deep down inside you know you have it. You can feel it  and you are betraying your integrity when you pretend your power is not there.

This is in part what we are going to talk about during these 6 sessions in order to become Masters in the Art of the Entrepreneurial Mindset. We’ll talk about how to eradicate  the emotional attachment to pain. How to eradicate the drama from your life, by paying attention to your thoughts first, and the root cause of your pain.

Why? You may ask.  Because that way we will be able to focus with the laser beam of your enormously magnetic heart to take action co-creating coherence and purpose in your business. We will do this because it is necessary for you to align your thoughts, in order  to succeed.

We will do that to make sure we start using all of our energy into things that support your purpose. Not things that will keep you stuck and enhance procrastination, and the incapability to decide. We need thorough emotional detachment and crystal clear thought process.

I am not going to lie to you. This whole process will require a fundamental change in the way you think and perceive things. That change will encounter resistance like every other change.  We’ll walk through it together. One step at the time. This is why it is important to operate in co-creative circles of coherence. The process of thought is expedited, supported and multiplied when shared.

It is true the process  will require your full attention for sometime. Let’s say we are learning to ride a bicycle all over again. You will embark in that kind of a learning process. Until you learn. After that is only about automatically mastering it.

Remember  how it seemed eternal when you were going through the trial period, until you learned how to ride your first bike?

Remember the feeling when you finally rode that bike without extra wheels, or your loved one’s help? It was the feeling of freedom. You went from not knowing to knowing. From the pain of ignorance to the joy of knowledge.  From dark to light.

This  experience will stay for ever in your mind. You will create an automatic pilot helping you stay in the center of things at all times. Exactly as with your knowledge of how to ride a bicycle. You will never have to relearn it.  Renew it yes, but not relearn it.  And to renew it you will count on the tools you will already  have.

To do this work you have to understand what Albert Einstein really meant when  he stated “Knowledge is only experience” . We have to start aligning your thoughts to the idea that there are not good or bad experiences. Just experiences to live fully,  created by us and open to be recreated with the same mechanisms they were created. Repetition and information. In other words, the repetition of knowledge.

So, since we need to change the way we think,  and you need guidance with that, I identified  7 pillars of fundamental principles that need to be reviewed, re invented and aligned in the inventory of your thoughts to your  life purpose. The new foundation of your thinking.

The 7 pillars, the antidotes to the virus of the  mind.  Competition, separation, scarcity and fear. They are the  foundation to the new Mindset. Cooperation, community, abundance and passion. The fundamentals  of “The Hawk Mindset”.  They are module 2 in the program: Acknowledgment, truth, judgment, error,  fear  clarity and self responsibility.

Looking forward to know you in person.

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Uncle Eugene, my Godfather.

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When Shonika Proctor recently gave me the magnificent news, that after a 5 minutes conversation with the Director of Universidad de Chile, she is managing the upcoming Entrepreneurship Program of the Institution, I wasn’t that surprised knowing Shonika and her talented passion to contribute, for one thing,  but little did she know that added to the joy of learning about her well merited new found innovation journey partnering with Universidad de Chile, the pillar of  Chilean Educational Tradition…at the same time, she opened a vortex of warm and familiar memories that have been asleep in my psyche for quite a long time.

When I think of Universidad de Chile, a warm, familiar deep feeling of contentment  invades my being. It was uncle Eugene. We all knew that during the week, in working hours  he would spend his precious time at the Pedagogic, the College Campus, his second home. His second love.

His first home and first love being aunt Lila and us, his family.  Mainly Aunt Lila though. With her lyric, her German” Lieders”, her piano her singing classes and her common sense. He had devotion for her.

Us, gravitating eternally around the peaceful nature of his humanity. Enjoying his acute sense of humor, sprinkled  like salt and pepper on top on his stories and mainly enjoying the presence of his attention. Uncle Eugene and aunt Lila were one of those legendary couples who complemented each other sharing  their work and their thinking in a vivid daily conversation. It was a pleasure to be around them. They were both dedicated to their passion as teachers in their respective fields…Aunt Lila at the Conservatory of Music and uncle Eugene, at the Pedagogic in Universidad de Chile.

During the weekends or holidays if we were not in Viña del Mar, breathing the fresh aroma  of the pine woods in Quinta Vergara, or they were  traveling the world to fulfill uncle Eugene’s obligations as a Historian and public figure, he would be home in Santiago,  getting ready for a walk with “Pierre Pierre”, as he called his companion, the black poodle who managed to somehow fill the void of a son,  inviting me to go along with him and the dog,  or reading an Agatha Christi  novel in his beloved library to relax his eternally on task scientific investigative mind. Always ready to surprise me and my brothers with the eternal stream of chocolates that would come out of his pockets.

Their love for classical music would take them weekly to enjoy  the lyric season, at “Teatro Municipal” or the  philharmonic orchestra. Their evenings were alternated between quiet time and gatherings  with friends and family and the multiple events where his company was requested.

When I think of Universidad de Chile, I think of uncle Eugene, and  the Institution he loved so much, that was part of his soul, the institution he was grateful to, the Institution that  provided him with the optimal space to research, a haven to feed his never ending hunger for knowledge and expansion. The expansion he saw in his unique humanitarian visionary way.

When I think of  Universidad de Chile I can’t help but to be  grateful  to the Institution’s contribution to molding the phenomenal lifetime career of Eugenio Pereira Salas,  my great uncle, my godfather, my mentor, my role model, the Humanitarian who planted the seed of my passion for history and its scientific research. The institution that gave him peace of mind.

When I think of Universidad de Chile today, taking into consideration the historical perspective, I think of a pillar in the Chilean Educational Tradition.

When I think of uncle Eugene, sometimes I think of that last walk we spent  together in Washington, when I was pregnant with Max, my first born, in 1976 when we had our last conversation about  Spanish literature, and the generation of 98, and  our beloved Pedro Salinas, one of our favorite Spanish writers.

When I think of uncle Eugene and Universidad de Chile today, I can hear uncle Eugene’s voice, charged with that sense of  loyalty that personified him: “I couldn’t have done it without Universidad de Chile”.

As one of his beloved students and one of the oldest  professors of History in the Department of Historical Sciences at Universidad de Chile…since 1959, Cristián Guerrero Yoacham states:

“That rainy afternoon of November 17th 1979, not only died one Eugenio Pereira Salas, but many of them. Died Eugenio Pereira master, historian, founder of the musical Chilean Historiography, precursor and propeller of folk, the history of the theater, the native cooking, the mentalities, the fine arts, died Eugenio Pereira cordial boss and counselor, died the friend by excellence, generous, unconditional, loyal, gentleman, fine and delicate. Died Eugenio Pereira  erudit, wise man, and for the author of these lines died a real father whom I still miss more and more with the passing of time, because  his legacy becomes more patent and applicable to confront the world of today. He always taught me the supremacy of the spirit over matter, the dedication to work and the love for history that is life.  For that I repeat his words on 1977 when he thanked the Premio Atenea” If man creates himself surging from the same essence of the human disposition, life is not a daily plebiscite but a a continuance for those who believe in the eternity of values”.

When I think of Universidad de Chile today, after 43 years of living abroad in Europe and USA, and my last 4 years and 3 months of research in the field of  “Thoughts”, I think

“Traditional Leadership and Commitment in Educational Expansion”.

Thank you Shonika Proctor, my sister, my friend for helping bring the memories to the surface.

Being in Berkeley last month also led me to reminisce about uncle Eugene evoking his time in Berkeley.   He was in love with  American culture and had great memories of that time.

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